34 Donnermeyer Dr, Bellevue
(859) 581-0559

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Russell Gross Sr

The cheese steak sandwich was a disappointment, nothing like the commercial on TV. It was soggy and flat, very little meat on it. We won't be back.

Baileigh M.

Terrible managers they are very rude and unwelcoming they don't do their job and allow bullying for their employees. They sit on their phone and yell at the employees.One of the managers literally was in a mental hospital and is borderline schizophrenic definitely needs new management

Holly Shakya

If your not in a hurry the food is ok. I usually wait 10 minutes for my food once I order.

Samantha McConkey

The food is good but they're likely to shut down early if you try to eat here later in the evening.

Bill M.

They are getting worse all the time. The regular beef and cheddar barely have any meat on them yet the price keeps going up. If you want an onion bun with little meat then this is your place. If you want a real sandwich then this is not the place.

Bill Manning

Arby's, great place if you just want an onion bun. This is my 3rd attempt to get a regular beef & cheddar. The meat is very little and the cheapest part of the sandwich is lacking greatly, put some cheese sauce on it like you use to. It doesn't run down the sides like it use to, you don't even see it until you remove the bun to see this little half dollar size squirt in the middle. This doesn't happen just once in a while it's all the time now.

Joshua Crook

Food was good typical to Arby's. The service was terrible. Watched a lady talk to her friend over the counter for 8 minutes instead of her job. Then I had to stock the napkins so me and other patrons could use them. I like Arby's. But this one needs new management and a class on professionalism.

trent silvey

My absolute favorite drive thru in the NKY area. The staff are always friendly. The food is great.

Roger C. Adams

Gyros, deli sandwiches.

Nick Klein

We have never had a problem at this Arby's!! It is always younger kids working here but they are always on point and always super polite!! The manager always keeps things running pretty good down there!! If you're in the mood for Arby's then this is definitely the one to go to for sure!!

Stacie Allen

This place is phenomenal. The staff is amazing and so sweet. They are short staffed and still manage to pull through. The little blonde is just the sweetest and in my opinion, the best employee anyone could ask for ?

Bobby Lovell

Waiting for my food at the window and watching her set my food down and talk andcut up with other employees i finally got the food home and they messed it up. Tried to call and they never answered. Do not recommend them.. PS this is the 3rd time

Rodney Turner

Got my usual, the french dip. Wish they had more sides to choose from otherwise still a good place to eat, I also like their Rubin sandwich.

Tabatha Shields

Nikki makes that place she is good with customers and she always has a smile on her face...

maddi k

terrible staff rude staff always fighting ghetto kids especially the blonde girl teenager shouldn’t have a job there very violent cussing rude manager very evil cold food violation environment and health code violations

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