Golden Nugget Lake Charles Hotel & Casino

2550 Golden Nugget Blvd, Lake Charles
(337) 508-7777

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Shree Warren

I attended this hotel for a conference. This hotel was amazing and I really enjoyed the food and the service. However I was quite disappointed that my room didn't have a microwave or a fridge.

Brandon Dubois

They have a great staff. Awesome drinks. Well cleaned facilities. The only problem I had with them was that they were mask maniacs for a year

Nick Nguyen

Room 1544 was absolutely amazing, the room was clean and the view beautiful. First time at Vic and Anthony's and it was the best steaks we've had.We read how the property was dirty and trashed but we can assure you that is nothing from true. Everything was clean and looked great.Slots were tight but lucked out on a jackpot. Tables paid well! Only complaint was the electronic roulette table was not working and drink service at slots are slow. If you want free drinks just go to the tables. Everyone was extremely friendly and nothing like what the negative reviews were saying. We will be coming back soon. Thanks Golden Nugget!

barbra burns

I stay here fairly frequently, heading there now.The hotel is great, rooms are very comfortable. Lots of food choices and plenty of slots and table games. Highly recommend

John Bussell

Room safe was not working. No shampoo in bathroom. Shower hot water took at least 5 minutes to get to temp. Room rate charged was higher than what I booked it at online. Room was clean and comfortable.

Broderick Davis

Nice and spacious casino section. Haven't stayed or seen inside the hotel room, besides the pictures i saw online. Slots wasn't paying out anything while I was there

Amy Walsh

My stay here was extremely poor and I will no longer be a customer of the hotel/ casino. I made a reservation for a medical conference at the neighboring casino (block of rooms had sold out so prices more expensive). I called to verify COVID protocols due to this being a large casino hotel, not planning on regularly frequenting public areas. The governor of the state issued a mask mandate in indoor locations. Upon arrival, greater than 50 percent of patrons were not wearing masks anywhere at all. Of those wearing masks, almost 90 percent did not have them covering nose AND mouth. I voiced concerns and was told theGolden Nugget was “trying” to enforce the governor’s mandate and their stated protocol but could not as it was too “difficult”. I was permitted to leave the following day and not incur any further charges than the first very expensive night. The medical conference allowed me to cancel immediately with full refund due to obvious “scientific” concerns. When I went to my room, there were multiple people smoking without masks blowing it everywhere and even ( illegal) marijuana usage. After going to bed, I was awakened by housekeeping knocking and upon opening the door found the person directly in front of me, no mask. 50 percent of the employees I encountered on my way to checkout with no masks or those worn completely inappropriately including food handlers. The front desk confirmed that I was only charged for the one night and resort fees, stating they could not take that off (including managers) as they “try the best they can”. Due to the inept nature of the Golden Nugget, I was forced to cancel a conference taking precautions in the professional areas but as stated was refunded fully. My rental car- nope and with penalties for 26 hours incurred a $360 fee. I am not able to reach anyone in a “power” situation and there is no national hotel/ casino overseeing corporate company to contact. I am fully disgusted as the least that could be done is to comp that first night- I worked in customer service a lifetime ago and know this is not a difficult task. However, this facility displays its greed and lack of regard in facilitating a potential super-spreader situation due to financial gain without considering a potential public health issue on the horizon.


This was my first visit even though I only live about an hour away. I'm not much of a gambler but this place is great.We went for the STYX concert (they still Rock & Roll) and the venue was quaint n comfortable.I've been to the MGM Grand in Reno and have to say Golden Nugget Casino in little ole Lake Charles, La holds its own as a premium Casino n Hotel. Just because I'm not much of a gambler doesn't mean I don't like good food, clubs, services, n rooms.I've never been to Vegas but I've always heard the buffets are cheap n the food is delicious. I don't know what other people consider inexpensive but in Louisiana Casinos that I've been (5) i have yet to discover the inexpensive but I might just be cheap! Lol. The fine dining in the Casinos I've been in is excellent n I've had some of the best steaks I think money can buy at a few of them. So if you're a gambler, concert goer, food lover, clubber, or just need a place to hang out with money to spend, you'll have fun at the Nugget in little ole Lake Charles, La. ☆☆☆☆?

Matthew Hite

Great stay. In town to visit family, and managed to get very nicely appointed king deluxe rooms for less than mainstream hotels in town. Beautiful room, with amazing views. Very comfortable bed, and down pillows. Service was incredible as well. Highly recommended.

Shela L.

Stayed at the Golden Nugget when we saw Aaron Lewis in the so called event center which was just a ball room with some crappy bleachers. The pool bar had horrible service not to mention the hour or so wait for my burger. Enjoyed my COLD morning shower in my room that was about $400. Not. The food was good at Landry's and Aaron Lewis show was worth it. The beer line once we got into the show was ridiculous. This fits all the other reviews I've seen. Tillman can do better.

Mercedes S.

