Sake Blue

9326 Cedar Center Way, Louisville
(502) 708-1500

Recent Reviews

Shannon Richey

Would give negative stars if allowed! We have been eating at this restaurant for years, and have always enjoyed it, until today. We placed our usual order, as they told us that they now had the “steak” available again after not having it the last few times. Received our to go order, and upon returning home we found the “steak” in our steak and chicken meal had an odor to it and it tasted horrible. We immediately contacted the business and asked for a manager who said he didn’t believe there was anything wrong with the steak. Manager became irate when I asked for a refund of the steak portion of our meal and he demanded that I bring the steak back to the store so he could inspect it. When I explained that we lived 25 min away and would not be making another trip out today, the manager cursed at us and hung up the phone. It’s a shame since we’ve enjoyed eating here for so long, but this will be our last time at Sake Blue.

Jacob W.

Stay away until after the pandemic. Service and quality have tanked. Prices are the same. Normally they are only a little over priced with great quality. They are understaffed and disorganized. Expect long wait times. Expect something to wrong with the order. They forgot a roll and I mentioned it. They got me the roll quickly and charged me for it. The price was correct for a crunch munch roll, but they gave me a cheaper roll. I may try again when they are fully open, but there are better option right now.

Taylor H.

i used to love this place now i'm having second guesses. our wait was 20 late. they got our order wrong.

Jesie W.

The food is always great and so is the service. I went for takeout during Covid and they had a great system in place for pick up orders!

Phuong N.

My first time here was about 2 years ago and I'm not exaggerating when I say I had been thinking about it ever since. I was always just a bit lazy to make the drive so finally we went again a few months ago and it didn't disappoint. It does feel a little more upscale than your average sushi restaurant but in a non-pretentious way. Our friends recommended the sweet potato fries, which we also got this time and while it wasn't extraordinary, it was still amazing because when are sweet potato fries ever a bad decision? I couldn't remember the first roll I got here 2 years ago but I don't mind going back many more times to figure it out.

Young K.

Great food! Make sure you have a reservation as this place gets packed around dinner time.

Darius Walker

Great sushi date spot. We even took our 6 month old and were well accommodated. Only downside was the tiny waiting room

wayne young

This was our first visit. Date night on Valentine's Day and it did not disappoint at all. I had steak and scallops and my wife had scallops and shrimp. All of the food was good but the scallops were cooked to perfection. The fried rice was very good. Service was good and at a pleasant pace. The only down side we ordered two red sangria's and they were marginal at best. Will definitely return. Their sushi looks amazing.

James Music

The atmosphere was fun, the food was superb. Just get there early because it gets crowded fast.

Ederick R.

I love this restaurant I have one of the Best experience that I ever encounter chef Was great and professional

Audrey Scott

Amazing!!! The place was packed as usual so we had a little bit if a wait. But we had a great entertaining chef who served up nice portions at the hibachi grill. Highly recommend!!!

Tamara C.

Always a go to for happy tastebuds and full belly. Every single sushi roll I've tried is fantastic. Hibachi is yummy and cooked perfectly. Drinks are on point. Service is always great. You'll never go wrong coming here.

Edward Kiefer

Truly awesome. Great service, cozy atmosphere, kind waiters and waitresses. Amazing food, even better cooks. There sushi is incredible. Would definitely recommend to anyone

Morgan Smith

Aside from the wait time, granted it was a Saturday night so can't fault them there. The wait time given to us was 45 minutes, we waited about 30-35? The food was awesome! Loved the sake blue edamame, the sushi rolls I got were excellent, the mussels were great. Loved the atmosphere, about 40 minutes from Fort Knox, worth the drive! Will be going again! Wedding anniversary coming up!!

Evan M.

Great food and great service! My personal recommendation is the Diablo roll and shrimp fried rice as an appetizer. They were both fantastic!

Jennifer Nance

This is our favorite place to grab sushi for girls night out. They have great cocktails and better sushi. Our servers have always been very attentive and given the volume of orders, our food always comes out in a decent amount of time. Their happy birthday song is one of the best!

Myika Miller

The waiting area is small with limited space. It always takes 30 to 45 mins to be seated, but other then that our waitress was great and the food was good as usual. It was a little loud. I would come back!

derio little

The place has a small entrance but the restaurant is larger than expected. It looks nice in there and the quality of the seats, tables, booths, hibachi grill areas are nice. There is a fun atmosphere in there along with a more settled side as well. The sushi is very good and pleasing to the eye. I did not like that there was a 40 min wait in order to be seated. ? I will definitely return there.

Skylar Gill

Food was good but it was incredibly loud. My husband and I were sitting across from one another in the regular seating area and we still felt like we were having to shout at one another to be heard. There were other items on the menu we were curious to try on another visit but the atmosphere was so off-putting I'm not sure we will be back.

Peter H.

Never disappoint! Super pumped I live five minutes from here. Definitely get the spicy crab crackers for appetizer. You won't be disappointed. Sake blue is usually super busy on weekend and depending on your party, you could be waiting 30-40min around dinner time. The staff, food and atmosphere here is fantastic. I don't have much recommendation for you here so ball out and enjoy your food.

Pink Flamingo

Clean and service was pretty good. I got the Crab lovers sushi $15 which it was delicious. I also got the teriyaki chicken 18$. It was just barely ok. Very dry and our chef did not divide the portions evenly.. Not even close, my family got the least amount and far from our moneys worth. I might go back but if I do it’s only for the sushi.

Patrick Mcconnell

The atmosphere, service, presentation, and flavor is worth the wait for a table...and the bill. Don't be fooled; this little place delivers an experience!

Tom G.

