$$ • Breakfast, Coffee, Tea, Donuts

2411 St Lawerence Ave, Long Beach
(219) 221-6240


Reviews for Belly Flop

If your hours state that you don’t close until 3pm, why are you kicking us out at 2pm? Also - I tried to order a bagel and was met with some attitude about how the menu says that bagels are only sold until 11am. Felt I welcomed from the beginning.

Cool beachy sort of vibe, very fun atmosphere! Our drinks were also delicious, and we enjoyed going on a Friday night where there was also live music and a food truck. Only thing I could knock them on was the price of a t-shirt- we were going to buy one until we found out they were almost $40! We would return again for the drinks and vibes.

This an amazing beach coffee shop with a cool vibe. The breakfast calzone that I got was very good. However, the salad we purchased was extremely overpriced. The La Columbe coffee is a nice touch to this beachy shop. Overpriced, but well worth visiting.

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