Burger King

7430 Rockville Rd, Indianapolis
(317) 271-2538

Recent Reviews

Valerie Garrett

Great customer service, excellent Spicy Chicken sandwich!

Lux Sola

If you're going to close your dining room, make that clear at some point before you hand a customer his good and tell him he has to find somewhere else to eat.

Melissa Atwell

Our BK is the best!! Best food, always right! Best employees, always friendly service!!

Mindy Crawford

All food was made fresh

Stefanie D

Felt as slow as Hardee's in drive through and oddly old fries at 12:30pm.... why?! Fries are important!

Hashem Beitvashahi

Dinning is not open while online said its open, restrooms have electronic code lock , u have never seen like that ever before. The food quality is really low. No chairs outside no trash bins. It's better to close I believe.

Tommy Boy

Poor service, i spend 7 dollars on a pancake platter and didnt even get syurp, went to work hungry.

Lorenia Macon

Food was too greasy I didn't like for eggs and tater tots for breakfast to grease the outside of the bag.Breakfast.

Aaron Martin

The BK on Rockville has never once in 8 years got my order right. Not once.

Jamie Penry

We love a juicy Whopper! (The dry ones are ratchet) Nobody likes a ratchet Whopper!...? #LBLWOCOTB

Rodney Sr. Van Cleave

Best service, staff and fresh toppings, also no greasy-sloppy mess. Was a pleasant surprise.

Gideon Taylor

Very nice. Professional. Timely with the order

J Key

Friendly service I'd go back to this location

Shawn Lynch

Service was fast... But the food was cold, french fries was soggy. And the Whopper meal was almost 9$ cause I added cheese. Something wrong with that deal ?

David Monroe

Quick service and edible food ,exactly what I expect from fast food.

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