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623 E Boyd Dr, Baton Rouge
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My 2nd time going here and I experienced racism from a customer. He showed no kind of respect as I repeatedly said excuse me nicely and loud enough so he can hear while trying to walk pass with 2 bags of clothes as my husband carried 3 bags behind me. The man DID NOT apologize and barely moved just giving me a tiny space to pass through as if he owned the place. I will not tolerate disrespect and had I said anything i know the police would have been involved. The staff full review

Very clean, nice staff, you can feel safe leaving your laundry while it's washing or drying and go to the bar next door . It's nice to know your fellow patrons there are from the college not the projects . Unlike the rest of baton rouge . Ugh , can't wait to move .

My husband went in a few weeks ago to use their internet because he had a work thing that couldnt be done on my mac and needed to be run on internet explorer (lol) and the whole environment was nice. I'd like to go back to do laundry, but I'm unsure of their prices. We'd have to use the giant washer/dryer (we have A LOT), so I think itd be pretty neat to have machine prices on the website. Literally my only complaint lol.

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