Came here as an adults only dinner with our relatives. We were gonna do the hibachi table but the wait was way too long. 1 hour to 1.5 hours, the table wait was 10-15 mins. One good thing is because this is my first time here I was able to look at the menu while we waited. The seating area for waiting is terrible lol Took a shot of saki while we waited. After being seated, the waitress took our drink order while we looked over the menu again and decided to get the cha-cha sushi and the combination rice. Our food came out hot and ready! The saki came out hot and ready! The food was delicious. I loved the sushi. My wife ordered the 502 Special is what I believe it is called. We like to order different things so we can try the different sushi's out. The flavors were great and I'm hooked on the cha-cha with a side of Yum sauce for dipping! Try it and you'll thank me later Overall it was a great dinner date with loved ones. I look forward to many more great outings and we will definitely be back!

Michael McDowell

Quite busy,crowded and loud, but after you eat there you'll find out why! Huge menu and lots of options. Food here is some of the best I've ever eaten in my life! Can't wait to go back! Phenomenal!!!

Jennie Kaelin

We have been to Sake Blue numerous times. We enjoy the food and most of the chefs are very entertaining. However I want everyone to be aware of using a gift card at this location. My husband received a $120 gift card for Sake Blue. On November 30th, our anniversary, we went there to celebrate. Our check was a little over $60. We used the gift card to pay. When the waitress returned she handed the gift card back to my husband and said “here’s your gift card back I don’t know what’s left on it.” Then she hurried away. Unfortunately we did not request the balance left on the card. Yesterday I went in and requested the balance and sure enough it was ZERO! She apparently decided to tip herself $50 plus. For the record she was not the best waitress nor the worst but we’ve had better. The manager said there was nothing he could do. We learned a very valuable lesson. If using a gift card, ALWAYS get a copy of the balance before using the card and after using the card.


Took my husband for his first hibachi experience. As always the food was fabulous and the chef was entertaining. Hubby was very impressed and is excited to go again.

Amber France

Amazing sushi! We had the supreme sampler sushi boat and still took some home between the three of us.

Jennifer F.

Always satisfies! Sake Blue is by far the BEST sushi in town! Worth the drive across town! California rolls on point, Philadelphia rolls cool and delicious, DO so panseared dumplings melt in your mouth and great service. Thankfully we got there early and we're leaving as the lobby was full of people waiting for tables. You just can't beat this place for fresh seafood.

Tony Bell

This is easily one of, if not the best Hibachi restaurant in Louisville. I love the sushi and saki selection. I think the fried rice even tastes better than other locations.

A L.

Will not be returning here ,EVER. I had ordered take out for out of town friends and I. We had added things to out sushi rolls, and were not informed on the phone, each vegetable we wanted to add, was a charge. WHICH IS FINE, but a heads up would have been nice. We get to sake blue to pick up the order and we're questioning the take out girl and questioning why no one had told us on the phone. The take out girl proceeds to yell "WELL TO DO WANT THE ORDER OR NOT" with a grudging attitude and then proceeds to run away to the back and not come back out. (not being dramatic she was REALLY RUDE!) It was awful no one said anything -bartender-hostess-anyone-, so WE had to get the manager, he barely apologized. We're so done here, like I said I'll never be returning here, so embarrassed my friend went thru this(who's not even from here). I'm not just writing this to write a bad review, my Pervious one was a glowing one.


I was here on Sunday for my cousin's birthday, we ordered our usual dinner plates, chicken and shrimp with the rice and veggies, The food was very good, but I felt we were short changed on the veggies and rice, I hope that they aren't changing the portion sizes, and not reducing the price. The bill was $98.59 ‍♂️ without the tip and 3 sodas for 3 people. I hope we have a better experience next time.

Tamika M.

The food and service is always good here! I have never had an issue here and I've always been treated the same, no matter how big or small my order is. This visit, I ordered the Miso soup. Definitely a good choice when dealing with a cold!

Christian Thompson

Local reputation is meritorious. The "big mouth" roll was my favorite. Partner is a fan of salmon so she got the mania and was similarly very pleased. 2 rolls are plenty for an American appetite, as they're all approximately the specialty roll size.

Bryan Wills

Best sushi place in Louisville! Hibachi chefs are great and put on a show! Great date night or family night out spot.

Tesha C

Perfect lunch for $10. Taste just as good as if I was eating it there. The lunch price is great and comes with either soup or salad. Can’t beat it.

Lisa Johnson


Meettheparkers 9.

I've always loved Sake Blue, however recently I had to make some changes on my diet and I thought Sake Blue was a distant memory. I love being with my family so when my brother said let's go to Sale Blue, I was like, okay, I'll make it work. I instantly thought about the rice and white sauce, that I knew I couldn't have because it would throw me right out of Ketosis and I didn't want that. When I got to the restaurant I told the manager that I was doing Keto for health and he said "don't worry, you can have double veggies and no rice. The chef will go light on the teriyaki sauce and you will be just fine." He was right, I didn't even miss the rice, I enjoyed my food with double veggies and had a laughing good time with my family!

Gina S.

Ear weekly here..sometimes 2x a week. My rolls changed. .now it has veggies in it and meat is merely a speck.

Susan Botros

We normally get Sushi..tonight we went for hibachi. Our Hibachi chef was so funny. He was also fast and knew exactly what he was doing. He bounced eggs on his spatula and caught in his hat..WOW. The food was excellent and the shrimp was perfectly cooked..If I could give 6 stars..i would.

Susie S.

Absolutely fabulous restaurant. We eat there every holiday. It's great! Great service. Great food and great entertainment. The staff is very friendly and they always keep drinks full and sauces filled!