La Mexicana

7034 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge
(225) 296-8286

Recent Reviews

EllaDawn Burns

Love Love "La Mexicana" Great food, reasonably priced and friendly staff.

Laurie W.

This restaurant is a hidden gem. It has a small grocery in the front so it's hidden in the back. The food was excellent & very good margaritas. I especially enjoyed the small bowl of thinly sliced onions with chopped habanero peppers. They were unique & spicy to add to your food. I liked that your meal is served with bottles of green jalapeño sauce and red chili pepper sauce. You can spice up your meal if you like. The food was very good, authentic, & inexpensive. This little hole in the wall restaurant has become a favorite!

Sandy S.

Prices were good. Food tasted good but couldn't get over the chucks of bone and fat. By the time my food cooled down the shells, both soft and corn, were too dried out to eat. The restaurant was in the back of a store front. May be good for a quick and fast bite to eat but not a sit down restaurant to enjoy a night out.

Daphne C.

Man. This place is so yummy. Super affordable and just tastes great. You dine in the area at the back of the store, and service is prompt and friendly. We ordered the tacos panchos y pastor, tacos especiales y chorizo, and a carnitas plate. Everything what simply lovely and cooked perfectly, seasoned well, too. They provide chips and salsa. We eventually ordered horchata since it's a sweet choice for a dessert, and it tastes great, as well. I recommend!

Charles Lillie

Delicious little hole in the wall!!!

David F

I have read reviews on other sites that state the food is not Tex-Mex, and the waitress doesn't speak English well, and it's hard to find.

Steve Winwood's Best

Small, quaint place with authentic Michoacan Mexican food. Great prices.

Roman Bello

Supreme burrito is delicious, I mixed mine with asada & pastor meats.

Boris Perez

Excellent service in this town

David F.

Like other reviews have said, if you are looking for Tex-Mex, this isn't it. This is Mexican food. The staff is nice and helpful. The food is good.

Jody Plauche'

Been there 3 times & all 3 times it was great

anetra king

The food was good but the servicer was rushing us on our order when u go to a new place you really want to look over the menu for to see if it's something new you haven't tried I love trying new food

Deandranette everett

Absolutely loved this place it was definitely great food

Michael Daniels

Delicious ! The food was authentic and flavorful. It’s always exciting to get authentic Mexican food . We had a variety of tacos and the daily special. Everything was well seasoned and cooked expertly. Our server was very friendly. Great place

ruth s.

What a great find. The food was delicious. The chips and salsa was very good and spicy. We ordered the carne asada and it was different than what we've had in the past. It came out in one piece rather than chopped. The grilled onions were delicious. The service was very good and friendly. I would definitely eat here again. Don't let the place fool you, the food was very good.

Elithea H.

This little place is quite deceiving. The entrance is actually a store, and the restaurant is in the rear. It's an unassuming space with tables & a small bar. There was a very sweet lady named Laticia who helped me through the menu, from my seat at the bar. After starting to sip on my margarita, I decided on Tacos (In the absence of chimichangas). Chicken, brisket, and Carnitas. They were all tasty. But the Carnitas (Pork) and the Brisket were seriously good! I ordered more to go. And they were packed in a simple plastic plate, and covered with foil sheets. It made me smile to see such simplicity in a world of complicated. This little place was big on customer service, peaceful surroundings, and flavor. Proof that sometimes the best things, are the simple things.

Tiffany Shah

Service was friendly, although I've had better chicken and shrimp fajitas. The food didn't taste too fresh. It was just an okay for me.

Duff Voigt

This place is the real deal Mexican. Had one of the best tortas outside of Texas. The margaritas aren't great, but the salsa definitely tastes house made and good.

Asha Murphy

Authentic Mexican with exotic options on taco proteins.

kirt ecker

I am here for a few weeks from out of town. I have now been there 5 times in the last 2 weeks. Very good food.

audiel lugo

Is a good restaurant

Jackeline Caraballo

Very authentic food! Very good. Its not a high end restaurant actually its a meat market and store, but food is very good quality. Also enjoyed the mango juice or nectar.

summer d.

If you're looking for legit Mexican close to the I-10...this is the place! We were so happy to find this place enroute from Florida to Texas.

Regan S.

I absolutely LOVE this place. The food is amazing, they have sweet little gifts at the counter and lots of groceries you can't find anywhere else. If I lived closer I'd eat here daily. The steak quesadillas are the BEST!

