Taco Bell

6800 Bardstown Rd, Louisville
(502) 239-2131

Recent Reviews

Jessica Cipriani

Very clean, fast and friendly. Food is fresh and they always get my order right


Let Me Tell You About The Nicest Taco Bell Ive Ever Been In ! I've Got A Lot To Say So Stay Tuned !

Richard Muench Jr

They were a little slow, but it was busy. Food was delicious, and hot right off the line. No complaints about this store, it's very well kept and always clean. Hate the parking lot layout, but it's not their fault. 10/10 would recommend

Lufi Tojo

Always fast and my food has never been incorrect. Sometimes the burritos are made poorly, but most of the time they are perfect.

Chris Mudd

Good food. Out of fire sauce! Noooooooooooooo

Gary Childress

YOU ARE AWSOME!! My food is alway's freshly made, an service is fast an order is always right, THANK YOU !! FOR ALLLL YOU DO.

gena russell

I love my ferncreek taco bell

Jackson B.

Been waiting for 25 minutes for one quesadilla and still haven't gotten it. Hardly anyone inside and the drive through is wrapped around the building. Terrible service and everyone in the back hasn't stopped chatting and taking breaks since I arrived. Awful

Dale Rohrman

Truservice was broke very good and very quick and efficient very proper when greeting

Gregory Bowman

Love Mexican food. Plus it's fastfood

Nathan Redden

El nopal down the street has much better food, it's less expensive, call in carryout means it's ready when you get there.

Brandi Green

Never easy on theyre meat and the food is always hot & fresh. Good customer service & fast food means FAST food at this place.


One of the girls working kept running into people, seemingly on propose, as she meandered around "cleaning", handing out dirty looks as if you were supposed to know to gtfo of her way. Not sure what she was cleaning though, it was a mess. Drink station, garbage cans, floors, you name it, they were gross. Food took longer than expected, and was not what we ordered. Everyone working(except one girl who half smiled lol) was in such a bad mood already though, we didn't dare take it back. We quickly ate, quickly left, and don't plan on returning to this location ANY time soon #TacoHell

Haley S.

So disappointed in the food here. My tortilla on my burrito was stale and my beans were over cooked. Choose a different Taco Bell.

Jeremy J.

This is a good Taco Bell for sure. I have never had a bad time with this Taco Bell. I really enjoy their Dollar menu and the speedy drive thru service they offer. It is a good location that I highly recommend. Not every Taco Bell lives up to the expectations but this one does well every time. It is located in Fern Creek and is in Kroger shopping center.

Myssi Slaughter

I like to think of myself as a Taco Bell enthusiast. A tacopreneur, if you will. This particular location impressed me last night because a usually flat taco was not what I got here. The taco was full of love and they filled the nacho cheese sauce to the top. I almost came back for seconds.

Chris Dahmke

This is easly my favorite location. They have a real friendly staff. They load up your food with ingredients compared to other locations. And, they're quite accurate with your order.

Savy Jaggs

Food was great like always. Service was fast. The lady who took my order was so friendly!

Candie Delk

Went about a week ago very late at night. They were extremely short handed I'm assuming due to my 25 min wait in drive thru which due to the way they have their drive thru set up once someone is behind you then there is no leaving early... But!! There's that but (but a good one this time) the food was AMAZING!! I'd be willing to say some of the best taco bell or even some of the best fast food we have ever had!! So wished I would've gotten the guys name who I think may have been the only person even there that night because he definitely deserves to be recognize!! Him and food 5 star's all the way had to take 1 for 25 min wait...

Dean Tomes

Visited this store 3 different times at 3 different times of the day in the last 3 weeks. I can say their customer service is efficient and the quality of the prepared food was spot on for each of my visits!

Charles Pait

Best Taco Bell I've ever been to! Very consistent and great customer service! Great vegetarian options as well with new menu

Donna Keeling

The food was great as we expected it to be. Very clean building and caring employees.

Michael Delk

could work on friendliness, butorder was hat fresh and correct!

alex witherspoon

Taco bell always has some of the best customer service. The food is always hot and given to me at a good time

Bre Johnson

The environment is not the warmest place but the food is great if you're in a hurry. There aren't long wait times and there is an ample number of places to sit.

