Taco Bell

2201 S Madison St, Muncie
(765) 284-5113

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Brian Conner

25. 25 freaking minutes in the Drive Thru BEFORE I got to the order box! Not busy at all. Apparently just lazy. I drove off without ordering. It's too bad there isn't a zero rating for customer service.

Sabrina Walters

Love the guy working the drive thru! We used to pick on each other when he worked at Starbucks. He's a keeper I'll drive to this Taco Bell just to see him!Food: 5/5


Some loser with glasses hates his wittle life at Taco Bell in little Muncie . Has zero value to add to society. Just a typical new agr easily offended kid who got baby by his mama. And now acts like a female

Marcus Davis

This has gotta be one of the worst taco bells ive ever been too. Every place on madison seems to hire idiots. Doors r always locked. Service was very slow and poor. This place needs shut down.

Justin Thomas

I went inside a man was mopping, I asked if the were open inside.?. He asked two women who were doing nothing and one finally replied yes. After standing there for a few minutes, one woman said smartly, we are kiosk only inside right now. If you can't take my order, you can't take my money. Went to Burger King instead. Might as well let some employees go at the Taco Bell. They aren't doing anything.

Michael “FatttyMcGinger” Sterling

Worst experience I've ever had at any fast food place.The service is slow and rude.They ALWAYS lock the inside doors before they are supposed to which leads to a line of about 18 cars that moves at about 20 minutes per car.Just close the whole store down because the incompetence is insane.

Corey B

Disappointed in service!! Spent 50 bucks and got 5 dollars worth of food!! All the food was made sloppy and so many things were missing!! My potato tacos had 2 potatoes and a piece of lettuce on 1!! Never been so disappointed usually not that bad but the 1 manager lady is not kind to employees and does not care about taking care of customers either she would rather complain out loud then be rude to everyone!! I'll rather travel to the other taco bell till they get better people and fix establishment!

Lewanne “Lew” Mader

Drive thru pretty good. Didn't have to wait long, they were friendly, and they got my order right, 100%!

Brianna Bailey

Every single employee at 10:30pm Sunday September 18th were very rude. They left me sitting in drive through because they messed my order up. Which all I asked, was for lettuce on the side and they said they can't do that because that's not how it's rung up.... So then I asked to order a whole new order with lettuce on the side and they refused to ring it up. They said they can not ring up a second order in drive thru, which I know is not true. I worked for Taco Bell for 3 years and have never been so disrespected in my life. These fast food employees are getting worse with all the younger kids being hired. I feel bad for anyone having to live in a world with no respect. A simple request can't be made because the "KIDS" these days are being raised lazy and disrespectful.

david schwartzkopf

When they are open the food is good but every time i go there no matter what hour they have people but tell me there isnt enough to open

Sheryl Gudger

The most unprofessional employees. The drive thru still isn't taking orders but no sign to let customers know. You wait in line forever only to be told you can't order you must go inside. I suggested a sign and the girl got nasty. Absolutely unbelievable!!!

Bryon Mcguinness

After waiting at the counter for about ten minutes.The blonde manager comes over and tells me to order from the nasty kiosk that was dirty if i wanted to order something this is the second time ive been denied to order from this same location. So i will not be returning to madison st. Taco bell again i guess they think rude customer service will keep them in business

Mark Beaty

I got 2 spicy potatoes tacos and 4 cheesy bean and rice burritos. The food wasn't bad it wasn't too hot or too cold. I like the potatoes tacos but they made my gf sick but she is pregnant so just be careful. The food wasn't bad because I never got sick but I think the spicy sauce was too much for her. All in all though decent visit didn't take too long in drive thru and food was good

Joe Koen

They have been severely mismanaged lately. If you go to get breakfast in the morning, it will be drive thru only till 9, and if you go through thr drive through they will just have you park and wait for your food to brought out to you. Every. Single. Time. And stupid thing is, they do it with everyone no matter what you order. So you can expect to sit in the parking lot with three or four other cars, you all waiting for your food. And here's the best part: expect your food to get handled by two or three other customers before they realize its yours, as they have no clue who's food goes to which car. I love it when my food bag has been opened and handled by complete strangers, don't you? This place is a joke right now, hope someone notices this review and makes some changes.

Gena Elam

I have never experienced such consistenly long wait times like I do at this taco bell. It's literally one car served every 10 minutes. They won't take an order until they have given the previous car their food. Literally you sit there for a half an hour everytime. I have left several times because gas prices are too high for all that. Corporate really needs to step in here.

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