Taco Bell

3601 Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis
(317) 248-0406

Recent Reviews

Norma Lawson

I hate that taco bell got rid of so much

Angel Bess

In my opinion this location is the best Taco Bell I have ever been to. Their food is delicious everytime. They get your food to you super fast. The workers are always really nice and helpful.

Joshua Basham

Never had an issue here. Always puts the sauce packets I asked for in the bag. I'm not picky so I rarely special order my food. So no comments as far as if they mess special orders up. Sorry

Laura Lane

Pretty fast service. Doing better with getting all of ur idems to u in 1 trip

Cindy Rakes

Food was good service was good. Over all great

Deneva Snow

The staff was super friendly

Dave McLaughlin

Getting better with getting the order correct

Randall Thompson

They were super busy but still did an outstanding job. Best Taco Bell I've visited in a long long time.

dustin bigler

The older lady who is always on the front register is extremely nice and helpful. KEEP HER! Service is wonderful also.

Matt Thedopestmatrix

Asked for no cheese and im allergic. Currently in the ER. They should be thankful im not suing them because im such a nice guy. Jk im not actually in the ER

Jennifer Stokes Abney

Never ever will I stop here again. I live 5 minutes away from here and when I got home I had soggy chips in my nacho bellgranda and a flippin hair in my rice and bean burrito. I had to toss it all in the trash. I'll be calling corporate in the morning.

Daniel Shaffer

Great food and prompt service time.

James Thomas

Always good food. They do occasionally mess up and forget sour cream or something though.

Rodney Kendalljr

Fast an order is made good an right every time

Darren Melick

You have a cashier, but force customers to use your kiosk? And then have to walk up and pay cash anyway. If I wanted to do all the work I would have stayed home and made tacos.

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