3150 Grant St, Gary
(219) 980-1665

Recent Reviews

Julie Bumbarger

Excellent service. Rare for Dennys, but they were all great at this location. And the steak was cooked perfect.

Paula Pippins

I made a specific oder and wasn't right. NEVER AGAIN!!! Then They Won't Answer Phone. Oan I left a tip. "money WASTED... FEED TO DOG

Stewart Vance

Lunch was delicious!! So glad you're open even though your competitor across the street was closed.

Nataliya Garcia

First time visiting Gary,IN. Just driving through and I’d figured I’d stop for something good for dinner . I called ahead to make sure the restaurant was open.. Only to get there to be RUDELY shooed away by an employee who was “Taking a break” . Unprofessional and just nasty attitudes . Glad I didn’t spend money here !


Michele the manager there is amazing she has really turned this location around she deserves an award for all She has done place is great

Avis Williams

Poor service. Long wait for waitress. She brought bill before we were through ordering. We indicated we wanted desserts and she took the bill and never returned to take our order or give the bill back. After we paid, they offered a discount to the couple behind us and we were there before they got there and had waited longer. Not right.

Shaneta Austin

For this location to barely have customers filling up the place. They are mighty slow. It's really limited places to eat in Gary so what can you do. However they are always slow at Denny's don't care what the time or day is. On a good note at the my severs are always pleasant

Harvey Chupp

We waited forever for our food! I've never ever waited so long in my entire life! I only ordered a very simple meal which consisted of a Hamburger an fries! Why?

Lucas Mcguire

Service was good. Took a little long to get my food on a Saturday morning with a half full restaurant. Prices are high. Place is clean enough.

Steven Aulenbacher Sr.

Always good food at a good price with friendly service.

Michelle Pietzke

The waitress seemed to be rushing us to order. But, it took her forever to bring our food. Food was no longer hot by the time we got it.


The effort to make my food and to keep cross contamination down is non existent. They have gluten-free muffins but butter and toast with bread. Everything Vegetarian gets cross contamination with meats and oils from animal fat.

Denise T

Every time I come here I'm ignored. I deliver for them and they will walk passed me and even if customers mention it they'll just say 'she's just delivering' but never speak. I'm always waiting 40+ minutes for orders that were places well before I arrived and once u waited two hours because they kept 'forgetting' to make my order. I watch customers standing around or at their tables complaining while I wait because the service is so bad. Idk why this place is still open.

Kayla Heindl

We came pretty late at night and the cook had not shown up to work. The waitress was suppose to be off work but she stayed and made our food. She was extremely nice and she deserves a raise!!

Brady Wilkins

I honestly liked their food and service, awesome location very close to my house. The cashiers are always very nice. Will come back again.

Alicia M

Me and a friend came at about 3am and did not get a server until about 3:25. Our waitress Ashley M seemed like she had some personal issues going on at home because she was very rude. She came for our drink order and we explained we need a minute. She came back 20 minutes later and said “what y’all want” . At that moment I wanted to leave but Denny’s was the only thing open. We proceeded to order our food and handed her the menus, she snatched them from us. Our food was good but the service was horrible. Would not suggest going to this location on the night shift. Especially if Ashley is there.

Michael Chesny

Came here with wife to try new super duper slam. Its located and attached to Love's Truck stop. I'm sure truckers appreciate the cozy and quiet atmosphere after being on road. We were seated within short time after arriving. Waiter I believe was still new but he did a great job. Kept himself busy and did good job making rounds to each customer. Took good care of us and kept the drinks full. Coffee was alittle strong but could just been whoever made it. The super duper grand slam was great but could've done with without ayce pancakes for $1 more. Long story short yes, I recommend.

Cherie Williams

I just want to say that our waitress Paris was excellent and I would go back because of her. Kudos!!!!

Fred S.

Denny's is Denny's but this place is awesome ! I went in on a Monday and Charlotte took care of us! She was amazing and funny! Never had to ask for a thing, she was on top of it! Thank you foot the excellent service!

Clarice S.