Patricia W.

Very good. Authentic mexican-not tex mex. I sat and they brought out chips and salsa. I ordered the tacos which came out on soft corn tortillas for $2.50 there were two on the plate. Very good.

Lyle S.

This place is good stuff. Situated in the back of a market, there is a few tables and a bar. The menu of short and the drink list even shorter consisting of only beer and regular margaritas. This didn't take away at all. The food was great and authentic. The staff was quick and friendly. They are happy to let you alter items or substitute things for little or no charge. They have been featured in the advocate more than once. Don't forget to try some of their interesting sodas if you're into that sort of thing.

Brittany B.

This place is close to my office. Very authentic. Guacamole is amazing. Salsa is also very good. The server doesn't always speak English which is fine Bc they are super tentative regardless. It is in the back of a grocery store. You seat yourself and they always set down some menus with chips and get your drink order. I've only got the tacos every time I've been and I love them. The only complaint I have is that every single time I go there is always one piece of black hair in at least one taco. Every. Single. Time.

Jackie C.

After going to Big Lots, I remembered reading about this place. I thought they would be jammed since it was noon on a Friday, but far from it. Instead of getting the Enchilada plate, which is usually my go to order when trying a new place, I got a Torte, which is kinda like a po boy. I got the fajita beef one and it was good. The guacamole was good too, as were the onions. The chips? Not so much. The music was waaaaay too loud. But the food was good. I plan to go back and try some other items on the menu....


Un service rapide et efficace. Les plats étaient copieux, bien présentés, mais surtout, la cuisine est faite maison avec des bons produits. On recommande chaleureusement car en plus le prix est très correct

D Carney

This is my favorite workday lunch grab. Very good tacos and lunch specials with fast, friendly service. If you're looking for authentic Mexican tacos, this is the place to try. Don't be put off by the ambiance, very tasty.

S B.

This is true authentic Mexican food, that we love during our visits to Mexico. What a wonderful hidden gem in the back of a convenient store. The wait staff was as wonderful as the food was. The owner &/ Manager was very friendly, sharing that he use to work for Superior Grill for many years and even knew Carols our friend and Manger at Superior Grill in Shreveport Louisiana. This is a must visit for those that have not visited:)

Shantelle C.

It was OK I had better I mean it wasn't spectacular. I had this watermelon juice it was OK if you like watermelon and sugar go for it because that's what it taste like. The food came out hot so that was a plus. The waitress I don't think she really spoke English so she didn't say too much. Over all the food was good.

Linda Harper

We were looking for somewhere new to go eat on our Friday night date night. I looked on Yelp on the internet and La Mexicana came highly recommended. The tacos and the carne asada was highly recommended. So that's what we ordered. The tacos were very small had very little meat in them and the carne asada steak was so tough and full of gristle I could not even cut it much less chew it. We will not be going back. The food did not have much flavor either. My husband says he put that one on his quotation marks one and done close quotation list. That means we made one visit and will not be going back are recommending it. The service was good the little waitress was just as sweet as she could be at the food was terrible and we like Mexican food.

Thysis R.

The joys of traveling include finding hidden gems. It's located in a strip mall so it's easy to miss. Looking from the outside you would think that it's a small grocery store which it is but hidden in the back is a small quaint restaurant that serves up some pretty good authentic Mexican food. Although they have a menu, most items on the menu are so popular that they usually are sold out. We had homemade guacamole, agua fresca de Jamaica, beef fajita tacos and enchiladas de carnitas. Everything was delicious! The onions that came with our salsa were like eating fire but I kept eating! Lol! Some other reviewers mentioned that the meat was on the dry side. I agree with this statement but the flavor was so good! The guacamole was some of the best I've ever had. The chips do not appear to be homemade but were ok. The salsa was good. I didn't get a chance to look around the store but I noticed that they have fresh meats and a butcher on site. This is definitely on my list to revisit when I'm back in town.

Lance Outerbridge

Very good. They have good traditional Mexican food. They are very friendly and play a fine mariachi music in the background but dont worry. They will treat you like family.

