Ebenezer Restaurant

1901 Russellville Rd, Bowling Green
(270) 904-2748

Recent Reviews

phillip joyner

I just found this place and I love that they have really good seafood. It's not much food but what they do have is the best here in bowling GreenFood: 5/5

melanie weldon

I am giving one star because the employees were all very friendly.. We Went right when they opened, yet the food was ice cold. Pretty much tried everything there and it was all cold.Very low quality Chinese/asian food, and we will definitely not be returning.

David Webb

Got there right after they opened. Place was very clean. The food was absolutely very cold. None of the items I got were even remotely warm. May have been better if buffet got warmer than it does.

Michael Crabtree

Excellent quality as far as buffet is concerned. Everything was fresh, hot, & delicious. The staff were pleasant, welcoming, & attentive. It's nice to have a good Chinese Buffet in town again.Food: 5/5

Matt Law

Just your standard Chinese buffet. Good food but not great. Food temperature needs to be better controlled. Needs a bigger selection of food. They should do alright but could use a better location. Nice people.


It was pretty good! I can tell that it was cooked with care and intention. This place has a lot of potential, and I’d like to see it stay open for years to come. 5% of dinner, great variation in dishes to choose from. Also, probably the best egg rolls in town- big and crunchy!

Eric Keo

Honestly the food is pretty good. I’ve been here twice and each time has been about the same. The lady was so nice, and very friendly. She reminded me that it is 5% off dinner buffet. I’m all for local small business owners and I hope they strive to bring more unique dishes to their menu. If you have a mind set of a typical Chinese buffet well….you’re wrong. It’s not your typical so there are unique dishes of their own homeland. Burmese from what the lady at register has told me. There are a few dishes to stay away from and the egg drop soup was very salty. Other than that no complaints. Thank you!

Adam Mayhew

Food is is great but please understand it’s not your typical Americanized buffet. They do offer familiar foods but it has its own unique twist. Staff is extremely friendly. The buffet is small for sure but they have been growing and getting better since opening.

Brandy Pelfrey

Did not have anything good. We tried everything on the bar and nothing was good at all. So we ask for a refund and although we didn't eat really they would only give me half of the money back. That's not good business. The waitress was nice and yes I still left her a tip. So we was there for all of 5 minutes and paid $30. I don't recommend this restaurant.

Timothy Alexander

VERY pleasant staff. Crab Rangoons are delicious and very reasonably priced. Only improvement I could suggest would be a much larger variety on the buffet.

Isaiah Tabor

Arrived 15 minutes after they opened somehow the dumplings, sweet and sour chicken, chicken on a stick and crab rangoon were all cold. I don't mean cooling down I mean cold. There is a sign that says don't waste food, probably wouldn't happen if the food wasn't cold.


The good, their beef curry and rice was delicious, and the restaurant was clean.The bad, a small selection for a buffet with the full price tag.Verdict: not the best buffet but not the worst. Mediocre.

Pete Livingston

I didn't want to like this place, but here we are. They aren't the biggest buffet in town, but you have to start somewhere. The restaurant is very clean, the tile is new enough you need to watch your step. The food is tasty and I enjoyed everything I chose. #357

Bonnie Poole

Very hot in the restaurant. The food was wonderful. Could have enjoyed more if it was cooler . Will come back if they cool the place down.

Casey Uhles

This has to be the worst Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to. The food was cold and the fruit was hot. The ice cream was melting. Literally nothing we ate tasted good. 100% a waist of $60

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