1138 Goss Ave #1257, Louisville
(502) 785-4079

Recent Reviews

Kelsy M.

Had a fantastic coffee and lunch date at Bean on a recent trip to Louisville, highly recommend!

Taylor G.

My boyfriend and I visited just before leaving a vacation in the city, his coffee was fabulous but my chai latte was less than ideal. It definitely smelt more like a chai than it tasted. But the employees were wonderful, very sweet, although the service was a little slow for them not seeming to be too busy at the time. I will give them props for being open on a Sunday morning, though! I might give them another go if I'm ever in the area again!

Lana Helm

Such a cute place with amazing drinks, food, people, and kitch!

Tee M.

After a day of walking/hiking, The Mister and I were chilly and craving a caffeine fix! Yelp told me that Bean was only a mile away and off we went! The shop is definitely hipster and the atmosphere (and service) were very laid back. I was disappointed to learn that there was not a single sugar-free option for a latte or cappuccino. I went with a medium roast plain coffee. I was pleased to see that since we were going to have our coffee in-house that a non-disposable, real coffee mug was used (the mugs were an eclectic mix of mugs from many other venues and places!). The venue has two rooms. The front room has the counter where orders are placed, one table and approximately bar stools and a counter that looks out a large window onto the street. The back room is more homey with a couch and more tables. In the connecting hallway is the gender-neutral restroom. The restroom was very clean and on a table were Vagasil Emergency Contraceptive packages and condoms provided by the Louisville Doula Project!! What a wonderful offering! Both The Mister and I ordered a slice of quiche and both types were delicious! I suppose if I am in the area and desperate for coffee, I will return, but knowing that there are no sugar-free options, I would not go out of my way to return. Parking is street side and limited.

Ms D.

Cute coffee shop with good coffee. I ordered a cappuccino--beautifully made design, good flavor, could have used a touch more vanilla bean syrup. Bagel came from Nancy's Bagel Shop, but the cream cheese was just a hunk someone cut off a cream cheese loaf. Not the most appetizing presentation. Music was great, and the atmosphere has a cool vibe. I'd go back.

Gabe Gibitz

Love this eclectic, Germantown original coffee shop. Some of the best coffee in the city, in my opinion.

Brianna B.

I love this coffee shop. Great place to study or get a cup of coffee with a friend! They have a lot of space throughout the shop and comfy places to sit and sip! Their coffee beans are all handled in house, making their coffee super fresh and delicious.

Laci R.

First review of 2020! Woop Woop SO - a coworker told me about Bean and I am extremely glad that she did. They have multiple different styles, brews and strengths of coffee. This is my first visit but they seem to have a lot of regulars. The baristas seemed to have known a lot of peoples orders. Coming from a barista background from a shop similar to this, that little fact makes me really happy. A lady with blue hair and a super edgy cut took my order and she was really nice and was patient with it took what seemed like 32049 minutes to decide on what I wanted lol. I ended up with a TRADITIONAL macchiato, a Vietnamese coffee, and a Veggie Bagel Deluxe - coming to a total of $12.99. Not too shabby in my opinion. They also have new VEGAN SAMOSAS that I was extremely attempted to purchase as well lol next time. The macchiato was hot, and strong. Just the way I like it. I would have loved to add some sugar to it, but I was honestly just too lazy to get up. The Vietnamese coffee was a new one for me, and honestly it was a bit strange in flavor. It is a chilled beverage, brewed hot to order, mixed with some sweetened condensed milk (and other spices I think), then poured over ice. Like I said its pretty unique for me, but I enjoyed it very much. They have something called a "Sparkling Shelley" that I am just going to have to try next time. The bagel was delicious. Tomato and herb bagel with cream cheese, red onion, tomato, and sprouts. They use Nancy's Bagels, which I personally have never had before today...but I know a lot of Louisvillians love them, and they did not disappoint for me. The Veggie Bagel Deluxe was simply but tasty and fairly filling. They also have a variety of scones, croissants, muffins, etc. The music is more instrumental (today) and not too loud, nice for a working environment. They mostly bring your food/beverages out to you. Biodegradable straws made of corn! Lots of greenery, and seating. V nice, I am a V happy customer. Also, side note...Forge is right across the street and I definitely will be hitting them up whenever I am leaving here!

Natalie B.

