Burger King

7430 Rockville Rd, Indianapolis
(317) 271-2538

Recent Reviews

Tommy Boy

Poor service, i spend 7 dollars on a pancake platter and didnt even get syurp, went to work hungry.

Lorenia Macon

Food was too greasy I didn't like for eggs and tater tots for breakfast to grease the outside of the bag.Breakfast.

Jamie Penry

We love a juicy Whopper! (The dry ones are ratchet) Nobody likes a ratchet Whopper!...? #LBLWOCOTB

Rodney Sr. Van Cleave

Best service, staff and fresh toppings, also no greasy-sloppy mess. Was a pleasant surprise.

Gideon Taylor

Very nice. Professional. Timely with the order

J Key

Friendly service I'd go back to this location

Shawn Lynch

Service was fast... But the food was cold, french fries was soggy. And the Whopper meal was almost 9$ cause I added cheese. Something wrong with that deal ?

David Monroe

Quick service and edible food ,exactly what I expect from fast food.

Jeremy Wilson

God I used to love Whoppers. Now I can't stand them! What happened?

Dennis Hyatt

Best BK on the westside of speedway.


Food was great and the employees were pite, and on time!

Vanessa Daniels

Pastor Carroll and his congregation were warm, welcoming and service was wonderful! I will visit again!

Dennis Rockette

Had a minor wait due to staff shortage but they worked hard and diligently and i was compensated for my wait great customer service

Nicholas W.

Their egg-Normous burrito was great and hot. Burrito was folded better than Taco Bell

Gregory Dohrn

it's funny and sad, but the bk restaurants have gone down in quality in the last six months...food, cleanliness, staff, prices...all totally inconsistent. once my favorite fast food, now one of the worst...only one constantly wins and that is on west 38th street

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