Domino's Pizza

3301 Lincoln Way W, South Bend
(574) 703-3638

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LaVon Thomas

If my delivery guy wouldn't have smashed my pizza box, then try to cover it up with my sandwich box before he handed my pizza to me, I wouldn't would have given 5 stars. The better part of my toppings were on the box top. But since he wants to be a lazy slickster, he gets to explain this review to his manager.

June Hidde

Wrong order delivered. Delivery person said he would return the wrong order and bring back the right pizza. Never did deliver it. No proof he took the other order back. So out of a paid meal and tip. Will never order again from here. Either dishonest delivery person, or dishonest staff. So disappointing and hungry tonight.

Bruce Reith

These mfers couldn't pizza their way out of a wet bag. They are the main local option near me but that can't get an order right to save their lives.

michael raines

Carryout, no problem.. delivery, however, has been a problem lately. Two times I order delivery, both times it took an hour and a half plus. Not saying it's necessarily their fault, considering the times, however with that said, I should have been made aware of the time frame. That's why I gave them four stars..

Sam Lim

Made an order at 8:40 pm. called an hour later since the tracker told me that it was still in the prep stage. told that my order was going to be one of the next set of orders that they were going to deliver. hour and a half later, called again. stayed on the phone for around 10 minutes and the call was never answered. when i called yet another time they said that they wouldn't be able to make the delivery until 1 least give the call earlier so that your customers aren't left hanging. absolutely ridiculous.

Jessica Lester

I order almost weekly at this store. They are very fast accurate and fresh! Thank you for doing a great job for my order!

Temarra Fryar

I ordered pizza for my family the other night got the wrong toppings called the store spoke to a very nice gentleman who refunded me my whole order back so I ordered Domino's the next day they delivered it and it was fresh and delicious

Angeles Alvarado

I used to order here, and I had no problems. However, yesterday was different. I ordered around 6:30 pm, and waited to midnight, but no pizza came. I tried to call but no body answered. It really disappointing, because I really like their food alot. Gladly,I didn't choose my card to pay, because if I did, might have been scammed.

Courtney Baker-Beck

We love dominos pizza. Their wings could be a little bit better. But overall satisfied

brandon avery

Slow service I won't order anything from them anymore it took them 3 hours for one pizza don't order from them

Jessica L.

Every time I order from here, it's messed up. Last time, when I called the store they told me to call the corporate number to get a refund. We stopped ordering, but after awhile my husband wanted to try again. I told him not to because they mess up every order. Low and behold, tonight our cinnamon twists were covered in BBQ sauce. When we called the store, the woman told him that it was cinnamon. Nope. Definitely BBQ. At least they are remaking it. Still won't ever order from them again.

Robert Wlodarek

I ordered a pizza at 530 called after 2 hours no answer took 4 hours for someone to answer said pizza was otw at 1030 they said the order was cancelled. I guess if you have 3 or 4 hours to wait and your 35 dollar pizza may or may not be on the way

Heather Moore

We ordered pizza from this location on a Tuesday. It took over an hour to receive, which we were understanding about, because of ongoing staff shortages. But when we received our pizza it was stone cold and one pizza box had been mashed into the pizza and then had cooled so that there was no scraping them off to try and piece the pizza back together.So we contacted the dominos pizza guarantee steps, what a joke. They will give you points or a discount on a future order. Because yeah, I want to spend more money for this kind of service. I sent an email to Domino’s corporate about this experience and they responded with “this location is locally owned so there’s nothing we can do.”

Avery Lentine

Ordered 2 large pizzas at 11:00 pm. Paid a good $40 for them. I assumed if they would not have enough time to deliver they would call, but I did not get a call. Call the store at 12:03, 3 minutes after close wondering how my pizza is coming, on hold for 15 minutes, hang up, call back, answering machine denies calls after close.No pizza, no refund, no communication. Abysmal service.Edit: Pizza was delivered the next morning, delicious as usual if fairly late. I got a call from the manager explaining that the website allows you to order pizza after the store is closed because they are currently on shortened hours and the site hasn't been updated yet.

Mia Tlahuel

Was given a 20 to 30 minute eta online and and it ended up being an hour and fifteen minutes instead. Highly disappointed. I dint care there is no excuse. Next time call your customers and let them know.

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