The Pearl Of Germantown

1151 Goss Ave, Louisville
(502) 996-7552

Recent Reviews

Malcolm Cason

Great drinks, even better service in a cozy atmosphere.

Aaron Smith

This is my favorite bar in the entire city. Any night that ends at The Pearl is a good night!

Olivia M.

Great dive bar with the most laidback vibe, ever. You can't go wrong with the ring toss, wheel spin or $5 beer & shot combo. There are tiki nights with free food one Sunday of the month. The bartenders are experienced. Worth a shot, literally.

James B.

We were in the neighborhood for an even after work and had about 45 minutes to kill. We were happy for an excuse to try The Pearl! It was on the early end and the bar was pretty quiet, but the bartender was very welcoming and friendly. They have a full bar and several draft, and a very small cocktail menu behind the bar. The bartender was vey proud of his old fashioned and I gladly gave it a try. Made with Buffalo Trace it was only $6 and very tasty! My partner ordered a gold rush, one of her favorites, and was similarly pleased. As I indicated, we didn't stay long since we had plans, but we really enjoyed our drinks and the vibe. Lots of retro decor, nothing too pretentious, friendly service, and solid cheap drinks. Definitely a win in this part of town!

Ryan Hembree

Great staff and really cool decorations. Pro cocktails! Or just perfect for a shot and a beer

Nikki Lockhart

Great local bar and awesome bartenders

Matt Tiffany French

Weak pour, pricy drinks. 10$ for a crown and coke?? Inconsistent pricing, last time they were 6.50. Won't be returning.

Brittany H.

My favorite local bar! It's a great dive bar. Board games in the back and cheap beer, what more could you ask for? The staff definitely makes this bar, love the staff.

Tommy Halcomb

Wish i could love this place cause its close to me, but they consistantly serve warm beer due to old outdated coolers. Tried it twice, once when busy, and once 30 minutes after opening and the same result. Great prices, and nice little dive spot, but who can drink warm beer? Management please please fix this as i know im not alone.

Ben Payne

Sometimes loud, but its a bar so thats okay. Its better than most in the area and they now have Budweiser in a bottle

Evan Lacross

Top notch staff and eclectic vibe. Highly recommended. Suzie is THE BEST!!!!!

Gaytha Ratzloff

Great local bar. Clean, friendly people, very good selection of spirits and beer

Morris Harris

This bar definitely transports you back in time...loved it!

Michael M.

This is a good dive bar but it isn't really a true dive. I'm a fan because they always have Pilsner Urquell on draft, but don't sleep on their cocktails. Being owned by the same restaurant group as The Silver Dollar, the staff is trained appropriately. My only drawback is that it gets almost too crowded on a weekend night. Maybe you're into that. But if you want a quieter setting, maybe a Tuesday is more your thing.

aaron key

Great drinks, quant and cozy veggie... Gets a bit crowded because of the right space. Be advised, there is no food available, which doesn't really take away from the bar, in my opinion... Just make plans to get food elsewhere if it's your first time coming.

Toni Lange

Excellent celebration.. 👍 great food.. Yummy drinks too

Kyle Christie

Absolutely terrible bartender service. I even let some drunk dudes go before me and the bartender completely forgot about me/ignored me.

Tommy Johns

Cool little spot in Germantown for great drinks and a laid back atmosphere.

Adam Mescan

Get the gold rush, you won’t be disappointed.

Nik Skoulos

Appropriately loud, pretty busy, good variety, reasonable prices. Good neighborhood bar.

Allison F.

The awful. My friend and I went for a beer this afternoon and this place smelled so bad. Lots of beer options though and fun hipstery vibe. Will try again so I can spill the wheel for a drink special.

Leith Clough

Step back in time to experience beatnik/ 70s bar decor, cold beers, handcrafted artisan cocktails, and vinyl spinning your favorite old school tunes from yesteryear. Yes, it's a whole lot of kitschy, but you'll be glad you stopped in to spin the beverage wheel or toss a ring to get great bar deals! Hopefully you'll have Leah as your mix master making your drinks and visit a memorable one!! Cheers!!!

Scott A.

This place is located at the intersection of Dive Bar and Awesome! Between the amazing private barrel bourbon selections and the cool decor, this place will be on my itinerary any time I am within 50 miles!!!!

Jacey Calloway

Best bar. Best bartenders. Great atmosphere. Anything Susie Hoyt touches will turn into gold! We come and drink and play games. Sometimes we eat their yummy various buffets (free food and cheap drinks?!?!?)

Lori Kelly

This place is very cool, not my cup of tea, but very cool. It's a great local hangout with an eccentric vibe. They've got games and a table at the back, and lots to drink.

kelly heck

Great dive! Classic cocktails, craft beers, good music! Nouveau dive is more like it, it's pretty tight

Dane F.

