The Pearl Of Germantown

1151 Goss Ave, Louisville
(502) 996-7552

Recent Reviews

Camille D.

Awesome place. The decor is fun to look at and it looks like the place hasn't been touched in decades. The drinks are great and they'll even make you a fresh pb&j! Highly recommend.

John Lockhart

Quality drinks and friendly staff.

Daniel Lawrence

The best management and bartenders in the city. Very friendly.

Omar B.

Loved it. Loved it Loved it. Very retro bar. So many interesting old nostalgic retro things around and hanging on the wall. They have a jukebox and even a record player. Our bartender was a total pro on her cocktail making. Had a perfect Old Fashion. They even have a wheel to spin if you feel lucky. Looking forward to visiting each time I am in town.

Omar Barrera

Great neighborhood bar. Great bartender.

Gloria B.

This is a must see if you are in the Louisville area. Bartender was friendly and makes mean cocktails. Prices are on point. We will definitely be back!

Charis Mings

Great place, wish the bartenders were a little more personable but theyre used to a ton of regulars. Great neighborhood bar.


Great people. Great Bourbon selection. Fair prices.

Matthew Hamby

A nice place for a local drink. A/C is not the best, so make sure not to wear gray.

Cherise M.

I love The Pearl. It's like the little neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name. The Old Fashioned cocktails are $6 and the Mystery Beer is always a good choice. I love this divey bar! They allow dogs and are open very late!

John J.

I have been to the The Pearl several times now for a casual happy hour beverage after work. Excellent bar staff. Always friendly. Solid pours for a patched throat. Excellent cocktails offered at fair bar prices. They have a vast selection of private picked single barrel bourbons worth trying. Bourbons such as Weller (Full Proof) (Antique 107), Russell's Reserve, Old Forester, Eagle Rare, Knob Creek and more. Looking Forward to their next famed Tiki Drink Night.


My first time at the Pearl and I felt like a great fit. Not overly busy but more people than I expected on a Wednesday night. Limited in food options this is a great place after eating at any one of the restaurants like the Post in the area. I liked the retro appearance. We had a small group of us sitting at a table probably used for some kindergartners and the surrounding 50s and 60s pictures really had me enjoying the bar before I got my drink. They pretty much had the normal types of beers. Would not call this a craft place but they had something for everyone and was definitely not a pretentious establishment. I would love to go and see how lively it could get but for a mid week gathering it was perfect. Music was at good volumes and the service was prompt and curtious what more can you ask for eh?! Stop in for a quick drink if you want to start or end your night in the Germantown area for sure.

Greg Witt

Great Atmosphere, But a terrible sound system. Please invest in some well balanced speakers when you pay some DJ in his early 30s $60 a night and blast it into my ears. Other than that the Drinks are great and the bar is full of awesome clientele.

Joe Daily

Laid back hipster joint. Smooth operation. Solid staff.

Tabitha Mead

The Pearl is truly a pearl. $2 High Life's, $4 Gin & Soda, $6 Old Fashioned's. I'm afraid too many people will find out how great this place is. Just a good, chill, unpretentious bar for everyone and their dog..really, you can bring your dog if you want but it can be a loud environment for the doggos.

Katie DeAngelis

Great dive bar. Love the atmosphere and there’s cheap drinks. Can’t ask for much else.

Eric Burg

Chil, dimly lit atmosphere with interesting decor. Appears to be a dj on weekends. Great drink prices. I'd hit it again.

Noah Strunk

While the Pearl is good for any night of debauchery, come here on a weeknight when it's slow to get to the heart of this place. meet the great bartenders, and chill out with some steely dan records while you come into who you were always meant to be

James Thomson

They do nice mixed drinks. I liked their Old Fashioned. I spent one night there with my wife and brother-in-law. It was cozy and a little dark. At the request of a guy whom I think was a regular, the bartender played the soundtrack of Top Gun on vinyl; she asked the guy "Again?"

Andy Harrell

Friendly, funky, neighborhood bar. Inexpensive and a cool, “grandmas house” casual-eclectic vibe.

Malcolm Cason

Great drinks, even better service in a cozy atmosphere.

Aaron Smith

This is my favorite bar in the entire city. Any night that ends at The Pearl is a good night!

Olivia M.

Great dive bar with the most laidback vibe, ever. You can't go wrong with the ring toss, wheel spin or $5 beer & shot combo. There are tiki nights with free food one Sunday of the month. The bartenders are experienced. Worth a shot, literally.

James B.

We were in the neighborhood for an even after work and had about 45 minutes to kill. We were happy for an excuse to try The Pearl! It was on the early end and the bar was pretty quiet, but the bartender was very welcoming and friendly. They have a full bar and several draft, and a very small cocktail menu behind the bar. The bartender was vey proud of his old fashioned and I gladly gave it a try. Made with Buffalo Trace it was only $6 and very tasty! My partner ordered a gold rush, one of her favorites, and was similarly pleased. As I indicated, we didn't stay long since we had plans, but we really enjoyed our drinks and the vibe. Lots of retro decor, nothing too pretentious, friendly service, and solid cheap drinks. Definitely a win in this part of town!

Ryan Hembree

Great staff and really cool decorations. Pro cocktails! Or just perfect for a shot and a beer

Nikki Lockhart

Great local bar and awesome bartenders

Matt Tiffany French

Weak pour, pricy drinks. 10$ for a crown and coke?? Inconsistent pricing, last time they were 6.50. Won't be returning.

Brittany H.

My favorite local bar! It's a great dive bar. Board games in the back and cheap beer, what more could you ask for? The staff definitely makes this bar, love the staff.

Tommy Halcomb

Wish i could love this place cause its close to me, but they consistantly serve warm beer due to old outdated coolers. Tried it twice, once when busy, and once 30 minutes after opening and the same result. Great prices, and nice little dive spot, but who can drink warm beer? Management please please fix this as i know im not alone.

Ben Payne

Sometimes loud, but its a bar so thats okay. Its better than most in the area and they now have Budweiser in a bottle

Evan Lacross

Top notch staff and eclectic vibe. Highly recommended. Suzie is THE BEST!!!!!

Gaytha Ratzloff

Great local bar. Clean, friendly people, very good selection of spirits and beer

Morris Harris

This bar definitely transports you back in time...loved it!

Michael M.

This is a good dive bar but it isn't really a true dive. I'm a fan because they always have Pilsner Urquell on draft, but don't sleep on their cocktails. Being owned by the same restaurant group as The Silver Dollar, the staff is trained appropriately. My only drawback is that it gets almost too crowded on a weekend night. Maybe you're into that. But if you want a quieter setting, maybe a Tuesday is more your thing.

aaron key

Great drinks, quant and cozy veggie... Gets a bit crowded because of the right space. Be advised, there is no food available, which doesn't really take away from the bar, in my opinion... Just make plans to get food elsewhere if it's your first time coming.

Toni Lange

Excellent celebration.. 👍 great food.. Yummy drinks too

Kyle Christie

Absolutely terrible bartender service. I even let some drunk dudes go before me and the bartender completely forgot about me/ignored me.

Tommy Johns

Cool little spot in Germantown for great drinks and a laid back atmosphere.

Adam Mescan

Get the gold rush, you won’t be disappointed.

Nik Skoulos

Appropriately loud, pretty busy, good variety, reasonable prices. Good neighborhood bar.