2904 W White River Blvd, Muncie
(765) 287-0982

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Kelbe Collins

Location open for another hour and half. 2 out of the 3 ingredients I asked for they said they were "out of." So basically they didn't want to prepare toppings that they could also use tomorrow. I get that it's a sandwich shop, but a little professionalism and doing your job I don't feel like is too much to ask.

Anita Spears

I’m so disgusted with the way the employees treated me. There were two guys that waited on me and they were very rude! They both didn’t have hardly anything to say and acted like they didn’t want to wait on me. Then when I went to leave, I heard them making mean remarks about me and laughing. This is the one on White River Blvd. Don’t go there. ?

Judy Burke

Fed 3 adults for under 20 so I will return soon.

Christina Redmon

Decent prices, fresh veggies, a nice variety of sandwiches.

Barb Phillips

I went in an ordered 2 foot long subs one of which was a steak and cheese. I got cheese green peppers and onions on it. Took them home began eating mine half way thru the sandwich I bite down on a big bone it almost chipped my tooth :( I called just to inform them and all he could tell me was well u would have to bring in the bone and the whole sandwich. While the food is normally good here I’m disappointed in how this person chose to handle my call.

Tasha M.

Staff was nice but my sandwich looked terrible. I don't even know what happened. The taste was okay


Salad was great except they did not chop it like most Subways do.


I wasn’t there but instead ordered. The subs weren’t to bad but afterwards I got food poisoning and I’m not to happy about it.

brenda Corya

I went to Subway on Madison Sunday afternoon and ordered two salads. The guy who was working was a whiz at salads I guess cause that was the best salad I have ever had when dining out! ❤️❤️

Kari Wissel

NICK WAS SO AWESOME!!!! So personable and friendly. Plus he got me to try out vinegar and oil!

Jennifer Ailes

Very delicious and fresh all the time it's cheap too

Cynthia Darty

I went to this subway for lunch the man that came in before me was asked did he have a coupon he said no so the lady making sandwich nodded her head to the girl at the register to go ahead and give him the coupon when it was my turn too order she didn’t ask if I had a coupon so of course I was charged full price needless to say I won’t be going back it’s call customer service treat everybody the same

Kayla Rainho

We recently had Subway cater an event for us. I called about a day in advance. Upon arrival, the order had not been made yet due to someone being let go the day before. This person did not tell Subway about my order. However, the staff here made my order (sandwiches, chips, cookies- boxes lunches) extremely quick. The order was made correctly. They gave us extra sandwiches for having to wait even though I didn't wait that long. Additionally, they packaged everything up and brought it to my car. I will have them cater other events!

Walter Catiller

Prreeettty good ,we frequent 5 different ones between Chesterfield, muncie and greenfeild,always feindly and constant consistant with proportions..list your favorite subway today..and a shout out to keepers resale in chesterfeild.

Bryan Carrier

This location doesn't have a drive through, which is a little disappointing. Their food is always good with great service.

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