HotBox Pizza

511 N Martin St, Muncie
(765) 212-3933

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Owl Mayhall

it's pizza! not too much to say. not the best not the worst

Raven Logan

Ordered and they denied my delivery after I placed it. Said they had no drivers at this time but had drivers all night. Also told me 3 to 5 business days for my refund. Hot box is NOT the way to go to order delivery. Order from anywhere else but them. Also tried ro order through uber eats which is a different company and they denied my order. Avoid!!

Janet Reich

It was really good coming back for more good foods and friendly people

Tony Ong

Great pizza. In my last order there was a problem with the Nacho cheese sauce. A couple of them got open somehow before the delivery driver arrived. Also the pizza somehow was mostly broken up and spread around the box. Hot Box made everything right though because they sent out another pizza and more Nacho cheese sauce.

Joshua Thrasher

Ordered online. The pizza was done exactly on time. The staff was friendly. The interior reminded me of a clean dive bar which I have no issues with. The pizzas and loaded cheese sticks were very mediocre at best. Its just too expensive for what it is. They would need to drastically improve the quality of the food or cut the price significantly to get me to purchase it again. One and done for us sadly.

Donnie cox

HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! And by reading through a lot of the other reviews I see it’s an ongoing problem. First time there. Was excited to go and try it but it wasn’t at all what we expected. Barely any cheese on the pizza, stix cold. I work hard for what little money I have and to go somewhere where me and my wife and daughter are treated so rudely and to have food that wasn’t even half way decent is very disappointing!! I wish I could leave no stars ???

Garrett Riley

Ordered from the store on February 24th, and it’s taken almost two hours for our order to get to us. As of writing this review, it still hasn’t gotten to us. It’s taken the delivery driver over an hour, almost two now, to drive less than 2 miles. Really disappointed, one of our favorite pizzas in Muncie, but can’t justify ordering anymore with this service.

Ellen Basira

I would NOT RECOMMEND going here. Whoever was on the phone was some lady yelled at me when I asked about extra breadsticks after making my order. The worse part was how she called me a offensive curse word in Spanish thinking I would not know! They need to get their staff under control or replace them for their own benefit!

Scott B.

Stay away from this facility. Worst Hot Box Pizza I have ever been to. The GM is rude , hates people as well as her job! Don't know her name but I was there on Jan 28th @12 noon. I would recommend Greeks Pizza great atmosphere, better pizza and a Muncie Tradition.

Marcus Hughes

When I first heard about this pizza place (which was not that long ago), everything was awesome. When I ordered extra of something, I actually got extra, or if I ordered lite on something, it was done as the order asked. However, now it seems 'extra' means, 'regular', 'regular' seems to also mean 'regular', and 'lite', believe it or not, means 'regular'... Let me emphasize, $30.00 for one pizza with three toppings is expensive (no, I'm not complaining about the price), especially in this context where I somehow paid for more toppings, but ended with less, and this isn't the first time. This really has been happening for the last 3-4 times I've ordered (probably the span of about 2-3 months), and though leaving notes is an option, either the employee doesn't read it, or everybody just does whatever amount they think is the correct amount. It's as if portions are not a universally agreed upon amount, and it is up to whoever puts the toppings on to decide how much 'lite', 'regular', and 'extra' is. I'm not in any fashion angry, but I won't be doing business here anymore as it seems more like price gouging at this point. (again, it isn't about the price, rather, what I got for the price I payed.... and that every other order, lite/regular/extra all mean different quantifies than the order before or after that one)

Amayah Armstrong

Tried to call in a pick up order and when i called in my phone reads as “No Caller ID” for anyone i call outside of my contacts for safety reasons i currently have going on. I understand how exhausting prank calls are, i work in the food industry i get them all the time. But when i asked for the girl to just let me explain that i do in fact have a real phone number it’s just a safety setting i was instead screamed at for calling with a no caller ID. so i tried to call back and begged the manager to let me explain but was greeted with the same response. I then went into to try to explain that my feelings were actually hurt from just trying to place a pick up but instead i was interrupted the entire time and told that they have a policy where they can’t answer prank calls… but i wasn’t a prank call and even begged for the manager to let me explain why it’s popping up like that. i was not heard out and i was not treated like an actual human.

Christopher Glotzbach

This is maybe, hands down the worst pizza I have ever had. My wife and I came here for the first time and spent 30 dollars after tip. I will never come back to this place. We waited 20 minutes just to get the pizza. We were dine in and they never came to give us our food we had to go back up to get it. Terrible experience. Please save yourself the trip and go somewhere else.

Brittney Workman

Order from your location all the time and this time might be the last. It took almost 2 hours to get the food, 45 mins past the expected delivery time. Then when I get it, it looks like this. Breadsticks were overcooked, and stale. And the coke wasn’t cherry coke like ordered. Not pleased.

Sophie Kerrigan

Terrible customer service!!!

Brittany Yoder

Wonderful service from Lela and great pizza! Can't wait to go back. Super sweet for our little one too.

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