Domino's Pizza

2201 Stonehenge Ave A, Bowling Green
(270) 781-9494

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Jason Davis

I order from Dominoes all the time but not this location. My phone app said it was ready…. And guess what!? They gave it away and it would be 7 minutes. I hope it’s good cause that’s not good business.

Vanessa Salazar

I never had a issue with this place, until last night. I ordered two 16 piece wings. and they got my order wrong. When I brought them back in the store, the long hair cook who was singing inappropriate songs very loudly was so visibly upset. He was giving me dirty looks. The manager said it was going to be 20 minutes. I told him this is a huge inconvenience and I had a time restraint. I suggested maybe I can buy the other wings at half price. That long haired kid told me "YOU'RE NOT GETTING THOSE WINGS" I asked him for his name, and he refused to give it to me. He continued to give me such attitude, and the dirty looks continued. I left without my food, because I didn't feel safe that he wouldn't spit in my food. Manager just sat there as if he was afraid to say anything to him. I will definitely be contacting corporate about this matter.

Liz c

I mean, the pizza came eventually… about 2 hours after we ordered it. Was on the phone, on hold, for about 15 minutes. We ordered online so the tracking option was available. It was being inspected for over an hr and a half. When we finally received our order it was cold. They asked for a tip lol

Quinn Remington

I ordered pizza 3 times, the first time I ordered there were no drivers, the second time I ordered driver got into a car accident ((that happened at the one on the bypass)), this last time I ordered they got the order wrong... And they didn't even offer to compensate me!! Terrible customer service.

Darren Croft

I live within 5 miles of this store and the app says they don't deliver to my house. I know that isn't inherently this store's fault, however, when you attempt to call in it takes 10-20 minutes to get a hold of anyone (if you ever do). Can anyone at this store tell me how to actually get a hold of y'all? Or any other store in bowling green for that matter?Also, when you call in, they don't count your piece of the pie rewards towards your online account.

Stephanie Lynch

Ordered my food via online,arrived on time and they lost my order,had to wait for them to recook 4 pizzas wasn't offered a discount for the inconvenience. Then 2 of the pizzas were medium and supposed to be large

Camila Napier

We ordered a pizza today at this store for delivery, the pizza came wrong. I called and asked to fix it. I even offered to go get the pizza so they wouldn't have to deliver it again. The attendants didn't help me, they left me on the call for 15 minutes and then the person who made the pizza picked up the phone and said they didn't put bacon on the pizza. So I said, do you think I don't know what bacon is? and he started to be rude on the call. I ended up giving up on it. I didn't order bacon and it came with bacon and I ordered onion and it didn't come with onion. I missed the pizza so there's the picture of the pizza without bacon

Brody Rexing

Dedicated, hard-working staff that does what needs to be done in spite of blowback from unreasonable and unruly patrons. Every single person working here deserves a raise for what they are forced to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Most negative reviews do NOT understand the immense pressure onset from working fast food service. Negativity breeds negativity. The pizza was delicious, and the service was top notch.

Al 3dawi

Go to Donatos. The pizza here is not even near good.

Ashlee Rust

Worst domino's around. I've had more than one bad experience here. Most recently I ordered a pizza and two hours later when I called to check on it I was told it was going to be cold when I got it. They only had one driver. Which I understand happens. However they never called to let me know anything. The guy telling me also had a terrible attitude. And that's not the first time I've dealt with bad attitudes from the staff there. I will drive the few extra miles just to not have to deal with them again.

Steven Dean

Worst pizzas I have ever gotten they switched us to carryout instead of delivering got the two pizzas and a order of cheesy bread both pizzas were full of airbubles no sauce and one was missing its toppings. The cheesy bread was burnt and horrible looking. Do yourself a favor and order from anywhere else if you want to not only get what you paid good money for but something that is halfway edible.

Chrissy Cobb

I ordered a pizza/breadsticks and paid for it online. I ordered 2 extra marinara sauces and paid for them. Picked up food and went to the car to realize they didn’t put the sauce in the box. Went back in and politely asked for the sauces and was told I would have to pay for them even though I already paid? It even said so on my receipt and pizza box. Yikes. It’s sad that this came from a manager. Save yourself a trip & go somewhere else.

Eric Hodges

Had 2 orders over $30 would not let me in the store and also world not bring my food out to me had to drive 10 miles back home then 10 miles back to Finley get my food that was cold just because I for got my house shoes at home and was barefooted

trinity decker

I called in a delivery order at 10:30 and asked if it could be delivered at 11:45am. No prob. 4 pizzas and side pasta. I finally got the plant workers food at 12:18pm and pizzas wasn't the beat like usual, no sauces in any of the pizzas I ordered and the chix Alfredo was all noodle very little sauce and exactly 3 pieces of chix. Umfortuantly it seems they are on a slop because this isn't the first issue I or few of friends have incountered ordering from this Domino's location. I will Def us caution what I order and from where next time.

Fermin Amaro Garcia

The first time I went, the service was fast and the pizza was of good quality, I remember it was at night, however, I went during the day on a Saturday, and although the service was fast in approximately 10 minutes, the quality of the pizza It was not the same, its flavor was flour, you did not feel the cheese or the beef, which was the order that I liked that day

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