The Elder Bread

1215 E Mishawaka Ave, South Bend
(312) 857-3544

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jackie holler

Great little spot for coffee, artisan bread, macaroons, good pretzels!!! kitschy decor, very inviting. Stop in!!!

Megan Stevens

Yo! As a frequent eater of all things Elder Bread, there are some things you ought to know!1. After you eat this sourdough, no other bread will suffice. It is the only bread. It is worth every penny.2. This is an ARTISAN bakery. They’re not trying to pump out a million different muffins (the blueberry are to die for btw), they’re trying to blow your mind with each pastry, each day.3. The chefs are artists. This is edible art. It changes all the time. But it is always lovely. Always makes me feel things. Always worth the drive.Do it. You won’t regret it.

Tony Edwards

Went there this morning to have breakfast at 8 AM. All they had was a couple of chocolate blueberry muffins (yuck), a mini loaf of vegan banana bread, and a few macaroons. How can you even call youreself a bakery. It is not like they had a rush and sold out. This is all they had to offer for the day. Their display case was a plastic 2 ft by 2 ft cube. Wow, they are NOT a bakery.

Deanne George

Absolutely love this place. The staff is wonderful, and everything they offer is amazing. Try any of the donuts, you will not be disappointed.

Amy Kassner

Sourdough cinnamon rolls!? Yes. Come get one. Pricey, but I'd say well worth it. The location is a lite tricky to find. Across from Oh Mama's in a building woth boarded up windows/side... Mishawaka Ave side... Go around back thru the alley. Also there's a sign for violet sky, I might also add, very good chocolate. Nice atmosphere, chill feel, enough seating for around 15/20.

Cassandra Reyes

I got a BBQ pizza yesterday AND OMG so worth it! a decent size for 1 if you want leftovers, or 2 to share. Will be visiting more frequently now!

Kelsie Ann

As a South Bend/Mishawaka newbie I appreciate the warm welcome! Currently sipping on an oat milk mocha latte on the picnic benches, thankful to have found my first little corner of comfort in this slightly intimidating city. Killer concoctions and welcoming vibes. Thank you Cloud Walking.

Emily Bennett

I discovered this gem while visiting and now it’s my ‘must stop at’ spot whenever I’m in The Bend. Get one of everything. Leave happy. It’s simple. Also the buckwheat bread with nori/vegetable ash/sesame loaf is straight ? add some cream cheese and smoked salmon and you will be even happier. Now stop reading and go to Elder Bread now.

Becky Oppman Rogers

Incredible bread and baked goods — the donuts are arguably the best in the area. There’s a reason I keep coming back... Lauren knows what she’s doing, she isn’t afraid to experiment and nails it every time. 10/10

jim yang

This is the best bread that I have ever eaten in my life. I have eaten many breads from different European countries. I just bought a whole wheat bread from this place for $10. I was surprised that it was a sour dough bread. Sour dough bread for just $10! That is crazy if you know how hard it is and how long it takes to make a high quality sour dough bread. When I got the bread around 9:00AM, it was still warm. I can smell the aroma of the bread while I was driving home. I immediately ate the bread when I got home. The contrast between the hard shell and delicately soft crumb makes your mouth cannot resist its temptation. I ate half a loaf of a bread for breakfast. This is my place to go to get bread in the future! Go and get one!!!!

Grace Ishikawa

Found my favorite boulangerie!! I absolutely love this place. They have high quality bread (very light and spongey on the inside, with a crisp outside) and the best, velvety chocolate. They also have reusable bags that you can get, so that you limit waste.Their bakery also has many vegan options!

Kristin Perrine

Once we finally found the entrance, we felt like we accidentally walked into somebody's private gathering space when we arrived. The selection at the counter was minimal, and the worker was less than friendly. There were maybe 5 different baked goods on a small platter (a few sweet breads, some cookies, a few scones - zero doughnuts in sight even though that's what everybody in the reviews raves about), all of which were quite small for the high prices that were being charged. It almost felt like it wasn't a bakery at all, but a front for something else that keeps a plate of baked goods on the counter to make it look good. We ended up buying a Madeleine just out of the awkwardness of it all, but nothing really looked super fresh. It was dry and tasted overwhelmingly of honey. It had the texture of several day old cornbread. We were not impressed.

Anna Bishop

Everything is fresh and fabulous. Recommend

Ann Beck

The bread is phenomenal: hearty and light at the same time. It is one of the finest i have ever esten, including in France.

Kyle Rehder

Killer bread, great vibes, I will be back.

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