I've heard many good things about this coffee shop from friends and finally decided to check it out. It is by far one of the best coffee shops i've been to in a while. The coffee is cheaper and honestly tastes better than other coffee shops. The aesthetic of bean was also gorgeous. To top it all off, this coffee shop gives out free contraceptives to both teens and adults that need them. I will definitely be visiting again.

Matt W.

I am sure this place has great coffee but unfortunately I didn't have a chance to order any. My wife and I traveled to Louisville for a weekend getaway and decided we wanted to sit in a coffee shop. As we were walking up the sidewalk from where we parked there was a dog loosely tied to a pole outside the front window of the shop. There was no owner in sight and no way to get inside without passing the dog. I went first as my wife is pregnant and I didn't want her to have to navigate a strange dog and I'm sure glad I did. As we were passing I walked as far away from the dog as possible and made no attempt to pet it or engage with it in any way. The dog viciously jumped on me and then bit me in the back of my thigh. As I retreated into the street to get away from the dog the owner of the dog comes out of the coffee shop to see what is happening. I informed her that her dog had just bit me. She was apologetic and sincerely remorseful which I appreciated. However, I went inside to check the bite and sure enough I was bleeding and needed to leave the Bean to get some first aid materials. I'm not trying to be unfair about this review - I'm sure it has wonderful coffee. But please know that if you're not an avid animal lover the culture of Bean has dogs everywhere. Immediately after being bit my wife and I were approached by two more dogs off their leash inside.

James Thomson

We stayed in an Airbnb near Bean. I love it. Great neighborhood coffee shop full of art and styled with old found items. They have great baked goods, too. It's also very bright. When you go in, it seems smallish, but there's a large backroom to drink your coffee in, too. My wife and I went there twice. A delight.

Dalton Lynch

Terrific atmosphere and a simple, well done coffee menu. The Vietnamese coffee was amazing and the cold-brew is outstanding. One of the best in the city.

Olivia M.

I went here on a weekend afternoon for a study session. They sell Elixir Kombucha which I was excited to see. I'm not a big coffee drinker and the other drinks offered didn't sound appealing. I did see some of their food which looked tasty. They had a lot more inside seating than I expected. I sat in the first room and wasn't impressed with the overall atmosphere. I would return to grab a kombucha and try the back room seating.

Gabriel Vela

Great coffee people, there are really nice!

Dr. Roth

Great coffee; and what a pleasure to find a person roasting beans in the back room. Unfortunately, service was unresponsive to my questions. My recently toasted croissant sat by the counter until it cool down. I wished someone had called my attention. I’ll miss the coffee, not the place.

Andre P.

Amazing staff, very friendly. Cute decor. Came here as drop 3 on our caffeine crawl across Louisville and so far best stop!!! I ordered the everything bagel with Brie, served with alfalfa spouts, red onion, and tomato. Watching them make everything fresh was a treat. Wife had the everything bagel with cream cheese and salami with sprouts, onion, and tomato. We both thought about ordering a second. I haven't even tried my Cortado yet and already gave them 5 stars

Rick S.

This is now turning into my favorite go-2 for coffee and a snack. I mostly get a macchiato - and they make it correctly, not the way Starbucks has ruined the word by their version) - double shot of espresso and a bit of foam. A couple of times I have asked for a dark roast coffee, and when they are out, they will gladly brew a pot. The snacks are great and fresh, and they will warm them up in a real oven, not nuked. I have had the curried tuna sandwich a few times now, love the mix of curry, apples (i think) and raisins. I do feel a bit old there, (i'm 63) but staff is super friendly and easy to chat with.

Ruth Goodhart

Love the bean. Coffee and bagels are always awesome and the mini shopping layout is full of treasures you can't resist.

Sandy Wharton

Bean has a great atmosphere and the barista was super friendly. We didn't make it back for lunch but we'll certainly stop in on our next trip into town.

Sarah Huckaby

Cute place, yummy coffee. Maybe I'm just cheaper than most but it was pretty expensive though.. I didn't order the cheapest things on the menu but still.. $13 for a slice of quiche and coconut latte is pretty hefty for a poor grad student. I guess I'll come back when I have a real job.

Taylor Young

Fun atmosphere and good service. Their sandwiches are also a tasty treat to enjoy while enjoying one of their coffees. The iced coconut latte is my favorite!

Michael Tang

They know coffee. Great place to chill.

Matt Palomaki

Solid neighborhood coffee shop. All the basics and excellent customer service.