I have never been more humiliated or disrespected in my life. I was constantly harassed by men at this casino assuming I was an escort. A very unprofessional head of security named Adam was made aware of the situation and I Asked him to make a report. he just said if it happen again to reach out to him through anyone that's a staff member; sure enough the same man harassing me came back; the bartender at the high limit area I was sitting at called him (Adam) because the guy was harassing me again; Adam did nothing. And no security came for 10 minutes and I was scared to walk to my room. I ended up calling my friend to come get me. I was so frazzled by the harassment I ended up dropping my purse and my keys and everything fell out. When I got to my room I realized I might've dropped my room key so I went back downstairs and Victoria the manager would not give me a key to the room because I did not have my ID which I understood the policy but in this circumstance at two in the morning it's extremely rude to leave a single woman out of her room with all these predators at this casino and she could not help me or even call my host. The dealers at the roulette table were unprofessional and not accommodating. You cannot request a color for your chips. Even if you're a highroller. Spending thousands of dollars to be harassed and mistreated by staff and security is where I draw the line. Golden nugget will never have my business again. Ps: The pool and the whole place is filled with men trying to get laid and asking you for illegal substances.

Desirrea C.

Is it because we were two lesbians??? That's how they made us feel!!!! I had the most TRAUMATIZING/HEARTBREAKING time on my birthday at the Golden nugget In Lake Charles. For my birthday weekend we decided to go on a little vacation and stay at the Golden Nugget. The night of my birthday(Saturday October 2nd)we played for a bit then drove to the store and over to L'auberge for a few hours. After returning to Golden nugget at around 10:30pm we parked on the Fourth floor of the parking garage connected to the casino. All was well until we woke up Sunday, checked out and tried to start our car. The Cadillac converter was sawed off, and stolen from the bottom of my car!!! After having a meltdown crying uncontrollably, we went to the staff, got with head of security, in which they laughed and somehow thought it was funny. They took our statement, the security guy Michael stayed with us until the police came. Funny thing is, they didn't encourage us to file a police report with LCPD, as the security guard said "it's a private property so you don't have to," almost like they didn't want us to. I begged for them to pls help us with a comped, ANYTHING as we did not plan on staying another night and had NO WHERE TO GO! BUT THEY DID NOTHING. No call back to say "hey we can't help,"NOTHING. It was my birthday!!! I was standing there in tears and they did nothing. On top of it we thought our car was safe on their property. They have no signs, no warnings, NOTHING to let people know this was a problem in the area. I'm so disappointed in this BILLION DOLLAR company! To just treat people like trash and leave them stuck with no room and board, no food, and to not even offer help/advice on a car rental. My partner and I both love going to the casino! We spend a lot of money at the Golden Nugget, it's unfortunate nobody wanted to help. We are from San Antonio, TX and were stranded in a different state. I have a child I needed to go home to(who had to miss school), a job I needed to get to, yet nobody helped. Still as we sit on a Greyhound on our way back to San Antonio, TX they haven't even called (like they said they would). We had to scramble and find a way to get back to our kid and our animals. $200 to get it towed out of their parking garage. $200 for our bus tickets (because they have a rental car shortage and flights were outrageous) and to top it all off...a $1,000 deductible to get my car fixed. I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy but the Golden nugget did just that to us with no remorse or compassion.

Rudy Scott

I have personally experienced why the Golden Nugget has become the preferred Casino to stay and play.....all of their amenities are open and well maintained despite all the foul weather that have experienced. Their room are the best of the best and did not have foul order that choke you and was out fitted beautiful furniture. The staff was completely the most courteous and professional in which some of their competitors lack this basic trait....Although I have higher player status at the other Casinos the Golden Nugget has won me over to stay and play.

Cynthia Lamantia

Really nice. This one is my h better than the Biloxi location. There is a lazy river and many sections of the pool. We had to cut our getaway short due to hurricane Ida, but we would have loved to stay another night.

Cassandra C.

My husband and I wanted to get away for a few days. So instead of Las Vegas we went to Lake Charles. We live in Texas. Starting from Valet, the trip had way too many flaws. #1. No room service! What? #2. Half of the restaurants are not staffed properly- meaning the service is not good. #3. The bed was horrible- had some type of plastic bed sheet under the sheets. So every time you rolled over the bed made crinkling noises. #4. The elevators broke down but nobody would call the repair company over the weekend. #5. Even ordering food to go from restaurants inside the hotel couldn't be done unless you went downstairs, ordered & waited. For 1 Pizza this took 40 minutes. #6. The tram between the 2 hotels is not running. Lastly, for what we spent, I really felt very let down. The only way to fix this is a revamping of the customer service policies and whoever runs food and beverage needs to have a reality check. Please GOD, hire & pay people.

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Golden Nugget Lake Charles Hotel & Casino

2550 Golden Nugget Blvd, Lake Charles, LA 70601
(337) 508-7777