Kathy Todd

This was the most disappointing eating experience I believe I've ever had! The food selection was slim to none, drink variety same thing...we went to celebrate my granddaughter and mine birthday with several others and we were given one little bitty baskets of chips..not nearly enough for all us and never offered more. Food quality not at all worth the money!!!Also, seen 2 roaches crawling on floor and at that moment we lost our appetite and decided to leave. I even told worker there about roaches not one apology was offered nor refund! Bad business. Will never return here and don't recommend this establishment to anyone!!!! Here is a place that seems to not care about their customers at all!!

Christina D.

Honestly, it's in a sketchy area/market. Walking in, I thought I was surely in the wrong place until I reached the back and saw the restaurant. Kind of strange how half the lights in the restaurant were off so my sister and I ate in relatively dim lighting. Besides the environment (which is very minor in my opinion), the food is great!! We had the burrito (definitely the star of the show and very cheap at 7 or 8$), tacos (good but not mind blowing), and the tostadas (second place, pretty good). All this food came out to be around 20$ or so. Additionally, chips and salsa with pickled onions were served and these were so good!!! Like worth dining in just to get these good. I would definitely return to La Mexicana and our server was great. Also another weird thing is how you go to the front of the store in the grocery to pay for your food.

Cathy Hudgins Arnett

Please read my review on Yelp ... this is NOT a Tex Mex style menu- it is authentic Mexican food and is very yummy. A hidden gem I highly recommend .


If you're either staying in South Baton Rouge or are looking for authentic, but very reasonably priced food, I think you would enjoy this small , quaint , authentic restaurant that is part of a Mexican grocery store. I have reviewed this earlier on another venue , but will reiterate.. this is not a typical greasy, cheesy, salty Tex Mex restaurant . Authentic , home made foods can be found here, and at this time , no margaritas are on the menu... but the owner is soon going to change that. They do offer beer and other drinks. Their carne Asada is flavorful, and I had the tamale dinner... all dinners are served fresh and hot. Even tough queso or melted cheese dip was not on the menu, the cook prepared this after my husband asked for it. Their guacamole is made fresh , mortar and pestle style with fresh Avacado, onion, bits of tomato and other flavors . This passed my litmus test with flying colors. Very fresh and yummy. Though I didn't try it, beef tongue is featured as part of Authrntic dishes ... those whose reviews I read really enjoyed it. This is not a fancy place , and it is a family type of restaurant . The prices are lower than other places in Baton Rouge. Don't believe the negative reviews, because my husband is very picky about trying places that he hasn't tried before ; he gives La Mexicana a five star rating for food freshness, taste and value. We drank Mexican coke and hope they will add margaritas very soon . We will return. Just a note / the t v will be on a Spanish station; the waitteesee are bi lingual. The food is tasty, and food critics love this place ... me included!

Cathy A.

This is not Tex Mex..., I highly recommend the menu items they do offer , and at the end of the meal, I spoke to the owner and he told me " hardly anybody knows about this place"... I did suggest that many people enjoy margaritas at other competitors- he plans to include them very soon. I also suggested they might consider adding tres leches, or other common Mexican desserts. Sometimes people in the Seattle area will go have coffee and dessert- why not in Baton Rouge? Dulce Le Leche or Tres Leches would sell well... in my opinion. Hubby and I came for dinner on Friday, June 16,2017. We came because of the positive Yelp reviews . We were not disappointed in the menu, and the cook made queso sauce just for my husband , even though it was not on the menu. I ordered the tamales that came with arroz ( rice ) and delicious home made white beans that were perfectly seasoned. These beans were very good , and not the usual refried beans... Hubby ordered and enjoyed the Carne Asada dinner... his came with a roasted green chili pepper, tomatoes, lettuce , beans , rice and tortillas. He very much enjoyed his meal. You can ask for the imported Mexican Coca Cola .. it is slightly less sweet than American Coke.( in my opinion) We also tried the guacamole , the salsa and the chips... all yummy! This is a small grocery store in the front , with many Goya brand products etc. also , snack foods , soft drinks etc. This is not your usual Tex- Mex fare, and even though the only t v shows are in Espanol, if you enjoy authentic Mexican food at a great price , you will have to come to La Mexicana to see for yourself. I usually judge a Mexican restaurant by their guacamole- this is yummy and has pieces of onion , small pieces of tomato and is seasoned nicely . It isn't blended... but I'm sure it's made using a mortar and pestle( the best way to make fresh guacamole). My husband and I exited with smiles on our faces ... this is good food ! Muy Bien Amigos y amigas! I only wish we had discovered this place before now.