CC's Coffee House

3930 Burbank Dr M, Baton Rouge
(225) 767-6203

Recent Reviews

Catha Bradford

Only place I get my coffee from... You rock CC's

Rebecca Rivera

Great Turtle

emre b

I liked the atmosphere. Latte and banana muffin was awesome

Danielle Horton

I was at the Baton Rouge Burbank location and I ordered an Espresso No.22 but it didn’t seem correct but the barista insisted that it was. However after mixing my drink there was definitely less espresso than usual and it tasted like half and half with barely a taste of espresso. I went back in and ordered one extra shot. They charged me $2.25. That doesn’t seem like the correct charge and I asked the barista if that was correct and she said yes. It doesn’t seem like the correct amount since I’m usually charged $0.25 or $0.50 at other locations. Later, I contacted CC's Guest Services and they immediately said that they were incorrect and refunded my total amount.

Leni G

The employees at this location are on their game!

Daniel Clouatre

Better than Starbucks!

Paul P.

They don't know what it mean when you say no foam in my coffee, there is only half a cup of coffee because of so much milk foam.

Wesley Barrilleaux

Drove 10 miles out of the way because the manager said they had 24 oz corkcicle tumblers in Over the phone

Blaire H.

Super convenient location for me heading to work at LSU every day, but after my last few visits there I will not be going back. Like one person already said, there is ZERO consistency in the drinks. And the drive thru staff could care less. I had to tell one lady my drink order when I got to the window three different times. And she kept getting them to make new drinks and kept getting it wrong. I eventually just took whatever the third attempt was because at that point I was late for work. The new Starbucks right off campus is my new place!

Denise Williams

My latte was absolutely delicious!!😋


The coffee is fine but if you try to order something basic/black they will ignore you and add sugar anyway which if you’re on a diet/fasting will mess with your system. I got a black coffee and immediately my stomach started going off, i intermittant fast which means i can only drink very very black coffee/teas in the morning and i ordered a BLACK coffee very specific. I immediately felt my stomach hurt (not in the usual coffee way mind you) and knew they added sugar and had to delay going to work to get food due to this CCs inability to get the MOST basic coffee order down. This ccs hates people on diets and fasts clearly.

Denise Williams

My latte was absolutely delicious!!😋

Jenna Oliver

Great place to study close to campus! If you get the loyalty card you can get free refills on hot/cold teas and coffee with the sweetener included! Great for finals week or any hard core studying time.

Joanna A.

Great location and very nice and up to date. This is a good spot to get some work done in a nice atmosphere. The people working there were very nice and helpful.

Garrett House

I really like CC's and I love the new espresso 22. Every time I go to this CC's and order a super grande espresso 22 they give it to me about 1/2 to 3/4 full rather than it being filled to the top. When I'm paying more than 5 dollars for a drink I would like the whole thing. Plus there were coffee grounds in the bottom of my coffee as well. Won't be going anymore.

Joshua Swartout

# best coffee house in town. We are in the business of ppl we just happen to sell coffee

Jamie S.

There is zero consistency in the drinks. I ordered a peppermint mocha latte and it taste like watered down coffee with cream? It's very frustrating to have a drink taste different every time and more often than not it tastes gross! I won't be going back.

Dawn T.

Our two baristas, Arielle & Shae, were excellent! They were both very passionate about their jobs. Great customer service. My hubby had a hot cocoa & I had an iced peppermint mocha. Both were very good!!Highly recommend!

Brigid Arnold

I think this location is great with one exception. The baristas are always nice and consistently make great coffee; however, if you're going to try to study here, make sure you are prepared with some noise cancelling headphones. I came to study and only had a cheap pair of ear buds and I couldn't drown out the blaring sound of clarinets and trumpets. The music they play is very loud and distracting, and even though I had my own music at an uncomfortably loud volume, I could still hear every bit of brass jazz playing in the background. I don't think I'll be studying here in the future after my experience as I could not concentrate.

jordan conner

If you're coming to study for awhile, bring wool socks and a heated blanket bc this place is a deep freezer.

