Taco Bell

3601 Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis
(317) 248-0406

Recent Reviews

Jerry H

Looks like they're adding more sauce on the chicken quesadillas again. Delicious! Still dislike they removed Dr Pepper from the drinks lineup.

Shane Hughes

Awsome team of staff on the night crew.

Johnny Etter, Jr.

The manager Charles is a great guy and always willing to make things right if a order is wrong. He seems to handle his staff well. If I have a problem I just let him know and he makes it right.

dana mccormick

Taco Bell on Kentucky Avenue used to be one of my favorite places to eat, but they took off everything that was good on the menus and raised their prices. Service has also gone down hill. Got the $5.00 nacho box and opened it up and everything was smashed and stuck to the lid of the box! Besides subway, there isn't much left to choose from.

Lindsey Brown

Sometimes slow and also make a mess of your food but over all good CS and food. Heads up tho once your at the order screen there is no turning back or driving away you are stuck if they are taking to long or you want something different your stuck in the line

Robert Schwarz

Clean store, prompt service. Polite employees.

Nichole Smith

Make sure you check you food before you leave. They used to be really good at not forgetting food, but lately they've missed at least 1 thing everytime. Otherwise they are fast and friendly

Robyn Nicole

Asked for extra creamy jalapeno on my quesadilla, got less than normal but everything else was good and fast!

Ryan Parkway

i?ll stop by sometimes after work and the staff is always very polite, no matter how late it is

Steven Cook

Wish they would keep cheese fries for good! But still good for cheap mexican tacos

Michael Singh

Busy all the time, but always quick and bc so busy, fresh and hot.

Crystal Ann

It's taco bell. It is always good. Favorite items include the cheesy gordita crunch and the seasonal nacho fries. I wish they would come out with a $5 box that included the cheesy gordita crunch, 5 layer cheesy burrito and the nacho fries.....please?

Michael Foster

The lady at the counter was great; very friendly. The appearance of the food left a lot to be desired. Upon unwrapping my soft tacos, half of the toppings were on the outside of the shell and my burrito wasnâ??t even completely wrapped. I usually have a great experience at this location, I was a little disappointed this time around.

Chris Leland

It's Taco Bell. There are good (relative to other TBs) Taco Bells (Tacos Bell?) and not-so-good Taco Bells. This is one of the good ones.

Ryan N.

Terrible service !!! Racial profiling at this location !!! Horrible location. They are very rude and no terrible customer service by manager as well. Will not return to location

Elizabeth Hensley

Depends on the time .most of the time Foof is wrong now this is in Mooresville we love Mexican food but for the money you pay seems like you would get at least one order right

Jenny Nickles

Always fast and friendly service plus hot food best place to go around here

Ernest Pendleton

Amazing place!!! The food was delicious at decently priced, and the service was excellent.I would highly recommend it.

Amber Boyd

On July 23 at 430pm we went through the drive through. The lady at the window failed to give me my receipt AND MY DEBIT CARD. I live an hour away from this location. Upon realizing that my bank card was missing I called the store. They clarified that my card was there and could pick it up after I got off work. I drove an hour back down to this store at 11pm to get my card and I was refused because they claimed no manager was on shift to open the safe. Funny that no one mentioned that before. It gets better.....then they proceed to ask me to leave and call the police. If that's the professional dynamic that this store is going to take we will never be back. The most unprofessional staff I have ever seen. The lady in drive thru was "nodding off" like she was high. That's how I didnt get my card back to begin with. Even the police officer was a bit shocked that NO ONE COULD RETRIEVE MY BANK CARD and he told me to report it stolen and to write a review. Disgusted with this location. Dont go here. They suck.

Dauna Rodgers

Staff during the day are always sweet and accurate with your order. Night crew is rude and it's a pretty good chance you're not getting everything you ordered and/or its messed up or doesn't taste right.

DJ Moschel

My girlfriend asked specifically for 3 soft tacos with no lettuce. Whatâ??d we get? 3 soft tacos with 3 mountains of lettuce. ONE STAR.

Ron Northcutt

Service is fantastic the food was great and no complaints about Taco Bell building is nice and clean and taking good care of it

C.S. Burns

Very fast drive thru. Nice, friendly staff.

Aerial W.

Food is usually been good but I've had AWEFUL service lately.. they've been rude and messed my order up so bad and refused to replace it they make me take ALL the food all the way BACK to the shop just to get the few things they forgot. Yes:. That's means to get half my order in money.. I've had to take food out of my already eating kids mouths and spend an extra 15 getting it fixed or just get cheated out of 15$. They act like you're trying to rip them off when in fact they fuck up you food or just don't give it to you. The night shift manager can seriously rot in hell. Her little sensitive ass bitch, rude as can be I hope she gets fired!!!!!

Des Lynn-xo

I've never been inside but I went here often for a few months in a row which is why I haven't been back in a while, I got my fill of tacos, but overall I got all of my orders done very correctly with cool customer service so nothing bad! I'm glad because I've had not as good of customer service or experience with a few other Taco Bells, Thank you!

Jenna Franklin

Great staff, always great costumer service. Never gets orders wrong. At least mines never wrong. Love it there.

Charles Wallace

The staff can't be honest.

Chris Souders

the foods great,as well as the service

Joyce Bray

Its good and i love Taco Bell

Christopher Danner

What's not to love? Great selection, good food, sure it will ruin your pants but its delicious so who cares. Drinks are overpriced, stop by a Circle K for a polar pop before you go.

Gary Kramer

Quick lunch run from our worksite. Service was fast, food ready before u could get your drink filled. Good food and the register girl was very courteous.

Hayley Sadler

I give this restaurant 5 stars! Always fresh food never have to go back, and the staff is so friendly and like to keep a conversation with you while you're waiting for them to prepare your order .

Donald Byrd

They hardly ever get the order correct.

Mariana Stantcheva

The fries I had were perfect but the chicken quesadilla should have been named mild because it was mild! I am very sensitive to spice so I did not like it!

Gretchen Rae

Love it! Always fast! Always yummy! Always nice at this location!

Nancy Wallace

Great food and great employees. Highly recommend!!/

Jeremiah M.

If you have any special requests, you have a less than 50% chance that theyâ??re going to get it right at this location.

Jeremiah M.

If you have any special requests, you have a less than 50% chance that they?re going to get it right at this location.

devona rybolt

Nice clean place to eat and the bathrooms are always clean. My only complaint would be that you have to check your food before you leave to make sure your not missing anything and that your order is correct. Friendly employees

Ma B.

Good service! Good food. And this is the first location that gave us one sauce packet just as we had asked for (instead of 5 or 10 which we would then have to just discard :) ) WE LOVE IT!