Kelly's Pub

1150 E Mishawaka Ave, South Bend
(574) 287-7379


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I called in to get a carryout order and the person who answered the phone, the bartender, had a lot of background noise from patrons of the bar so she transferred me to the kitchen. The person in the kitchen was relatively new and did not know how to make the signature Burger as of yet, but she hooked me up with another Burger with many of the same things on it, but unfortunately it cost a great deal because she charged me by the topping where the signature Burger would have been...
The pizza was ?!!!..the bartender Mrs Rhonda made a special mixed fruity drink just for me and I got to play a round of pool for free! I had such an amazing time. The drink she made for me was Grey Goose Vodka mixed with Cranberry Juice and a splash of Sprite to make it pop.
Had fried jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, and mushrooms that were delicious. Bartender whipped me up one of his creations called Oz's Pleasure. It was so good! The pool tables were good and the bar sticks were straight. Will go again.

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