The service is great, staff is very friendly (but they keep forgetting to refill our drinks). The only problem with this Denny's is the food. The meatloaf is covered in marinara instead of ketchup so it's like a giant meatball sans noodles. The Brussel sprouts are undercooked and covered in a sweet sauce though without the sauce is an option. The beef "stew" was so runny it's a blasphemy against the name stew. How about broth? That's all there was to it. Hey, is this an off brand canned soup? I've experienced better food at other Denny's but maybe the menu here is catered more to the locals. I had the strawberry crepes which were delightful and delicious. Not everything was bad, just most.

Molly Blake

Our waiter, Raymond was great, super chill and stayed on top of our coffee and food. Clean environment and speedy service.

Fat Guy 260

Great service great server named raymond real down to earth guy much appreciated bro the wife and I had a great time !!!!!!


Food is good but service is horrible, expect to wait atleast 45 minutes for your food, no matter how many people are inside. I generally come in around 230 am and it always takes 40 plus minutes, and if you try to call in a order, the phone rings for a while and if or when they answer they say their not taking orders over the phone.

Jade Archer

My husband and I own a moving company so we are always eating on the run. We order two skillets to go and they were horrible. The food was cold and disgusting. It was flavorless and undercooked. The staff also looked like they were miserable and mad. This was our first visit and I can promise we will never come back to this location.

Estela Inman

I love the Cobb salad, just this time they forget the potatoes, delicious anyway!

Allison Flores

My husband and use to love going here, I say we go every other month or every few months as a breakfast treat. Well, we went this morning and it was horrible! Service was bad, food was bad! I have never experienced this before at this Denny's. We got there at 10:30am and didn't get our food until 12pm We ordered an appetizer and it was gross! Too salty and the oil they used was way too old. The milk shakes were warm and watery, took them over an hour just to get us water.i order d a skillet that I have ordered before and it was nasty, I didn't even finish my food. My pancakes smelled funny like they didn't rinse something or they used a dirty rag. My husband's dish was small and it's never small. His food was burnt. I think they changed staff because we didn't recognize anyone there. They need to reevaluate themselves. Never going back now.

Monica B.

The service was atrocious. The wait time was very long in a half empty dining room. I ordered coffee and the waiter forgot to bring creamer. He never returned with it so I had to walk up to the counter to retrieve some myself. The 2-star rating is because the food was delicious and plentiful, but not worth the inconvenience of the terrible service

Chell Woods

Good food late night stop and nice place to chill

mahat hanshi

Do not know how ouch I am not sure what the problem

Brenda Williams

The cook today did a excellent job . on grant st Gary

Ezra Kelly

Ok, soooo... I was on my way home from work and I was hungry... like HUNGRY!!! No other place in the area was open... I wasn't expecting much but I ordered the spicy dinner skillet and waited... bro!! When the nice lady brought out this skillet it was piled high with chorizo, chicken, cheese, and potatoes I fell in love... but that was only the beginning when I started eating the food it was amazingly delicious with that perfect burn. If the guy who cooked that skillet up ever needs... well anything... I got you bro, I owe you!

Nica Gillian

Very impressed, I've ate here before when it was the Flying J and it sucked.. Friendly staff and good cook.. 2nd shift staff

Matthew Ellison

Absolutely packed. Waitress informed me 35 to 45bwait for food. 16 tickets up waiting still. She then brought my food but never returned to check on me or bring me my ticket. I sat for 17 minutes after completion my meal before I just walked up to hostess for ticket.


had a great breakfast there!! best paancakes, and waffles around!! not too busy at all, you can take your time eating, there's a store builded next door to shop and a gas station too!!

Nina W


P Heydenrych

Very good food but seating was very slow after I was seated service was good . Servers was standing around chit chatting and not seating anyone. If your process of seating people was faster I would gave you a five star.

Jayla Jordan

First time going here this morning. It took the waiter 10 minutes to send us to a table. I would understand if they were crowded but they weren’t and they had a table full of workers on their phones and playing around while we stood there. We finally get seated and was left there for another 20 minutes without anyone even asking if we were ready or if we wanted drinks. I left and won’t be back....

Stefan Arsovic

This was supposed to be medium cooked 13oz T-Bone steak. It’s 3 oz dollar store meat. The other 10 oz were unbeatable. AVOID.

Matthew Owens

Great service, fast delivery, very friendly. Food was great considering it was so late at night. Best Denny's we have been to in awhile.

Teresa Wright

Got take out. Food was good at a good price. Service was fast.