East Star Chinese Buffet

3059 S US Hwy 41, Terre Haute
(812) 234-5558

Recent Reviews


I love the staff here, they're always really friendly and they know me everytime I come in. The food is probably the best I've had, especially at a buffet. The Sushi is a definite bonus. My family and I eat here every other week!

AJ Creller

Food is good, service is excellent, but price is high.

Allyson Crenshaw

The food is great and the service is fantastic. The servers are on top of clearing away dirty dishes. The cooks keep the food fresh and filled. I have been here several times and never once been disappointed.

Noell Fields

The experience hit every mark! The best Buffett ever!!! The quality of food was excellent and it was fresh. Can I say that again FRESH!! The interior was very clean, and all State guidelines for Covid-19 were implemented. No need to look any further, just grab your kyes and go.

Warren Smith

Food is great here! Fresh sushi and hibachi. They will require masks and gloves. Gloves are slightly annoying but it's worth the food.

The Big Bean

I really like this place. But gosh the dinner prices are so dang expensive. Makes me not ever wanna go

Bryan Pickett

It was great! Food was delicious as usual. My favorite is the fried rice. ??

Michelle Switzer

Great staff. Food is great. I noticed they were constantly cleaning the buffet and floors. The staff stays busy maintaining a clean and pleasant environment. They are constantly adding/rotating foods. Drinks were kept full and empty plates gathered quickly. Very clean.

Sara Compton

If we could give a 0 star we would! The food is cold! Everything we got was COLD! Nothing is marked and when you ask what is what, the girls couldn’t understand English! We are not going back.

Molli Ellis

East Star is the best! Friendly, attentive staff and delicious food. So glad they're still open.

Leon Seifers

Good food and good service. One of the few places you can still sit and eat at, which my family appreciates. You have to wear your mask and disposable gloves (provided) to the buffet but that's not a big deal.

diane schmucker

This restaurant has really good food. Don't be discouraged by the outside which looks unkempt. Lots of choices. Great flavors, nice staff. Great deal for the price $8

Stormy Messer

We just ordered take out. Our order was suppose to be 16.45 they gave themselves a 3.24 tip after my husband grabbed the order. It came out to be 19.74. I called Eddie the owner and he acted like we wrote a tip when we didn’t cause it was a pick up order Eddie then acted like he couldn’t answer ENGLISH. We have been their a lot the past 3 years and we won’t be back since they are thefts

Timothy Mendenhall

East Star is always a good place to eat. If you like Chinese food or Japanese food go there and enjoy yourselves. There's shrimp, fish and good ole frogslegs

M. P

My Mom and I stopped here to eat, the employees were serving the plates as you told them what you wanted off the buffet, it was annoying, and it wouldn't have mattered if the food was any good. But, the food sucked. The sushi was all spicy and all tasted the same. The other food was fresh, but not good. The server didn't even ask if we wanted a refill on our water. We will NEVER return. Never! It's a sad excuse for a restaurant I hate to be negative, so the positives. The water tasted nice and the place seemed clean, the women's bathroom was clean and didn't smell bad.

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