Hibachi Sushi Buffet

5316 Bardstown Rd, Louisville
(502) 491-8228

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Trisha L.

Nope. Well this was a disappointment and potentially a place that my son got food poisoning from. We ate here Saturday night and all day Sunday my son was vomiting. So that was fun. I am not a fan of buffets but we were on a pick of my kid's choice after a soccer game. I was hesitant about this place because I usually get sick at buffets. I played it safe and barely ate anything, only fried foods because I knew they had to be cooked. He went all in and got sushi and a whole bunch of other things. I tried some of the sushi and thought it was gross and warm and too tough to bite through.

Same Old Me

The food was good and the staff was very friendly. There were some items that didn't taste as fresh, but it was a Tuesday evening, so I will just go with that. I was a little uncomfortable in the bathroom unfortunately when I went in there to wash my hands. As I was getting food at the buffet I witnessed a boy serving himself and dropping a jello square on the floor. He blew it off and put it back in the pan, and when he dropped one gain I stopped him from putting the 2nd dropped jello in the other pan and I just asked him to put it off to the side. We attempted to tell a cook about it so they could remove that jello pan, but they did not speak english. We told our server in hopes of it getting taken off the buffet and she told us they would take care of it, but they never removed the pan while we were there.

Greg Flaherty

My all time favorite place to go eat. Been going here with my friends and family for years. Its always a great experience! Food is great and the people are even better.

Codee Frakes

Huge selection, fair price for a buffet with so many options. I had a little of as much as I could stand and it was all great! Definitely recommend.

Janet Kaplan

The quality of the food is not as good as years past....less Asian choices on buffet and what is there all tasted the same.. sushi is better choice than the buffet.. place is clean enough and prices are competitive with other places.

Perry Santiago

Not as good as the other locations especially the Indian Trail location. Some of the selections are often cold and sometimes there's a long wait for certain food trays to be refilled. Service is usually good.

Dakota Bragdon

Food was excellent, though they charged for the dinner price, it was still very good food and the service was great. One of those places I will go to again. Shame it doesn't get more business.


Went on a busy night so didnt get to enjoy my full experience but overall it was really good and the workers where really nice one lady talked to my nephews for a few telling them hello, it was so cute! And the fish are pretty cool you can feed them! Really nice place as far as I can see ?

Raven Alford

My husband and I are new to the area and have been looking for a good buffet with sushi. We have seen this restaurant has two different addresses, so I am quite frankly unsure if I am reviewing the correct one or not. We went to the one on Preston Hwy today and were pretty disappointed. I will start by saying the decor and atmosphere are great and the staff are extremely attentive to clean and clear the tables and area when a table leaves.

Joe Maula Merced

good bargin. great food.nice people

Cory Colson

Great selection and variety of food, decent sushi and hibachi. Great service. Recommended and have been (and will be) back.

Eric Lawrence

The food was not the best especially the sushi. There are better Chinese buffets in the area. The place was clean and the staff was friendly but the food was not good.

Jason Witt

The food is great and the service is extremely friendly. One of my favorite places to eat.

B Fish

Great Chinese buffet. Great selection, sushi was good and there was a variety. A little on the pricey side for Chinese buffet but worth it.

Juan Mora

Love this place. Only problem I've ever had was while sitting down with some friends all i got was water and they wanted me to pay $12 for meal.

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