1355 Veterans Memorial Ln Suite 110, Bowling Green
(270) 846-1045

Recent Reviews

Mike Lowery

They are always friendly and helpfulFood: 5/5

Jesus Paul

The employees were extremely rude and did not want to accept valid coupons. The worst Subway ever! Do not give this place your business

Katherin Clayton

Good service friendly staff.

j the cat lover

they updated the place ! looks 10x better more modernized

edward ertle

I still like subway but it's not the subway we started with the bread is gone,that soft and chewable cold cut combo is not the same.Food: 3/5


Assuming it is not American owned and operated because they DO NOT ACCEPT SUBWAY COUPONS

Natalie Wiesemann

Best subway in town. Always friendly and respectful and give plenty of veggies. This is my new stop for subway in bowling green.

Jigar Patel

Good service in bowling greenGood people in subway

Anthony T.

Stopped in due to my wife hankering some SubWay. Was a great experience, was mostly satisfied was with the taste!! Highly recommend!


Get the foot long SUB and eat 6 inch SUB and share 6 inch SUB with HOMELESS! Love my SUBS toasted! Reasonably priced and always FRESH Bread.

James Ragsdale

Best ham egg and cheese chop salad that I’ve had at any subway

Lauren Payne

In person this place isn't so bad but ordering through door dash is where things go south. Ordered my usual turkey sandwich and they had swapped turkey for tuna. Also ordered a turkey wrap and got everything but the meat.

Heather B

Great food!!!

Mary Zeigler

This is the best subway in town

JW Hack

My sandwich and cookies were tasty, however the service was mediocre. Didn’t give me the bread I asked for. Acted as if he was inconvenienced when I asked what cheeses were available. At the end, he asked if there would be anything else. In the middle of my sentence requesting two cookies, he walked off and said something to his coworker and she finished my order. Masks were below chin from all employees the entire time. I don’t frequent Subway, but I believe when the craving hits again, I’ll try to go to another location.

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