Kelly B.

I have been to that location many, many times before but it never seems to get better. The employees seem to hate their jobs & often don't get the order right on the first try. Today, I ordered using my loyalty rewards and was told at the window my order didn't qualify (unlike Starbucks where you can pick anything on the menu to cash in rewards). She forgot to add my ham and cheese croissant to my order at the window so she had to add it and go find one. When she finally rang it up and gave it to me, she served it cold from the refrigerator. She seemed annoyed at the whole thing. The latte I did get was just ok. All this mess and it took nearly 20 minutes to get through the drive-through. Bottom line, Starbucks can't get into the area soon enough.

Judi Stoute

Great place to study! Comfy chairs, WiFi is reliable, coffee is good, service is fast & friendly. They have the square tables, so you can push them together if you're working in a group (but put them back when you're done). There's also some bar-style long tables that you can work at.


With a drive through and local coffee, CC’s is a unique cafe popular in Louisiana. The setting is like most cafe’s, and is a great spot to study or do work.

Jade Price

I get coffee here every now and then. I love the interior, atmosphere, and service. The selection of coffee beans for their blends ranges anywhere from smooth and chocolatey to acidic and fruity.

Hannah Batte

This one is better than the one at LSU but so so over priced and not that great of coffee.

Nicole Fidanza

Really friendly staff. The last few times I have gone, they have messed up my order. I just get coffee with cream and sugar, nothing complex; but lately they have been giving it to me black. It's not a huge deal, but it's not what I paid for, especially when the markings for cream/sugar are on the side of the cup. This morning my coffee was also full of grounds, which I understand happens from time to time

Tamisha A.

I hadn't been to CC's in a long time so this morning on my way to work I stopped for a vanilla latte. One thing that is kinda annoying about CC's is the upselling through drive through, "Would you like a pastry?" Would you like an espresso shot?"... please take my order and let me drive forward. Let me say I am a fan of Community Coffee but CC's drink options almost always miss the mark. When I arrived to work (5 minutes down the road), my coffee was lukewarm, no foam (standard for a latte) and almost spilling out the cup. The taste was weak and flavorless. I tried CC's but each time you fail me.


Great place to go study. A major college crowd goes here but it's usually to study or meet with groups. Staff is super friendly and fast with drinks. A

Randi S.

Went to CC's today because I was on the strugglebus and NEEDED caffine. Im pretty sure i was rude to the cashier unintentionally, however her politeness will bring me back again. I would love to give a name but again, strugglebus.


For good coffee and friendly service, CC’s is the place to go. Also good spot for studying, networking, or just playing on your smartphone.

Vikram S.

Very clean and maintained location. Great place for reading or for students to work on their assignments near LSU campus. Good wifi and clean restrooms and ample seating arrangements. Outdoor seating also. Tried the hazelnut mochasippi. Liked it more than the SB frappacinno.

Thor B.

This location has gone downhill in the last year and has not rebounded. No matter what time in the morning I arrive (from 6:45 to 8:00) literally 50% of the time they've "just run out of medium roast - do I want to wait or just have dark roast"? The first few times I figured it was just my timing but seriously it has happened so many times now that I wonder why they don't load two barrels of medium roast versus one since it's obviously the biggest seller. This morning I got to my office with dark roast and noticed solid clumps of half and half floating in my cup which makes me think the creamer was old. Yuck. This location is convenient to my morning commute but I'm gonna have to make my own coffee from now on. Sorry CC's, I gave you a lot of slack but you need to tighten up.

Kevin W.

