Velma's Diner

304 Main St, Shoals
(812) 247-2041

Recent Reviews

Sue D

My husband and I moved to Indiana a little over a year ago and found Velma’s recommended by our builder. We have come in every 2 weeks for about 6 months and the food and service has always been amazing. Until today. The waitress we had brought us a drink then went out to smoke with her boyfriend. She came back in an ignored us until we had to ask her to order. I ordered a salad and 2 sandwiches. I watched as our food sat on the counter and the waitress just walked by it several times. I waited as long as I could and just got up and ask another employee if she minded if I just took our food. When we were almost done with our food, she brought us our salad. She also went on to tell us how her 10 year old son was there. I really like it here but if I walk in and see her I will be walking out. If we even go back at all. Had to get my own ketchup and silverware because after I served my own food she never came back.

Mark D

Don't know. Was very busy so gave up. Menu looked good and place was over full so guess it was good food.Food: 3/5

David Gray

Good small-town diner. Good lunchtime sandwiches, good prices, and friendly staff.Food: 4/5

B. L. Shelton-Cummings

Typical ‘mom & pop’.Good food. (My meatloaf was excellent.)A wide selection of sides (not just a choice of corn or green beans.)Large variety of desserts.An obvious favorite of locals for many years.

Rebecca Dearborn

First time eating at Velma's, and we will definitely go again. Even though we came at one of the busiest times (after church), our waitress did amazing, and our food was delicious.

Alan Gilmore

We were in Shoals attending a family reuion. The morning after the reunion a few of us met at Velma's for a late breakfast and the place was packed, but soon after our arrival atable opened up, the service was great and the food was delicious, also very affordable!!!! Thanks for a great experience

Ryan Wagner

Went with a group of 4. Service was good and food was great. Seems like most of their items are home cooked vice being pulled from the freezer. And can't beat the price!

David McPherson

a great little place to eat at , great food $

Nancy Donovan Clark

great breakfast, great service!

Paul Roberts

I've been craving a home-cooked meal since ive been out on the road. It's not what I'd make at home but I'm Bougee with my home cooking. ? It's exactly what I would have eaten at my Grandma's and what my mom would have made for dinner. Well done lady's.

Joe Sands

I don't say this very often, this was an exceptional experience all the way around! Food, Service, Place was all great in this hometown place. We are not from the area, but were out for a day of hiking and found this. We will certainly try and get back.

Mark Tolliver

Great good and great service! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Dawn Keller

Great food, great service, great prices!

Random fluff

Nice workers,Delicious food, I would definitely recommend! 10/10

Rosalie Anne Bowman

took a lazy day from work and the kids took one from school and went on a road trip. We ended our day at this cute, family friendly, amazing little diner. We brought home a peanut butter pie and it is almost gone ??‍♀️????

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