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6840 Bardstown Rd, Louisville
(502) 239-7188

Recent Reviews

Emily B.

This is the worst subway i have ever been to. The first problem I had was when I was the only one in the store and it took 45 minute to get a sandwich because the girls didn't want to stop their conversation to actually make my food. They would start and stop. I decided to give it another chance today and got home yo realize my sandwich was missing half the meat it should have gotten. When I called to inform them, I was hung up on. Never again will I step foot in this subway!

Galen Lowrey

Quick service decent food and selection, reasonable price

Adam Estabrook

Nice employees, fresh food.

Jennifer Couture

Quick, efficient, clean restroom

J. Dennis

Disgusting. Just went in to get a sandwich (for my son). Employee picks up a knife off the floor takes it over to the sink and runs water over it for maybe two seconds. He didnâ??t use any soap at all. I said, â??did you just pick that up off the floor?â? to which he replied â??yes, but I washed itâ?. I said, â??you didnâ??t use soapâ?. He said heâ??d wash it again if I wanted him to. I walked out rather than risk My son getting some kind of food borne illness. I intend to report the place tomorrow.

Andrew Arnold

Best subs in town

IKE'S Services

Here to get a sub. Very limited on types of bread. 3 people working and no Italian herbs and cheese bread.. that's like peanut butter, no jelly.. after all, they are in the sub business. If subway was aware, mozzarella goes with meatballs... should not be an up charge for mozzarella.. no cookies ready.. sounds somebody doesn't like their job. MAGA

Cole R.

Poor service. Poor management. It's a shame it's the only close subway. Used to work here. Everything I read on these negative reviews is absolutely true. Don't recommend this place to anyone. It's pretty telling this "business" has more 1 star reviews than anything.


The employees here act like you are bothering them when ordering a sandwich. I walked in with about an hour left before they close, so they just kept going on with whatever they were doing I guess before I walked in. mind you I am the only customer in the restaurant, so I waited few seconds and a few more. I finally had to ask if somebody was gonna help me. The one behind the counter finally walked up after sipping her drink and told me "give her 1 second" I just walked out and probably done with these Subways, to many same instances of rude, irritated, got better things I could be doing type employees.

Chris Schuler

Worst service of any subway I've been into. Over 3 occasions had to wait for employees to finish conversation for several minutes before they greeted me or made eye contact. Then got rude attitude from employees. Was told 'If you want fast food go to McDonalds' and then got to listen to employees yell at each other while I ate.

MacKenzie P'Pool Copeland

Employee was on the phone the entire time, on speaker phone with screaming kids. Sandwich had bad spinach on it and barely any food.

Super Steve

Just got 2 of their subs via uber eats. Might be the best 2 subway sandwiches we've had.

Dina F.

I have been to this subway a few times and never had a problem except yesterday (3/22/19) when I found a long blond hair in my sandwich. The person making it didnt have a hat/ headwear to prevent his hair from falling in food. I had 3 sandwiches and none of us could eat them so we threw them away.

Jamie rahmann

Always closed early, or out of something or another.

Jake Larson

Sandwich was okay, the bread had a bit of an off taste to it and the employees weren't exactly pleasant. Over all it's not my first choice.

Cesar Aguilera

Good food good people and fast

Danielle C.

I have never once had a good experience at this subway. The first time I ever visited this store, it was in the afternoon and being managed by teenagers that were more concerned with their weekend plans than actually doing their job. Around Christmas, my boyfriend and I tried to visit this location and we were told they would not accept our exact change because the register was not working correctly. Tonight, I tried to go in and get a meatball sub at 9:30 (30 minutes before they closed) And I was told they could not serve meatballs because they had already been put away for the night. I asked for chicken breast, and was again told that it had already been put up for the night because they were about to close. I ended up getting a sandwich that I didn't even want because she started putting turkey on the bread. Quite frankly, I should have just left.

B Doyle

I wouldnâ??t know how good it is because I walk in and she tells me that they only have a 6 inch wheat bread left. Oddly enough, thatâ??s what I needed. Told her I needed a roasted chicken breast and she said they didnâ??t have that either. Sweet girl, just donâ??t understand why itâ??s an hour before closing and they have nothing???

dazarie logan

This location was closed upon arrival, it was listed as not closing until 10:00 pm. I arrived at 9:21 pm.

Corinne Ray

The owner is rude! I feel sorry for his employees. I wonâ??t be back.

Katelyn P

I've not always been a fan of Subways in the past. Most locations seem to hire younger high school age kids which is a great opportunity for them but lends much to be desired on the customer service front. Tried this location for the first time tonight and it was fantastic. Went late, a half hour before closing and the place was very clean, staff very friendly and the girl who checked me out was an absolute delight! Even though it was late she was cheerful and made my sandwich to my (very picky) delight. Might have to become a repeat customer to this location!!

