Dumpling House

2900 W White River Blvd, Muncie
(765) 287-8190

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Caleb Bales

I wouldn’t pay much attention to the negative reviews. If you like authentic Chinese food or American Chinese classics this place ranks in the top 3 of all time for me. I eat Chinese about once a week if not more, so try a new one every chance I get. Out of the many dozens of Chinese restaurants I’ve tried in Phoenix, AZ, Indianapolis, IN, St. Louis, MO, Denver, CO, and even New York City, this place contends with the best I’ve had. I’m from Muncie. And so this both confuses and surprises me, but my family now eats here any chance we can get. Best to sit down and get a table. Food is served fast, fresh, and the portions you get for the price is extremely generous. Give it a shot!

Susan L

It was our first time visiting and all the food was excellent we tried the chicken and mushroom boiled dumplings, the pork and celery boiled dumplings, the lamb rice noodle and cabbage soup and the Szechuan chicken combo and all were delicious. Big portions for a good price. Restaurant was clean and staff provided fast and friendly serviceVegetarian options: They had a nice vegetarian option menu and a lot of the foods are also gluten freeKid-friendliness: Hi chairs are providedParking: Plenty of free parking out front of the restaurant

Joseph H.

We really want this place to be good but it's just okay. We've ordered a few times and the food is pretty standard takeout with a unique addition of dumplings. One thing we've noticed though is that they are very skimpy on meat as they near closing time and they obviously prep their meat earlier in the day so it's not as fresh as it could be. I'd recommend eating there for lunch but would skip dinner. If you aren't getting dumplings I'd probably skip it all together.

Ernie H.

Probably the best dumplings I've had in my life. I still dream of them. If I'm ever in the area I'll be back.

Symbiotic cyborg

The place is clean the food was immaculate the waitress was kind and wanted to help the food portions are huge this place is a Dimond in the rough in muncie way better then any other Chinese or Japanese joint in muncie period. Was alittle pricy but with how much they give you it equals itself out

Brendan Poole

Best restaurant in town IMO. Service is perfect. Food is great. Uses a different broth in their egg drop soup than anyone else. First place I choose to eat whenever I’m stuck and can’t decide.

Terry H.

Excellent asian cuisine thrill! Very helpful workers. So far enjoyed pork egg roll/Sweet & Sour Pork. Will be back again and again i'm sure.

Chiper H.

Great food. Great service. Best Chinese cuisine around. Priced accordingly. Same prices as other restaurants. Dumplings are great.

Dallas M.

Nicely done Asian cuisine with everything from Chinese American dishes like General Tso to more adventurous native dishes. Glad that we discovered the Dumpling House.

Dawn U.

Second time we have visited...if you are wanting authentic this is the place to go. Shrimp roll was so delicious and beef and cabbage just a hint of spicy, but just right. Service is great and staff is so friendly and accommodating. This little hidden gem is so worth it. Portion sizes are big and price is extremely fair. We will keep on visiting

Deborah Retherford

First time going there. I git a shrimp dinner. Sweet n sour soup and pork and cabbage dumplings for take our. The dumplings are good, the soup is just ok , nothing great. Nit sure about shrimp dinner yet. Will try it again.I am changing my review to one star. The soup was not good. The dumplings were good. The shrimp dish was terrible. I picked this up for my husband, which he disliked very much. He told me to never go there again. It was very disappointing.

Brock L.

Good spot for Asian style food the American way. Good portion size without breaking the bank. I always get a large order and that gives me two meals every time.

Richie S.

The fried rice looked like it came from a 99 cent seasoning packet it was bright orange with no veggies in it the fried dumplings actually horrible idk how they're still in business lowkey

Colin Steitz

Absolutely delicious, portions are excellent. Great value, a small is more than enough for one, but the large is perfect for splitting.Food takes hardly 10-15 minutes from order to table.Excellent eatery, would return, and will when in Muncie.

Rachel Ogle

Generous portions. The absolute best lo mein I’ve ever had. Only reason I gave 4 stars is they do not have fountain pop and one of our entrees had way more onions than meat other than that it was very good. It’s our pick for Chinese food now.

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