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2919 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge
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Do you like watching yourself eat? Then you're gonna love this interior. My wife, Rhonda, thinks the inside of Rama is a little odd, but not every place can have Life, Laugh, Love signs everywhere, Rhonda. The food is incredible. Feel like you're Thailand, eating Thai, with a tye die shirt, possibly tying your shoes... with a tie on. It's Thai

Pad thai was great but the mint chicken was truly awful. They skimped on the meat with both dishes as well. This the 5th time weve eaten here and my wife and I have both noticed a significant decrease in the meat provided with entrees. The price is going up and the amount of meat is going down. Not a great trend. Easily the best pad thai in baton rouge but complete cheapskates

Sure enough, Duck with Rama special sauce was a very savory and tender selection. Our son ordered a small portion, and got a generous serving. He has a large appetite so even with an order of spring rolls beforehand...he was happy with a pleasant surprise. My Pad Thai was a heaping, steaming plate of noodles and shrimp. It was a tad sweeter than I expected,, but somehow before we knew it, the entire plate was scraped clean.

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