The Pearl has been one of my favorite bars, drinks are reasonably priced and made well. The bar is very relaxed, they have board games in the back, a ring toss and a drink wheel. The problem is the word is out on the Pearl and it is constantly overcrowded.

Alison R.

Within walking distance from my home, The Pearl is the best dive bar to be found in Germantown. The place is always crowded though I have never been there past 1am and they are open till 4am! The bartenders know how to pour a you get a nice pint with just enough of a head. The beers run between 4 and 6 dollars and come in real glasses. If you opt for the $2 cheap mass produced beer be prepared for a plastic cup. When you walk into the Pearl you immediately pick up on the vibes that there are lots of regulars here. People are happy and loud, there are picnic tables out back for die hard smokers, games available and for those with a strong stomach there are pickled eggs.

Erin G.

Came here with a group of friends and really enjoyed myself. Of course, I had to spin the wheel! It's a right of passage. I got a $3 shot of fireball. It was a fun experience. I also had an old fashioned and it was great! The atmosphere was on pointe and Germantown is such a cute little neighborhood.

Joseph T.

The Pearl might be one of my favorite places in Louisville to get a drink. - Decent prices - Decent drink selection - The ambiance is what I feel comfortable sitting in for extended periods of time. --- The ambiance being young professional but not tryna spend a lot of money types. - Great neighborhood. I live in Smoketown so it's walking distance from my house. It's a great place to meet up with friends and have drinks and you don't have to worry about how loud you are. For that sort of thing, the Pearl is a home run.

Cat L.

All I can say is this.... If you ever fantasized about going to a bar that could become the kind of place where 'everybody knows your name', this is it. It's familiar, comfortable, and yet simultaneously exciting. The soundtrack is always great, the bartenders are friendly and you can Sharpie your name into infamy in the hallway... So go do it now!

Kristie T.

Me and my Yelp wife had a blast sitting at the bar drinking here. I loved the bartender's hat so much he found me another hat in the back that I could have because I just wouldn't leave him alone about his damn hat. Friendly bartender, fun music and a great time. And I didn't feel like I spent very much money either.

Ashley W.

I don't dislike this bar by any means. I just don't get the hype. It was ok. The decor was kinda of neat so I will give them that. As much as people talk about how cheap the drinks are, there are pretty average. A gin gimlet was $6 and gin and tonic was $5. Not bad, but not super cheap really. Just average. The glasses used were also strange. The gimlet was served in a short glass and then the gin and tonic was served in a way taller glass. It looked like a glass my grandma had for water. They probably liked the aesthetic, but the difference in glasses was really weird. It may be more appealing if you like beer and random shots so you can spin the wheel which looked fun. I don't think beer or whiskey so I stayed away from the wheel. Not a lot of real food options. Mainly just pickled things in jars. Not really blown away by this place, but I'd be willing to give it another chance.

Jerry V.

I had a Manhattan straight up and it was made with a bartender recommended bourbon that was really good!

Jon Michael McCarron

This is what I think of when I think of a fun dive bar. The customers looked like they were regulars and the bartender was very laid-back. I would totally hang here if I lived here. Try the wheel of fortune to determine your drink

Eric Steven Sharp

I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind. I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time. I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon. I feel there is nothing I can do, yeah...

Zachary A.

This review is for 3.5 stars. Typical dive bar but with areas for lounging and games available. Beer list could have used some steroids as half the list was tapped out at only 9:30pm on a Saturday and the other half was lackluster. They did have a few drink specials like manhattans, old fashioneds, and lightbulb frozen daiquiris, but other than that not a must in the area.

Josh Embry

There's two things about this place that have always stood out since the getgo. They'll have a glass of ice water sitting there before you even order your drink. I'd never had that before and the first time I ever went, it kinda caught me off guard. Second, they wipe off and polish the liquor with immense precision. That was cool. This is a class establishment. The Silver Dollar people know business.

Bryan A.

Five Word Summary: Drink Wheel, Well priced, Fun! This is a place where you can have a good time. not pretentious, good cocktails, and the drink wheel is the definition of "jesus take the Wheel" the juke box is a nice touch. This place is great to start end or continue a bar crawl. have some fun and write on the bathroom walls. make your marK! Grading Scale: out of 5, 1 is not very much, 5 is to a great extent Foodie Adventure rating: 3 Picky Eater rating: 2 Americanized: 5 Food Authenticity: NA Food Quality: NA Service Quality: 4 Value per bite: 5 Healthy Choices: bourbon is low in calories! Would I bring my mom?: if you want her to disclose her secrets Would I bring my Drunk Friends?: YES!!!!! Would I bring a Tinder Date?: YEs!!!! Spicy Food Hub?: NA

Rachel H.

Way too loud for an early evening. My friend and I met up at 7 pm and they had the music blasting to the point that I felt like I was shouting at her to be heard. No smile or any sort of greeting from the bartender. I was the only person waiting for a drink. Just a blank stare. Only food option appears to be a ham sandwich.