I used to visit this location a lot because it was on my way to work. I love the coffee and lattes when they are made correctly, and a lot of the staff is very very nice and friendly however there are a bunch of cons here. Almost 50% of the time I ordered at the drive-thru they would forget what my order was by the time I got to the window - even if I was the only car in line. This is pretty crazy because I usually just order a plain latte or plain coffee. They would also accidentally give me someone elses order quite often, or put flavor in my latte even though I wanted none. I would then have to walk inside to get my actual order. The coffees are almost always consistent but the lattes are a toss up. If you want a tall latte order a grande, because there's generally way too much foam in the cup. I was once actually given a tall latte that was completely foam. When I was handed it, it felt weightless and I thought it was a joke. The person who made it and worker at the window apparently thought it was made correctly. But someone else made another that was correct. This location could be rated much higher if they were just able to remember and get orders correct.

M Harper

Fast. Friendly. Accurate. Cozy atmosphere with enough seating indoor and outdoor. Ample outlets to charge your electronics as well. Don't get too exuberant with your order like you would at Starbucks. I don't think they're trained as well. However, any common coffee or tea drink they can do well.

Angela C.

This is my second time going through the CC's drive through and unfortunately both times were bad experiences. The first trip I ordered a triple iced grande caramel macchiato and a blueberry scone. The scone was great but the macchiato was very sugary and certainly did not have three shots of espresso. This trip started out rough from the beginning. We were interrupted several times by the employee taking our order and he kept getting our order wrong. Then, it took almost 20 minutes to receive the order, mind you, there wasn't anyone ahead of us. We ordered a grande iced #22, 2-grande iced citrus jasmine green teas, 2 guilt free breakfast sandwiches and a white chocolate raspberry scone. The only thing that was good from this order was the #22 drink. When were handed our sandwiches it was obvious that they were cold. The egg inside was very cold almost as if it had been frozen. We asked the gentleman to heat them up more, then he returned within 20-30 seconds (if that) and handed us back the sandwiches that were still not heated up. At this point we had to leave because the ordering process took so long and he has someplace to be. I don't think we will be returning to this location again.

Trey R.

I'm a regular at this location. I only have to tell them my name at the drive thru and they always confirm if I want the "usual". Staff is normally friendly & courteous. Drive thru line can occasionally be long but if I park and go inside it's typically quicker than if I would have stayed in the drive thru. The regular staff is always on their game so when a new employee starts working there, it is obvious. Compared to several other locations around town, this one is my favorite - no hassle, no drama & they take care of business there! Oh, and the coffee and scones are never disappointing!

Paige E.

Oh, CC's, you dirty girl! How can you expect to make friends when you always look a mess? Fix yourself! Truly, it is such a shame. I love the Cafe au lait with chicory but I almost can't stand the idea of having to go inside because the tables are always a mess and it smells like cigarette smoke and everything is just dingy looking. The store needs some TLC. And hand sanitizer, LAWD! So let me tell you how great the customer service is. The staff is fantastic! They are quick and attentive and patient. My drink is always heated to perfection and just the right amount of bitter. Outside of that there isn't much else to say. I'm a drive-thru girl. I wish for more for this place. Given its proximity to LSU, I'm surprised it doesn't get more attention.

Ron M.

Very convenient location near LSU. The drive-through moved at eight quick pace. I got a grande Caramell latte, the taste was very good. The staff were very professional and friendly. Got to have that morning coffee!

Rebecca W.

Coffee houses are pretty much a necessity in every neighborhood these days. In fact, everyone should have one walking distance from them. They are great for the soul, in my opinion and make for the perfect escape from everyday life. Bring your favorite book, pop on some headphones, grab a caffe latte and get lost in your book. This CC's is located in a wonderful plaza where there are some fab restaurants, such as Umami (Japanese) LIT Pizza & Breck's Bistro. So, it's a perfect spot where you may even be able to have your coffee, then eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, too! There is wi-fi here, tasty pastries, coffee packs for sale, brewed & iced coffee and a drive-thru. When you need your fix or just need a place to chill with a fresh brew or something iced, come here! Parking is plentiful here, just beware during game days.


This coffee is better than Starbucks in my opinion. The coffee has a good flavour. The coffee shop is always full of people I think its because of the free wifi. It also has a drive thru.