11000 Quivira Rd, Overland Park
(913) 469-0474

Recent Reviews

Royjamian E.

This is by far the worst mcds in the area. Wait i take that back, some of the night crew is decent, but the day crew is absolutely horrible. They are rude, disrespectful. They will give cold food faster than you can say thanks! The last 6 times ive went they forgot something! O and their pop machines taste like they've never been clean

Vanessa Kidd

Good customer service if ur willing to wait. They dont move to fast for a fast food restaurant but get the order right.

Eric W

It was a Big Mac and you couldn't get the order correct. But yet able to push 4 cars through while I sat there and waitedI should have been priority

D Leikam

The new girl with glasses in the drive through is insanely rude. I live close and come here often and it just ruins my day every time that she is so absolutely miserable. When you get to the second window she doesn’t even say hello she just rolls her eyes and hands you the food. Seriously ? why are you so miserable find a job somewhere else or not in customer service. You don’t have to work here. I would never want someone so miserable working at my restaurant. Fix this.

James Forrester

This has to be the best McDonald’s in the metropolitan area. The food is always perfect and the service is always so fast. I typically only go for breakfast and I’ve never had a cold and soggy hash brown like I expect from other locations, here they’re always hot and crispy and perfect.

Brittany Adams

Mario is AAAAAMAZING. You are so lucky to have him at this location. His attitude, customer service, and enthusiasm are genuinely unmatched in McDonald's Chains. I will drive outside of my area just to see him again!

Scott Goodman

Got a big Mac today at the 11000 Quivira rd location along with a huge white hair in it. This is the most unorganized disgusting restaurant I’ve ever been to.

Lydia Stubbs

I always enjoy stopping here to pick up for Door Dash! The overnight employees are friendly and entertaining ?

Shelby R.

The guy taking orders during the late shift will make your entire trip here worth it. He deserves a raise.

Ana Loza

There were no lines. Crew looked very nice. Fast and easy.

Kent Harrison

Great late. Busy, so food is fresh

Clifford Seastrom

Just for sodas. Can't really mess that up and soda from a restaurant just seems to taste better.

Matthew Woods

There service is usually always above par, I base this by cleanliness and how fast it takes my order to reach my mouth. Despite any variables that pertain to me. When using this grading system and what's expected of McDonald's I would give this restaurant an A-. Only reason it wasn't an A+ was because it can be hard to get in and out of area as well as the fact that it's super crowded around lunch.

Dustin T.

Who ever that manager is at night is rude asf she should be fired because rude as fuck! She wants to rush for someone to order

Silver Fox CH

Awesome customer service. Place is extremely cleaned and get wipe down, after every customer leaves. Good price and love boba/bubble tea. Many flavors toChoose from.

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