Four Fathers Brewing LLC

3705 Bowman Dr suite b, Valparaiso
(219) 464-9712

Recent Reviews

Scott Davis

Great Beer, ya gotta Get you Some!

David Moran

I like the new spot. I come to Valpo a few times per year, and like to stop here. Had to do curbside pickup this time, but that went great. Hopefully things get back to normal soon because I'd like to sit out in the patio area.

Lyle K. Kaye

great beer, great owners, great facility.

Jason Pelzel

Great Beer. Great People.

Scott Cvelbar

Tasty beer and super friendly staff. Two thumbs up!

William Russell

The beer is fantastic and the owners are great. The beer is delicious and finishes well. I have tried many different varieties and they have all been extremely flavorful. Definitely worth a trip to try them for yourself.

Laura J.

After the 3-Dune challenge at the Indiana Dunes state park stopped here for a well deserved beer. The Belgian IPA was on point. But the best part of this brewery was Connor and his selection of music. Thank you. From old Motown to classic rock - Sly and the Family Stone to Deep Purple. I'll go back for this reason alone.

Shannon E.

Great new location with plenty of room to enjoy their diverse brew selection. Staff is excellent and enjoyable to speak with. Spin some classic records and if you prefer your own toons then bring it, they'll play it!

Jeff Harness

Great new facility, awesome free popcorn, some of the best craft brew in Valpo.

Cire Lazaroski

Finally came into the new place and it's a huge improvement over the cramped old place. The beer was as great as usual and the staff super friendly (as usual).

Zach Belstra

Great new location, owners are very cool to talk to, great brews!

Gena Howard

Congrats on 5 years Four Fathers! Love the new location on Bowman Drive. Great atmosphere and plenty of room outside for parking and events. Much larger taproom and some outdoors seating. Friendly people! Great beer!

JFA Howard

Congrats on 5 years Four Fathers! Love the new location on Bowman Drive. Great atmosphere and plenty of room outside for parking and events. Much larger taproom and some outdoors seating. Friendly people! Great beer!

Joe C.

If you're in the Valpo area and looking for place to grab a beer, then look no further. No food, but they have a quality beer menu. I had the sour and it was great.

Steven Smith

Wondeful place. Staff is extra friendly and knowledgeable. They will always steer you in the right direction. A must stop!

Phil Contreras

Great brews and more. Small but enjoyable.

Joseph K.

Friendly staff. Solid beer. Decent selection. Free popcorn cooked in pork fat. Next to a winery so you can hit both in one trip. Kind of an odd set up on how you order your beer. Almost like a take out window. Small place, I could see where it could get cramped. Clientele is very friendly as well. Chill place with good beer and tasty popcorn.

Nicholas Schafer

Tiny, but pretty nice! 6 beers on tap with knowledgeable staff.

Nicole B.

So the beer here is really good. They are constantly changing it up too so you get to try a lot of kinds of you come here enough. They have free popcorn too. Worst part is that it is tiny. There is barely enough room to get the tables and stools in, not to mention people. Luckily, the good beer outweighs the lack of space. Maybe they will get a bigger place someday. They need it considering the popularity of their establishment.

NIck flo

Good beer. Small place. Free popcorn. No food. What else needs said lol

Rose M.

Would love to try this place but it closes so early on a Friday night! 9 pm?! We travel from out of town to visit our daughter and it's always closed by the time we get there. How about you go crazy and stay up until 11?


Best Brewery in Valparaiso, hands down. They have a good balance of staple beers with some innovation on other taps. Snack on the free popcorn and enjoy the board/card games provided.


Always have good service to go along with good beers.

Julia B.

I really enjoyed this brewery. They have an excellent assortment of their craft beers. We even took some with us when we left. Definitely a must visit for beer lovers.

Elise J.

I'm so happy I checked out this spot! Gabby who was serving us was so fun and down to earth. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a good time.

suzanne Hall

What a wonderful party for the mug club members tonight. Thanks Jason and Beth for hosting.

Aaron Taylor

Great service, always great beer. They always have rare releases you can take part of. Always a good time!

Matt Kleyla

Small but nice and welcoming place. Great beer as well! You have to try Demon Core if you go there. A great balance of hops and malt with a clean finish. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Paul Allison

Small tap room, however the staff was very friendly, the beer is amazing and the prices are competitive. Great place to grab beer and go.

Daphne Z.

Very small space but the beer is what we were there for and it didn't disappoint. I enjoyed the brett w/ peaches, it was delicious. These people know what they're doing

Bruce W.

Very informative visit. The server answered my questions and tolerated my lamentations/observances/reflections like a champ. The Omaha and Utah (Weis + a faint fruit undertone) is not normally a direction I would go, however the fact it is a bock (the allure) which may or may not be related to the amount of yeast which added a kick that complimented the aforementioned weis and fruit. I was surprised to see the 10oz option as a "large" until my eyes spied a cool 9.3% ABV. As the only patron and the industrial feel, while I dig it, don't know if the general public would. To note: a graceful middle European woman and her daughter come in and are informed (as is IN law) that they would have to sit outside (understandable, yet unfortunate). They lost the biz, as the woman said in her Slovakian (?) accent: "Itsquite steamy,

Deb Davies Griffith

I can’t say enough great things about Four Fathers. We where in the area and Yelped breweries. Due to the great rating, we drove over with our Doxie, Ollie! What great beer.....Lucy, P,B & Jeff & It’s A Cannoli where our favs and we walked away with Crowlers of them!

Streets A.

The other part of the Valpo trio of breweries, Four Fathers is very small but who cares? I felt like Maplin Love and that passion was reciprocated. This place is yet another good brewery and that is really all there is to say. The beer selection has always been decent, especially the Feel Like Maplin Love. I like Four Fathers but it gets harder to venture out as I have a lot of local haunts that I like to frequent. Out of the three Valpo breweries it is hard to say which one is the best so they are going to have to duke it out or provide me with a blind taste test.

Danielle T.

This is my favorite Valparaiso brewery! They consistently rotate selection with 5 or 6 beers at each visit. Varied style with knowledgeable staff who are generous with tastes. I also appreciate FF tapping a firkin every Friday, with interesting twists on their beers.