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Reviews for CVS

Friendly staff. The pharmacy is always busy. It looks very hectic. Baskets stacked higher than the staffs heads at times. The pharmacy staff is generally friendly, however a few have come across rude. They are short staffed most of the time i believe. The fill time of RX shows this. Very slow, sometimes takes a day and half before my orders are ready when my Dr. calls them in.

I really wish they had a drive-through, as this is the closest CVS location to my house. I've found the service to be a bit slow (I recently got a text that a prescription was ready, only to have to wait 40 minutes for it when I arrived in the store). Atmosphere is a little dark and dingy compared to other CVS locations in the area. I think it could use some modern updates, but other than that, it has all the basics, meets my needs, and is in a convenient location.

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