J. Gumbo's

8603 Citadel Way # 101, Louisville
(502) 493-4720

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Michael Coomer

Found by accident, glad I did. Got voodoo chicken, loved it. Am definitely going back!

Michael D.

Food was good and single employee was kind and accommodating. Customer area was trashed and supplies such as napkins were out of stock. We were 1 of only 2 customers there during dinner. Heard a lot of microwave beeping coming from the kitchen before foot instantly arrived.

Molly H.

We planned on dinner here but once we were in the parking lot, and drove by, we could see chairs on all of the tables. Maybe they are doing takeout only but we were looking to dine in. Maybe there was more info posted on the door but since it looked like it would not be a dine in opportunity, we decided to eat elsewhere. Wish they would post their current status on the corporate page or Facebook page to avoid getting our hopes up and then be disappointed.

jon meinze

The portion of my Drunken Chicken was almost half the size of previous servings. There was little creamy sauce only clumps of chicken. It should be noted that there is no reason to have less rice due to its cost.

Dr A.

Pulled up at 7:30 pm, 30 minutes prior to closing. All the chairs were stacked on the tables but the door was unlocked and the sign said OPEN. We went in and the employee was incredibly rude. We asked him questions and he could barely bring himself to grunt answers and ignored us at one point. We asked for a certain dish and he kept saying "we are out of raw chicken." I think he meant to say plain or unseasoned chicken, but it was weird. They were out of green onions for another dish. We felt rushed and completely unwelcome while trying to support a local restaurant. We had hoped to sit and enjoy our meal, get a drink, and leave before closing, but we asked for carryout instead bc of the rudeness. The entrees didn't taste fresh either. I'm guessing they had been sitting all day.


This place is never open!!! There is a note next to the door that says new hours are Monday-Friday 11-8pm closed Sat. & Sun. But it is Thursday at 6:50pm and they aren't open!!! 3 cars have pulled up since I've been here leaving this review!!! Super upset! This place always had good food.??

Kathryn C.

I will have to try again. The location is good Near other shops and restaurants in walking distance Good prices and menu choices. There was a daily special, the dining area is closed. I ordered crawfish étouffée, the taste was there the rice undercooked. Parking in rear and limited. I like the decor.

Mary Alice Purple

I love their black and blue, my husband the crayfish Etouffee, and my son the drunken chicken. Also like their beans and rice.

Wolfy H.

I stopped here for a late lunch the other day and it was my first time here in years - I had been to one that is no longer open, not this particular location. When I walked in there was nobody eating inside and nobody was ordering so it was beyond slow - I note this because although there was only one guy working there was absolutely nobody eating there. I would venture to guess 1/3 to 1/2 of the available tables were full of dirty dishes and trash. I understand it's probably understaffed but it literally takes 2 minutes to clear a table. It was borderline disgusting. On to the "food". I ordered a Drunken Chicken Po Boy to go. I grew up in New Orleans and I 100% know what a Po Boy is. What I got was a mushy (overcooked) mush of chicken and rice in a sauce pored into a container with two pieces of burnt toast to make my own sandwich when I got home. PO Boys are on French Bread ALWAYS, not burnt Wonderbread... This was my last trip to J Gumbo's and hopefully I saved you from making a trip too!

Joe A.

This is one of the most delicious places to get lunch. I wish they were open on the weekends. Sometimes I walk here because it's very close to my work. It is very reasonable; an entree bowl with rice is only about $8-9. They are delicious entrees such as gumbo jambalaya or chicken dishes with stewed garlic tomatoes and other ingredients served over rice in a bowl with nice thick Texas toast. I eat here for lunch about three times a day. The same person serves me everyday and I assume he is the owner. He is a very nice man and they serve the food literally within one minute. I need is so tender it must be slow cooked and stewed.

Matthew Holcomb

No spice or chicken in the jean Lafitte burrito bowl. My po boy was two peices of burnt texas toast. And not enough chicken to cover both peices that I had to put together my self.

Drew Ward

Excellent food but I stopped in for lunch today and was told they were closed even though there were 3 people standing at the front door with it open. Hard to justify coming here again when they can randomly decide to be closed


Definitely not authentic Cajun or Creole, but still very good. I can't rate it any higher because of a few things: (1) Their hours used to not be all thay good on the weekends, (2) Since the Covid virus their hours are awful (currently closed at 8:25), and (3) They quit selling any deserts. While the deserts weren't the best, they at least provided something.

Heidi C.

Always excellent food at a great price. Such unique flavors.

Matthew G.

They are criminally understaffed and for some reason there was only one guy who was trying to close up the shop. It was an awful experience and I left with no food

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