Anna's BLD Bistro

2959 N 7th St Trfy, Kansas City
(913) 342-9328

Recent Reviews

Kira Sao

Just came in for lunch and had the fried basa fillet with fries and mac and cheese. I was very impressed with the sizable, hand made portions and tartar sauce. Everything is made to order and absolutely delicious. Service was prompt, friendly, and the price was incredibly fair. I can't wait to come back sometime should my job permit. This place is truly a local treasure not to be missed!


Great place to grab some soul food!!

Graysen Sutton

Great food, very nice staff members, consistently excellent vibes. They charge reasonable pricing and the food quality is awesome. Great work.

Wil The Snake

Loved the chili dog with cheese and fries!

Steve Barker

Love this place. The food is great and they treat you like family. I would highly recommend this place.

Joshua Rodriquez

Excellent service . Great food .

David Hummel

Delicious food brought to you by lovely folks. I arrived around the same time as one of the regulars, and they guided me through the menu going back and forth with the guy that must stop in all the time. I had the potato salad (deliciously creamy, the coleslaw, and the Friday special (rib tips). Awesome food and awesome people. If you work nearby and haven't stopped in for lunch you need to give it a shot.

Savannah Ramirez

Small and personal. They are all heart to fill your order... Good family business

Misty Peterson

Hidden Gem! Totally unexpected! Delicious meals. Great service. Real food for a great price. My new favorite find.

Kyle Dale

Good home cooking! You will like it.

MaKc Hall

Customer service and food preparation, and service are awesome!!

Mark Hyden

Holy Cow!!!!! This is some of the best food I have ever eaten!!!!!! Just like Mom and Grandma used to make! As a truck driver a good meal is hard to find! You can park a Bob tail here. Highly recommend!!!!

Andres Leal

Really good food. Real good home cooked.

archie barge

Home iso where thé food iso

Fatimah Collins

Awesome food, family owned great people make you feel as if you’re a priority every time u walk in their door! What a local restaurant should be GREAT JOB!!!!

Darrell Cooper

Well 1st of all dont let the appearance fool you, not much to look at inside & out. But, the food is very good & as a person with a good appetite. I feel the portion is sufficient compared to the cost of a meal.

Cynderella D

Well for a dive it was pretty good. It's a small place and kind of dirty but the food was good and the service was exceptional. I think they should spend more time making improvements to the place but I still give it a 4/5 stars.

Michele Moore

Anna's always has the best lunch specials, great food and service at a great price! She even caters events and it's always a class act!!!

Etta Thomas

It was wonderful. Food is always grrrrrrrreat!!

Cindy Morrow

Great! Some of the best bbq on Friday's in Kansas City

Kenny Raber

Had a great burger and fries, next time it's gonna be the wings, then brisket, then I don't know yet.


Those wings ! OMG you won't know until you try them! They are soo soo so good! dipped in that bb sauce- Im having an wing attack right now!. Try it for yourself

Brian Niffen

Home cooking, daily revolving menu, the best place you could ever want to eat. Family owned and run. After the first time you stop in they remember you forever. If it's not to busy grandma is at a table doing the crossword, don't be shy strike up a conversation. Nicest people you could every want to know.

cynthia crable

They have the best Philly Cheesesteaks hands down

Moses gilbert jr

I should be a food critic bcuz meals like I just had, need to be known about and surely praised. Please don't pass through Kansas City, KS without stopping here and tell them Moses sent you.

Ryan V.

I'm just a traveler passing through town and this was the closest food to where I was sleeping. I pretty much never eat out and only eat at grocery stores to save money, but this place was worth it. I got the BLT burger for $5 and it was huge. It was so good that I bought a second one right after. It's about 7:30pm now. If they were still open, I would go buy a third one lol.

Missy McBride

Interesting little place, the smoke brisket sandwich with fries tasted great and was a good value.

Chris Locker

Best burger I’ve had in a long time! Had a coworker tell me about Anna’s how did I not know about this place sooner?

Josh E.

Great food, Great Service and Great People! Will definitely be back!! I had the neck bones it was well seasoned and tender so the meat fell off the bone. For sides I had the greens and mashed potatoes. The greens was like any normal greens but the mashed potatoes had a good flavor with the brown gravy poured on top. The menu rotates from day to day so you can always try something different. If you go here for lunch you will not be disappointed!

Shawn E.

Perfect little spot for a quick lunch. Anna, Mr. Howard and Mama are a riot. They'll cook you up something good. Smells amazing when you walk in and you will not meet anyone friendlier. Menu changes daily so be sure to ask what's cooking today.

Matthew R.

Excellent place to eat in an area of Fairfax that has very little to offer. Great home cooking and sweet tea. Not much seating but Anna and her Mom really take care of your hunger. Picture shows sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, cornbread and chicken fried chicken. What a feast.! !!

Toni Johnson

Anna's catered my father's 80th birthday celebration with absolutely superb service!!! The food was great -- no leftovers!! I was looking for "one stop" shop & I found it!! Thanks Anna's BLD Bistro for making the day a wonderful memory!!

Caleb K.

Super friendly! Had the pork tenderloin was amazing! Great pricing on all food. I sent $8. Best food I have had in a long time. And they deliver..............................

Ralph M.

Good food good service reasonable price. The seating area doesn't hold a lot of people, but a lot of their businesses take it out. They have a standard menu as well as specials.

Cristina E.

A great little greasy spoon that even offers salad---and low-fat dressing. I'm in!!! Cheap meal, really tasty grilled chicken salad and very nice people. I tasted the (REAL GROUND BEEF) burger and the (HOME MADE) potato salad too. GREAT STUFF. Liked what I saw on the menu and will go back to try breakfast. They have a spicy crab salad on the menu but didn't have it available the day I visited. I'd make a return trip to try it.