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Recent Reviews

Ashley Williams

Their cookies are the best! I buy a dozen when I go to the mall and they are so worth it. They are decorated so beautifully. My favorite place in the world!!

Nancy Norton Goodall

Wonderful work, nice people and very professional!

Dalton Lansing

Amazing experience and great cookies.

Cindy Steck

I could not be happier with the way my order turned out! They are fantastic and the recipient LOVED them!

Kelly Shepley

Very delicious sugar cookies. The best I've ever had. They even do special orders for events!

Kaye Kabus

Cookies by Gayla made the treats for the YWCA Annual Leadership Luncheon in Topeka today. They were beautiful, packaged perfectly, and they were delicious. Thank you so much! I have bought cookies and snack mix at the store in the mall and I plan to buy there again soon.

Lisa Werner


Mary Tiernan

Beware if using this business! I purchased two dozen sugar cookies with a picture on them. The boxes were stacked and crossed so so not to touch each other. But when I got home the plastic was not pulled tight on the bottom tray and was touching a number of the cookies ruining the decorations. I called the the shop and left a message asking for replacements. I also sent pictures in an email to the owner. I received an email later in the day Insinuating it was was my fault and I could go to the shop and purchase some frosted cookies in the same color theme. I received no phone call, no apology and no reimbursement.

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