52665 State Hwy 933, South Bend
(574) 277-0810

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David Sprinkle

This is the worst McDonald's in the city. I always get parked for 15+ minutes and then they bring out the wrong order anyway. If you go inside they ignore you. This place is terrible.Parking: DO NOT LET THEM PARK YOU AS YOU WILL WAIT FOREVER.

alicia whitmore

Nothing but cussing and yelling every time I go in here. I get that it’s a McDonald’s and its not classy or anything, but they definitely make it seem super ghetto with all the cussing and yelling going on.. asked for and paid for tomatoes, didn’t get tomatoes. The employees were eating bacon and sandwiches while bagging up customers orders.

Nicholas Sutterby

This McDonald's is definitely better than the others near us. I'm not sure if it's owned or managed by the same crew as the one (horrible by the way) on Portage road around the corner, but the food is always hot, as advertised and promptly provided regardless if I'm ordering in line there, or on the mobile app. My last Quarter pounder was delicious and all toppings were put on correct as ordered and not spilling down the sides like a lot of McDonald's locations.

Charles Dugas

Meh. Food is typical McDonald's, so average. Making the food took forever. Had to ask several times where the food was during our visit, even though the place was nearly empty. They seem to prioritize the drive through over the dine-in guests, which is super annoying. I think they should make this place a drive through only.Food: 3/5


The worst mcdonalds ever.. horrible staff... how many times do you need to remake a egg biscuit till its right. Let alone the old ladies coffee u had to remake 4 times... who doesn't know how to make coffee... no crew member or manager was helpful at all. The exact opposite in fact. They made it worse.. horrible place, do not go to Roseland mcdonalds.

Wesley Mock

Came through just before 3pm. There was about 6 people in front of me and Didn't leave the drive through until 3:14. It was a pretty long wait for the small number of people in front of me. Food was made correctly even with changes made. It wasn't hot unfortunately. Extra bacon was 1.49 which is a pretty crazy price for 2 halves of a piece of bacon. Everything else was great.I come here regularly for breakfast on my way to work and mornings are 90% really good, fast, and accurate. Would definitely recommend this place over other mcdonalds in all of South Bend and Mishawaka.Parking: Lots of space for parking.Wheelchair accessibility: Easy to access wheelchair locations close to the entrance.

Angelique V

This place needs to pick up the pace on a Saturday game-day. I stood inside for almost a half an hour for an online order. No one even acknowledges you. Pretty rude staff. 10/15/22 @ 4:30pm

Ty Haines

Their own staff doesn't know what's on their menu. I asked for a coke zero and was "corrected", she stated "a diet coke?" And I said no. I wanted a coke zero. She got an attitude and said "a diet coke". When I informed her that the app states that they have coke zero she responded saying "we don't got that, we gots diet coke". When I pulled up to the second window... THEY HAD COKE ZERO and the employee gladly made one for me. They're constantly claiming that mobile orders aren't working (because the employee on shift isn't smart enough to use mobile ordering). And at night, if there is a sauce you ask for that isn't out front, they are too lazy to go in the back and get it for you.

Jessie Zigler

Went through the drive thru at 10:20pm Saturday night. Ordered 2 Big Macs, 2 medium fries, Large Coke, Large Root beer, Large Dr. Pepper and Large Sprite. Pulled up and paid and right on to the pick up window. Drinks were ready and marked correctly in a drink carrier, and food followed directly after. Order was correct even had napkins ;) the Lady at the window was actually even pleasant. The reason I have to give only 4 stars for this experience was because the fries were not fresh, more like bland, cold, tasteless cardboard. All in all it was actually an exceptional visit.

Michelle Williams

I'm giving this a one star only because I can't go any lower. Fries were RAW and I had to assemble my own burger. Tasted bad as well. Won't be returning. So sick of ppl not caring about anything including making a simple sandwich.

Marites Wilcoxson

Happy that their dine-in is open now here in Niles.. Loved their fries

Jessica Groning

Here recently it seemed like every McDonald's I was going to in the South Bend area, I hate to say this, but their food was horrible. The burgers were very sloppy, I would ask for no onions and on a couple I had extra onions, the fries were either kinda cold or they were just old and at several of the places, their employees were the rudest of the rude. But then I had this McDonald's that is located on 933 in South Bend, Indiana. The employees were fantastic and the food was even better!!! They made sure that all their food was freshly made and each customer was taken care of in a timely manner. I would DEFINITELY be back to this store again and again!! Thank you to all the employees at that store!!! You guys are AMAZING!!!

Marjorie Breslin

I have 40 minutes before I have to go to work, I sat in the drive-through line for 30 minutes and was unable to get breakfast. This McDonald's Used to be one of the best in Indiana, Not anymore!! Maybe they should drive to La Paz Indiana And see how a good McDonald's runs.

Jose Marquez

I just ordered the home style breakfast and they gave me pancakes, when I came back to get the right order they told me I should have brought both of the plates, I actually had to drive back to correct the order and was yelled at.

Nathan Lintz

The food was decent. The problem was while we were trying to eat with our child there was a table of employees yelling cuss words and unacceptable language the whole time like there were not any guests in the restraunt. It was very inappropriate and disruptive.

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