Aaron Wise

I just left this Subway this is the second time I've been back in a week and half they've had multiple flies in their restaurant. I order two wraps. While the guy made mine a fly landed on my wife's wrap I had to ask them to pull out another wrap for her. That is nasty I won't be going back untill they can kill the flys. It was landing all over the food


Was cussed out by the sandwich artist risha then denied info to talk to manager

L M.

If there were a zero star option this subway would qualify. First, the woman in front of me and I had to wait for what seemed like ten minutes for the young woman working to finish a to go order. Then, the woman in front of me ordered four sandwiches which took forever. My sandwich is sitting there while she's paying. I finally get to the cash register and the young woman working says Oh no!! They took your sandwich. She literally runs into the parking lot to chase them down. She comes back in and says Here's your sandwich!! I'm like are you serious???!! I don't want that sandwich!!!! Worst subway experience EVER!

Kristin Corbin

Giving a 3 because the staff was nice and place was clean. The girl working behind the counter didnâ??t have a hairnet or Hair up. It was long and all over the place. That could get into food. Plus they seemed very short staffed. It was super busy and only two people working a Saturday afternoon at lunch time. Poor scheduling

Noah L.

Go in on Mother's Day starving and needless to say out of salad bowls like really? I couldn't be more disappointed in Subway I am officially done with them. Every time I go they are always slow or complain about making my salads. Terrible service will not return

R.C. Dalton

Very good food.

Daniel Cheek

Closes at 9pm, doors locked at 8pm. Guy at the register looks up at me then looks away. Well F you too buddy.

Thomes Dodd

Nasty stale bread. Run out of breads quick. But at least the place is clean and the service is nice right.

Gin S.

Fast, Friendly, and Delicious!! I LOVE Subway, and this one doesn't disappoint. It is close to my home, and whenever we need healthy food fast, we go here!!

Letha Newton

Clean, easily accessible, and food is good. Small, but consistent and fast!

LaDonna Shultz

We just ordered 2 chicken teriyaki chopped salads. Mayby if you put the 2 salads together, you would have a decent salad!! The staff absolutely did not care! Pitiful!

Javier O.

I've been to this subway many times and usually get quick and friendly service. I usually visit on evenings or weekends. Most of the people that have worked here when I visit have been high school students and though that usually brings on a bit of immaturity or a lack of fast work ethic, I've been impressed with how serious these kids take their jobs. The store always appears to have a clean dining room too. This Subway location is pretty tiny though. You order and then head towards the far wall to pay but if the line is busy you then have to squeeze by a long line of people ordering where you just were. I've seen other locations start people towards the far wall and then pay at the end of the line which is closer to the door to avoid this but I suppose this store is too small to allow that sort of line. Once you get past all those people you go to the clean dining room where they have enough seats to seat about 20 people but that's counting seats in booths that could possibly seat 4-6 people. So either make friends and sit next to a stranger in those booths (why not) or do carryout. This Subway does have it's own store parking but because of the layout of the plaza it's in, you park and then walk across a parking lot area that's large enough to fit 3 lanes of traffic of people driving to all the other stores. That part's a bit annoying. I don't mind the walking, there are sometimes just lots of cars going back and forth that you find yourself freezing while you wait for a chance to get all those cars going all those directions to acknowledge you and each other to stop. All in all, this place has friendly people, quick service on weekend and evening hours, but the place is so tiny that you feel people in your space when it's super busy.

Rob M.

It's Subway, but the service has gone way down since many regulars quit. It's not unusual to see one worker churning out multiple sandwiches while another worker gets in the weeds trying to put toppings on. It doesn't make sense to make a hot sandwich if it's going to take ten minutes to put toppings on it. Also, would it be too much to ask to have my "Sandwich Artist" pull his pants up and over his butt? The bread and sandwiches are fine, the restaurant is typically clean, but the service is a mess.


Our first stop at Kentucky on our road trip..being veggie always prefer subway..they were out of stock for veggie patty & flatiza breads so settled for veggie delite..the bread was less than the normal 6 inch and the fillings were very minimal in comparison to the other subway outlets where we have tried..Was a bit disappointed


Get off the beef that contains antibiotics and growth hormones. At Subway you can get real veggies and a healthy meal. The biggest complaint that I have is that this company gives one too much bread. Other than that it is a much healthier alternative to the usual burger joints. Now Subway needs to add fruit juices and wraps. Hummus would be nice, too.

Donald J

Very delicious food for people watching their calories. Prepared quickly and customized to individual tastes. Easily carried onto airplanes if traveling long distances with no food options. All in all, extraordinary concept.

Daniel K.

This is a chain so I do not like to comment specifically on most chains. I do however comment on store and staff and this location is always clean and the staff is very friendly.