Maui Express

8750 Santa Fe Dr, Overland Park
(913) 649-6284

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Nicole K.

Was really really hoping I would like this place, but as I am eating my dinner from there right now I trying to think if how to describe it. The teriyaki sauce has great flavor. They are actually decent cuts of meat, but everything in my bowl is very bland, and the spaghetti noodles are watery. I wasn't expecting spaghetti noodles, but I'm pretty flexible, but was lost in the watery. If I had to describe the food the best it would be like Hawaiian you would get in a hospital cafeteria or school lunchroom. Good in a pinch, but probably will be my last visit.

Blu Blu

The food is delicious, and the service is great. The staff is quick, and the food is fresh.

PJ Passey

We had a hard time finding the place. They had two locations and one is shut down. Once we found it the staff was very helpful and friendly. Dinning room was very clean. We ordered our food and was excited to try it. Unfortunately we felt a little let down. Portion size was fine, but The flavors seemed a little off from what we have had before. The chicken was lacking of any flavor and definitely didn’t taste grilled. Tasted more like the prepared “Sysco” heat and go truck food than traditional in house grilled chicken. We had high hopes for this little restaurant, but we will probably not be returning to try again.

Zacharie Perez

I don't understand the bad reviews- this place is great! Been coming here for years and I've never had a disappointing experience. The food is always fresh, tasty and flavorful, and the staff is so friendly! If you're looking for a healthy and filling meal without going to a real restaurant, this is the place to go! (Also, try their Maui Iced Tea! I could drink gallons of the stuff.)

Rodrigo Garcia

Been going since little. Always great. Stay strong maui see you soon

Maricela Johnson

Food was good, didn't take too long to prepare for takeout. Wish there was more for the money. Salad was small but good. For a Hawaiian food place, the menu is heavy on the Chinese styled food with very few choices. They also don't have any fruity drinks or deserts, just a yogurt cup with pineapple chunks on top. The food is great! Filling, yet light. I had a Chicken Teriyaki bowl and the chicken and rice were cooked perfectly.

Sun P. Diddy

Decided to try something new for lunch today! Was working in the area and saw Maui Express. Being that I am married to a Pacific Islander, I'm very familiar with Islander cuisine, and quite find of the island flavors. This is NOT even close to the real deal. Horribly disappointing. We got the chicken teriyaki bowls. Chicken was dry and overcooked, veggies were bland, teriyaki sauce didn't come close to what you would expect from shoyu chicken. The miso soup and garden salad were good...but not so much on the pretender teriyaki bowls. If you're hoping to get some authentic island cuisine, you won't find it here. Panda Express does teriyaki better than them...and that's not even Hawaiian/Pacific Islander cuisine!! Just because you threw a sliced pineapple on top of your dry chicken doesn't make it Islander cuisine!

Domo Davis

Wasn’t really impressed but you know you can’t please everybody. Meat was very dry and you get a massive amount of rice. Shrimp and the signature sauce is great but if I had a choice I would choose Hawaiian bro’s over this one

Domo TV

Wasn’t really impressed but you know you can’t please everybody. Meat was very dry and you get a massive amount of rice. Shrimp and the signature sauce is great but if I had a choice I would choose Hawaiian bro’s over this one

Matthew Lampitt

We ordered through door dash, asked for spicy teriyaki sauce. That wasn't followed and instead we got pretty plain and underseasoned plate. The meat was great, and the maui roll was nice. What teriyaki sauce was on, it was minimal and couldn't really be tasted.

Savannah G.

I was looking for a fast and healthy place to eat and Maui Express was perfect! The lady running the register was very nice and gave us so recommendations since it was our first time there. I got a chicken teriyaki burrito it was so yummy!! Definitely recommend!

John Landeck

Good, not great. Affordable with friendly staff.

Gavin Reynolds

Good fresh food in reasonable portions. Friendly staff and quiet.

Joey Enderle

Had the Steak and Shrimp combo bowl with noodles. If i go back next time will get the rice. The noodles was probably the nastiest thing i ever had in my life. idk what kind of noodles they use but i say stay away from them. But the Steak and Shrimp was really good.

Michael Geurin

I will never eat here. I went to their first location at 7:30 to find out they had closed early, but that their second location was open until 8. I had my wife call while I drove 10 min to the second location only to be told they were closing soon and wouldn’t take her order. I arrived at 7:45 to a restaurant saying they were open until 8 and even had a sign directing me to the second location saying they were open until 8 only to find they had already shut down and locked the door. Terrible customer service. If you are open until 8 actually be open until 8. Otherwise change your times. No one likes to be lied to.

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