Leiding T.

Such a solid place to pass the time. Unfussy, trendy coffee shop in the middle of a food and drink desert. Loved the healthy options and their clever twist on the cold brew. Great service and thrift shopping to boot.

Elizabeth R.

I've been here a handful of times now and have enjoyed each drink I've had. Most recently, I had a coconut milk latte with honey added. YUM. Each time I've gotten the drink "for here" and sat with a book or just to simply sit and enjoy watching outside through the window. The lighting in the front room of the space is wonderful in the early to mid morning hours. You can tell a good neighborhood business by the interactions with regulars. It was fun to see people coming in and being greeted by name, orders being known when they walk in, etc. This is the staple interaction I look for in places I frequent. The reason I'm knocking a star off is due to the condescending attitude we received when ordering during our latest visit. The person I was with ordered a cappuccino on ice and the person taking our order laughed, gave a funny look, and said "Do you KNOW what a cappuccino is?" Unconventional order or not, it's the type of unfortunate interaction that would keep me from coming back if this had been my first visit.

Ali C.

This is a place we walk to often. Friendly staff, fresh baked goods, unique breakfast items and lovely atmosphere. I always have an iced coconut latte and am making my way down the food menu. Today I ordered the curried tuna salad sandwich and it made me realize how overdue this 5 star review really is. It's so good, everything here really is. It's a Germantown gem, if you're in this area make Bean a stop in your busy day, you won't regret it!

lisa tegethoff

The coffee was wonderful. I loved the relaxed atmosphere. What a wonderful neighborhood coffee spot.

Shanequa Renee Singletary

Cute little neighborhood cafe! The food was ok, had to jazz up my sandwich with some salad dressing. We sat in their for hours working on our computers and you could tell it was a local favorite. Located in the heart of #Schnitzelburg

Kenneth Jeckell

Cute local coffee shop with great coffee and breakfast treats

C D.

Meh. They would probably do better charging people to use their shop for Pinterest backdrops than selling tea and coffee. the hot chai latte I got was super watered down. The people in the shop were much more interested in talking to themselves than to me. The bran blueberry muffin was good, but not worth a special trip

William S.

Besides having good coffee as my wife can attest, they have excellent tees and some tasty pastries. Nice little hole in the wall with really friendly staff and a nice atmosphere.

S. R. Singletary

Cute little neighborhood cafe! The food was ok, had to jazz up my sandwich with some salad dressing. We sat in their for hours working on our computers and you could tell it was a local favorite. Located in the heart of #Schnitzelburg

Michael M.

I work from home a lot - so what I really mean to say is that I work from Bean a lot. The atmosphere is good and the staff is comprised of some of the nicest people in Louisville. The owner spent years roasting for Mike Safai so he obviously knows what he's doing - the coffee is great.

Pam Goodwin

Great neighborhood coffee shop. Comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Lauren Johnson

Nice local spot with friendly staff and a yummy selection of food and beverages. Low key vibe is pleasant.

Jondrea Wright

Absolutely love Bean!! The coffee is excellent!! My family and I go in there and dit for hours working on different little projects. The ladies that work there are really chill and laid back, they'll give you some recommendations if you're looking to try something new! We always get a couple of their Brie bagels, a banana berry smoothie, a mocha and lots and lots of coffee ♥️ The baked goods are also excellent quality. It's the perfect local coffee shop♥️

Pamela D Sweeney

Awesome vibe, friendly staff. Food is wonderful, coffee is perfect. Highly recommend!

Elise Dixie Jane McCulloch Kent

I am grateful for a cozy space such as Bean. Staff is always friendly and the tea is swell. Coffee, too. I just do not drink joe. Bean offers delicious treats and food. You can even grab vintage clothing off a rack from employees! The space has plenty of natural lighting and tall ceilings for breath. You will sell local artist and occasional galleries, too!

Dillon Head

An interesting little coffee shop. They have a variety of drinks available, and they sell coffee beans that they roasted themselves. The baristas are considerate and knowledgeable and are willing to answer questions you may have about their products. This shop is one of my favorites to go to, since they're open every day until 7 p.m.

Remington Crawford

Decent. This is my first time being here. The staff is somewhere friendly. My miel is mediocre. The "tall" drinks are the size of mediums at most shops (for $5.50 + tip I want a large drink). The seating is... interesting. The atmosphere is busy to the point where it's distracting.