China Kitchen

833 S Tillotson Ave, Muncie
(765) 282-9199

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Missy Nelson

Went here a few months ago…food was terrible! Went back again today to give it another try…my chicken was dry and looked old, pork fried rice bland and my egg roll was like cardboard covered rubber. No plan to ever go back. Don’t waste your money here.

Richard Cook

Chicken mixed vegetables and and sweet and sour chicken is decent good ol' Chinese food. Egg rolls are usually greasy so I don't get them, but regular Chinese food is pretty good and great prices.

Cindy Jackson

Ordered Hunan Shrimp but was given Hunan Beef instead, Called to tell them the mistake and the cook said I was wrong. The girl told me to send her a picture. Sent a picture and never received back a response. I will never order from them again!

David Holland

One of my favorite Chinese restaurants I always love going to. The food is awesome. Every time my wife and I are wanting Chinese we always go to this restaurant even though it's a bit of a drive for us.

Kathy Baas

We took a break from China Kitchen for about two yrs. We went back for carry out tonight. We had six entries and each one was wonderful, and just what we ordered. Great job. Did not disappoint any of us.

Daniella Jean Bowden

If only I could do 0 stars‼️I ordered a take out of Egg Drop Soup and Chicken Chopsuey (comes with steamed rice).I ate in the Car coz I was waiting for my son to wake up (if he was awake, he's gonna eat the food too) coz we had to go to Payless after eating..Ate some of the egg drop soup first then the chopsuey (not good but it was okay'ish) then the rice. The rice was bad spoiled!!? I am Asian and I know rice. Rice is easy to cook too. But this one was really spoiled and when I smelled it, it smell spoiled!! The kitchen people should know that their rice is bad if they check it, but I guess they don't check their food??‍♀️ It was BAD BAD‼️I returned the whole meal, I told the person in the cashier that the rice is spoiled. Then he was like "you want refund for the rice?". I was like no, I want a refund for the whole meal!Then he checked how much I ate out of the soup, then checks on the Chopsuey on how much I ate (which I had only 1 bite).. And in my mind I was like seriously??!!They did not even apologize or feel sorry about it‼️ and that is bothersome‼️ They acted like they don't care!! He can see that I am pregnant, I am 19 weeks pregnant and yet they care less!! They don't care at all‼️

Jodie Wooten (NotHisGoddess)

The food was horrible. This restaurant has went downhill the last couple months. Not sure what's changed but won't eat there again for very long time.

Frank Swartz

They get hair in their food. Disgusting. This has happened twice: A very pronounced black hair cooked into an egg roll. And one or two LONG strands of black hair cooked into Hunan beef. YUCK. I've given China Kitchen a lot of business over years. But I'm done. Also: Their stir fry dishes are needlessly oily. And they serve old, tired egg rolls. I will try my fortunes at Dumpling House (several meters away) or Ninja of Japan (next door). Good bye, old friends. May I suggest \\\"hair nets,\\\" guys?

Christina Sola

Talk about good food hell yeah this is definitely best Chinese food in Muncie. Dining room area needs upgrade but other than that best food.

Kristin Upchurch

They do cook with MSG but IMO they have the best Chinese in town

Nana M

Disappointed. First time ordering so we got five different entrees. Everything was very wet like a soup. Greasy too. The chicken curry was almost completely onions. Didn't recognize the General Tao, it looked like Kung pow. Live and learn.

Barbara Nelson

We ordered 2 sczchaun beef combination dinners spicy they had only 4 small pieces of meat in each dinner also the egg rolls had hardly any filling sad this used to be a good place to eat it was very bland no spices at all

Jonathan Bulger

Great staff, amazing delivery drivers, good kitchen workers and awesome food. Customer service is spot on. Best Chinese food in all of Muncie.

Meg webb

They messed my order up so I waited for them to remake it only for then to mess it up again! Then they ask if I would just take the 2nd messed up order so they wouldn't have to attempt to fix it a 3rd time. When i wasn't happy about accepting something i paid for and did not want/order they acted mad/irritated. Ridiculous. Will NOT be going back. They had no problem taking my money but too lazy to make what I ordered correctly.

Karen Wilson

So I'm not sure whats going on with them lately but the last few times that I've ordered my food has been over-cooked, wrong and not as tasty as usual. It saddens me because I order weekly if not more. If things don't change I'm going to have to find another place to order from.

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