King Buffet

6230 Bluebonnet Blvd, Baton Rouge
(225) 819-1588

Recent Reviews

B J Wells

A bit pricey & 10% gratuity is charged from the start but serve is on time! Lg variety of foods! Good sweet tea

Crystal Sonnier

Awesome great food. Great table service

Scott Lowe

Normally I love this place. But all of there fried food tasted like it had sugar on it, their price has gone up, and their chocolate ice cream tasted like it had spoiled.


Bathrooms are dirty with an odor that was overpowering. Went to the Buffet to pick up a plate and there was a dead roach between the two plates! Should’ve gave it a zero star yes.

Sandra White

This photo should tell you about the food here.$80 for 4 people dining in.. they include tip in price .. oh and you pay before you eat..

Stacey Tull

Right when you walk in you have to wear a mask and pay before you eat. We were a party of 3 adults and 1 child. Buffet is 10.99 pp. drinks are separate. They automatically added gratuity on my bill. Which I thought was odd for a small party and a buffet. Food was just ok. There is a wide variety of food choices including sushi. The server did keep our drinks full.

Christian Keller

Me and my friend were hungry and wanted to eat at a buffet with decent food. When we were charged, we were charged $38 just for the two of us and the food wasn't even all that great. I will NEVER go back to this place. I rather spend $20 on a steak than $20 for Chinese food that isn't all that great.

Cynecia Hill

Terrible place to eat!!the food was old and cold and we came when they opened. The service was terrible they gave me a kids drink even though I said my child didn’t need it and charge me for it and added gratuity after I said I wasn’t paying for it one of the servers through money at me as we were leaving. I’ll never waste 20 dollars again on a run down restaurant like this..even the crawfish was old. Adding also my cousin threw up after eating the chicken. I give it 0 stars

Ruth D.

I ordered delivery through uber eats and i was actually pleasantly surprised. The food overall was enjoyable. I ordered egg rolls, general tso's chicken, lo mein, beef with broccoli and fried rice. The general tso's and the egg rolls were quite hard and not too tasty. Everything else tasted pretty good. They get 3 stars since 2/5 dishes were sub-par. However, if they improved I could rate them higher. This picture is some of the food served onto my plate at home. Forgot to snap a pic in their original containers.

Amy C

The bathroom was dirty and we got a water drink that tasted wierd. Definitely was not clean water. Will not go back. Some food was hard. You get what you pay. ?

Jodi B.

Today was my first and last time eating here..I ordered General Tzo chicken, veg rice, and crab Rangoon...the chicken taste old or freezer burnt, the sauce was too thick and too sweet, I literally just wasted $20...NEVER AGAIN

Chris jakobby

fairly good. food was mostly fresh. no complaints

Tom Gardiner

Huge selection, but almost no vegetables. Food is mediocre, but service was good. It was very warm when we went, like warm enough to start sweating. Not terribly pleasant.

Derek Williams

Great food!!However the service was AMAZING!!! The lady come over there help me peel the shrimp skin off then went and brought more and peeled those for me as well!!!! I mean I ain't never had such wonderful customer service anywhere in my life. I highly recommend stop here and eating.

Corvette Corvette

Food overall was cold frozen peas in rice hard rolls shrimp were very hard to pill crawfish smelled funny chicken was tough would not recommend for price do better at a Chinese take out

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