2001 Country Club Rd, Lake Charles
(337) 475-2310

Recent Reviews

Christian Courville

Literally the best fast food burger chain and their hotdogs are legit the best, food is always fresh and comes out with the quicknessFood: 5/5

Bradley Fontenot

It is great when your hungry in a hurry. An on a tight budget.Food: 4/5

Josh S

Food here is always fresh (even the fries) and for a fast food restaurant they are delicious as well. The service is always polite and fast

Inazuma Tenshi

Food was pretty good but the tables we sat at were pretty dirty.

Denise Ardoin

Went through drive through. Staff exceptionally courteous, helpful. Girl at pickup window even went outside and chased picked up $5.00 that was inadvertently dropped. Very nice and respectful

Robbie Marcello

The bad -----------Minus 1 star:Our wait took forever with 2 cars in line...Minus 4 stars:I ordered the Fry Lovers XL... Was woefully disappointed in the quality & quantity. This used to be a go to staple on my diet cheat day menu... They have now reduced the amount of fries you receive by +/- 30% (placing them in a drink cup) and the fries are very rarely ever HOT & FRESH now... I expected at least fresh for almost $5 for just an order of fries.The good -----------PLUS 2 STARS:The drive-thru attendant was friendly and professional. Our order accuracy was excellent on 2 combo meals purchased for my family that were special order items...TL:DR:ordered $5 worth of guaranteed hot fries... received $1.50 of grease filled limp fries that had to be at least hours old....Final thoughts --------Checkers & Rallys franchise locations have always been a better option than their competitor's with freshness of their meal offerings; as well as pricing... This is my go-to on the rare occasion we have fast food and I hope that this isn't a shift in quality among all of their locations. Do better guys...

Cynthia Babineaux

Go here all the time I love the fry burger and frys are my favorite

Sharon Garner

I usually LOVE all the food here but....I went to try the new fried chicken tenders (seasoned like the fries). The young lady may have been having a bad day because another employee stepped up and took over the order. The tenders were overcooked and dry. I had to ask again for sauce and just overall a bad experience. I won't suggest the tenders....disappointing.

Gerald Jr

My favorite fries you got to try them

Beag Cradh

The Lake Charles, LA Checkers; is a wonderful and exemplary location for Checkers with the workers being polite, efficient, diligent and unusually fast at preparing your food FRESH. As with any fast-food every now and then, a mistake 'might' be made, but I take this with a grain of salt -- as in 4 years of enjoying this location, we have only had two incidents which is understandable given I used to dine at it every single day.Better yet, I can honestly say they do not cook the funnel cakes and fries in the same grease, they go the extra mile here to ensure your famous seasoned fries are exactly what you expected.If you're looking for a good Checkers' this location will offer everything you come to expect and love about Checkers.

Dommar Hijazi

Good food, little to the smaller size, one burger is not enough ☺

Brittany Adams

It was really good. They got our order right. We really liked this Checkers. The food was hot.

Dream Provider

Normally pretty good could use some work on the cleaning aspect but overall pretty good.

Timothy Saltmarsh

Staff is very polite but the food is well below average for fast food.

T.J. Deshotel

Been to this location 3x and 2x out of the 3 I didn't receive the correct food that I ordered. Service was super slow all 3x. Food is not fresh even though they are super slow. Apparently the owner of this Checkers left me a message telling me to contact them. I followed the website left on here left all my contact info and never heard back from them.

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