Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

101 Finley Dr, Georgetown
(502) 868-9444

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Dan B

If I could give zero stars I would. Just ordered 2 milkshakes thin 30 minutes ago and it looks like they poured ice cream in a cup , and of course no spoon because I ordered a milkshake not a large cup of ice creamFood: 1/5

Hollerchild Offroad

Wish I could've gave negative stars. If your not going to honor your posted hours take down your signs and change it online also but don't close your door right in my face! Absolutely pathetic!!!Service: 1/5

Elisha witt

place has gotten so expensive it’s outrageous i got just a sandwich and a medium blizzard and payed almost 17$. Food is mediocre at best definitely not worth it anymore

Olyvia Pursifull

We love the chicken and gravy boxes. Staff is friendly..but 3rd time in a row they have parked me. I wouldn't mind so much IF they would stop making our ice creams first then parking me for 20+ mins letting them melt.

Eizabeth Hedstrom

If I could give 0 stars I would. I debated on posting a review and chose to do it. I got a blizzard with no whipped topping as I was sitting at the window I just happened to look inside at the right time. They put the whipped topping on it and realized the mistake, scooped it off over the trash (so now my blizzard was held over the trash) and when they didn't get all the topping off they remixed what was left on top. They had NO idea if I was allergic to anything ij the Topping or what and it was very nasty seeing my blizzard held over the trash. Wasted money.

Emily C.

I would give a zero if I could. Lobby closed with no indication of why, placed a mobile order for curbside pickup- app says call on arrival- they don't answer. Now have to sit in the long line when I placed the online order so I wouldn't have to.

Mauricio Patino

Service was decent, the floors and tables were sticky, but the food was alright.

Courtney Davis

At 9:40am on a Saturday morning I pull up to the speaker to be told they are now serving lunch! No breakfast available. This is not the first time it has happened. The three cars in front of me were apparently told the same thing as we all bypassed the window and pulled around. I’ve never seen a dairy queen stop serving breakfast so early especially on a weekend.

Chanda Colwell

Went for a banana split, was told they could only do dilly bars and shakes. I saw people leaving with ice cream cones, and do you not need ice cream to make a shake? Not sure why they didn't want to serve me but won't be returning.

Rich Sauter

Great to be able to dine in at DQ, the ice cream was perfect and it hit the spot after a nice dinner out.

Robinson Express

Not bad for a last minute dessert stop. Prices aren’t awful for fast food. People working here are fairly nice. Tables weren’t kept clean. Our order was missing a few things but they fixed it as soon as we brought it to their attention. Napkin dispensers were all empty and trash can were all over filled.

Kaitlyn Baker

I feel like the main issue with this specific place is the management. It's overrun by teenagers, and the store manager does nothing to keep order in the store. The employees act like children, the icecream is always made in bad quality anymore, and no matter how many times my family goes back to give it another shot, DQ fails again. This may be biased but I used to work there, and to me it is very obvious that since I have left employment there, the store has fallen more and more. I'm not attacking anyone specifically but if DQ company actually reads these reviews I'd strongly suggest looking into the management of this store. I believe it could be doing such better! **On the other side, if the right people are operating, DQ is very good and definitely a try if you've never had it!**

DONNA Haynes

Rude employee at the window. Stuck his hand out for money, didn't say a word. Give us the wrong order. Finally give us 4 melted blizzards & 1 napkin. No apology just closed the window

Audrey Gange

Speed and service was good, I just didn't like the taste of the burgers. Something about the meat I just didn't like. Won't go to DQ again...

Helen Cardosi

There were framed memories throughout the restaurant. The staff was friendly and hardworking! The food was hot. The place and restrooms were clean. And, of course, the ice cream is yummy! I'm so glad we stopped to eat here. We'll be back!

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