Keri DeLost

Hit or miss with correct orders. Still tasty af.

Masen B.

This is the best taco bell ever. My friends and I rave about how good this taco bell is no matter where we go. If you dont enjoy this taco bell it's your fault. This is objectively the best taco bell to exist.

jennifer davis

Always go to this taco bell, friendly and fast. Very clean, good food

Kearstin R.

This is probably my favorite taco Bell location. Each time I visit I get fresh hot food. My order is always correct. We are vegetarian and love the spicy potato soft tacos! Most places give us 2 potatoes on the tacos that are hard and stale, not this location! Always fresh potatoes! We even had a large 42 item order we made through the app. Everything was correct. It was ready when I arrived. Employees are always nice and friendly. Best taco Bell in Louisville!

Tray M.

When everything's closed I usually go to this Taco Bell because it's very close and the food is good for at least fast food. The only issue I had with this location is that while I was paying for my food at the main window. They stated after I handed then my card that they no longer take American Express. I explained to them i only had an Amex Card on me and that I wish someone had told me prior to ordering. They were going to let me leave, however since they just made that change that morning they gave it to me for free. Food ordered via drive thru; Dorito Tacos Watermelon Freezer If you go to Taco Bell on fern creek make sure you don't have an Amex Card because they don't accept it there.

Ron Garvin

Went to Taco Bell for a drive through order. Placed my order and after paying for order, I checked the bags to see if everything was in the bags I had ordered. Everything was in the bags, I thanked the nice friendly employee and proceeded bob back home with my food. Once home the family ate our requested items and had zero complaints on the taste, texture and overall appearance of the food. The serving sizes are of equal or better than enough to fill you up and yet not make you feel too full. Highly recommend this Fast Food Style Restaurant to others who might want a Mexican Style dinner to eat.

drθid ga/\/\er

If i could give 0 stars I would! I really like taco bell because it's quick and easy omw home (I work nights). But every time I stop at this location specifically SOMETHING is wrong with my order. It sucks that I go out of my way to go to a different location just to grab a bite to eat before going home. At least a 3 mile difference. The employee's seem friendly enough (most times) but man they need to focus on order accuracy.

Tiffany West

Just celebrating taco day!

Feechi A.

What a great taco bell. The corn dogs are to die for. The live band is amazing. The huge George Washington painting on the front looks cool.

Dustin Layman

Best Tacos Cheese Rollups @Taco Bell

Cheri L.

I would never go back to this taco Bell. When you come out of the drive-through it is very tight to get around their flower rock garden and the concrete pole and the pole that holds the lights up on it. It was raining and Of course The pole hit me and it did a lot of damage to my vehicle and I had to be taken to the hospital. I ask the employee CALEIGH about this and she said it happens all the time and that she had already asked management why they hadn't moved that pole yet because so many people have had it. So how many People have to hit it in order to have it fixed.I talked to my insurance company and they said that management had told them that this is happened so many times they can't count either. Safety first and most of all your customers first and this Taco Bell certainly gives neither.

Emily E.

Just had the best customer service at a drive through! Didn't expect that at a Taco Bell at 2AM. That young man is doing great things, keep up the positive attitude/vibes!

Bradley Pasbrig

At night the drive thru wait can get pretty long. Usually it's not too bad but a few days ago I wound up waiting 20 minutes. I'd go here on my lunch break more but I worry about getting stuck cause there's is no way to leave the line once your in it.

R.C. Dalton

Always good food. Plus free Wi-Fi. Located in Fern creek and real easy to find, can be seen from the main road. Very nice and clean area, inside and outside. Excellent condition and very nice employees. So, run for the border and enjoy a great meal. Reasonable prices.

Murrell K.

Stopped in to try the Nacho fries. Surprisingly enough, they were pretty good. Five bucks for the box which also included a Loco Taco and a Gordita. With a drink too. Cannot complain about the price. Not many fries though. But worth having. And the fries are better than most fast burger joints. Admittedly they could use a bit more spice. Flavor that is. Give them a try, you may like them too.