Greek's Pizzeria

1600 W University Ave, Muncie
(765) 284-4900

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Stephanie Mcavinchey

The owner is a really great guy. We had a previous issue and he handled it perfectly! We went tonight for dinner and it was delicious! Highly recommend the bbq chicken pizza!

Melinda Bianchi

Haven't been here since I was in college here over 10 years ago. I am happy to report that the pizza is still delicious! It tastes exactly as I remember it. We were in town for Homecoming and couldn't leave without stopping by our old haunts. Service was on point even though they were slammed. Thanks for the memories, Greeks! Glad you're still around.

Kelly McArdle Miller

Popular pizza at Ball State. We ate in on a Saturday with only one other table. Kinda feel like it took awhile despite only 2 tables filled. The breadsticks and 5 cheese bread were good. The nacho cheese dip is average but the pizza sauce dip was good. Our pizza was good but all the items kept falling off.


The place is a cozy area, but the customer service was a 3/5. I went on a Wednesday afternoon so it was only my party. The waitress did a good job checking on us at the start, but my party never heard from the waitress or chef while we ate. When we stood up and walked to the counter (for refills on water and to pay), both times was met with a long wait of silence. It was almost as if the people left the store.I ordered an X-large pizza with garlic sauce, tomato’s, spinach, and extra select cheese blend. For an appetizer, I ordered the French bread with cheese. I think the appetizer fulfilled expectations, but the pizza missed the spot. The pizza sauce seemed to have been consumed by the cheese or barely existed. Rather than the garlic sauce, I would recommend getting regular marinara then use the appetizer sauce. There was plenty enough of sauce for the appetizer to spare for the pizza.Additionally, I would recommend skipping the cheese topping too. It was only good straight out of the oven, but afterwards the warmth in the cheese revealed another tasteless topping.The quantity of the food does make up for the prices, but I would only go again for the French bread not the pizza.

Andrea Tripp

It was pretty good! The pizza crust is very light and airy, was my favorite, nor was the sauce, the sauce was on the sweet side and I like mine bolder, the toppings were amazing, not all pepperoni are created equal, the bacon was good as well. That all being said, I'd go back again!

Dan R.

The Greek's Special is a favorite for the wife and I. It is in our regular pizza rotation.

Jeremy Rees

I love, love, love Greek's Pizza! Yeah it may be a bit greasy but it's so worth it! Great dough, tasty sauces, flavorful toppings. Other than the fact that I want them open a bit later, I have no complaints.

Mrs C

We went there for the first time this week and I have to say we were so impressed by pizza was so very good the best we have ever had the bread sticks were amazing we will definitely be back again they were busy I think there was only one waitress but she was friendly we will be back again

Bridgette Martin

I love Greek's! The stromboli is amazing. Just a little touch of heaven. I always get the shell..and the cinnamon twists are perfection. I had not been to the restaurant in The Village at Ball State for years. The staff was friendly.. Very clean. I love the little booths. Live by the slice, die by the slice

Cheryl W.

Best PIZZA EVER!!!! The bread sticks are delicious and the garlic butter makes your heart SING!!!!!!!

Everything Apax

Pizza is delicious! Plenty of topping and a nice crisp to the crust.

Aaliyah W.

Went last tuesday and ordered the greeks special and the chicken one. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The toppings felt extremely fresh ahd the cheese was very delicious!

Taquetta B.

I ordered a pizza from this establishment. My pizza was hard, crunchy, and burnt in places. I called for a refund. The manager was very rude and hung up on me for no reason. I was not yelling or being disrespectful. He kept talking over me as I tried to share the state of my pizza. I had to call back and he claimed that he would be refunding me and abruptly hung up on me again. I have never been treated like this at this establishment but if this is how they operate, I will not be eating here again. The pizza was $17 for a small. It was not worth the money nor the poor service.

Aaron Byers

Love this place, been eating here since 1991. I look forward to eating here every time I come back to campus. Last night, not so good. Had wings with cold breadsticks and got a Greek salad to go with no Feta or tomatoes. It sure if starting to cut corners on things or just a bad night.

Michael McCrory

This is the best place to get pizza in Muncie. Hands down. I'm particularly fond of eating at the original location on campus at Ball State.

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