Pizza Hut

4443 Nelson Rd, Lake Charles
(337) 474-1380

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20 minute delivery... Very impressive! The food was fresh and warm!! ???

GG Howard

Our food arrived late & not even close to hot. The wings & pizza were all cold. I miss the Pizza Hut from long ago, when customer service & quality food were given. Tony's Pizza has spoiled me, I guess. Pizza Hut needs to get into shape. They're doing a bad job right now.

Vickie Benoit

Walked in three workers all busy. Was greeted by next available worker. Food was great.

Carol Bergeron

The Pizza Hut on Nelson Road in Lake Charles never gets my order right, my pizza is always late and always cold.

Olivia Butler (Libby)

Love the pizza here! The best you’ll ever get from a huge food chain in my opinion ??‍♀️

Patric Eckton

I worked for this company for about 2 months. They lied to all their employees including me and the managers are not up to standards for food safety. When I was finally finished lowering my standards I realized that what they serve the customers of Lake Charles is garbage.

Patric E.

I have worked for the Flynn corporation which is under the umbrella of Pizza Hut and other food services such as Wendy's and Applebees. I worked in Lake Charles LA, I was told when I started back in September 2022 that I would be paid nine dollars an hour. The corporation lied to me for about a month after this and I never got paid what I was supposed to get paid even though I worked 4 different positions in the store for this company at the location on Nelson. Please do not go to this location the pizza is horrible and the employees and management do not care about anybody whatsoever..!

Daren Hennigan

I've ordered many pizzas from this place over many years, as it has been a very good location for me personally over the years. Probably ate hundreds of pies from this location over the past 16-18 years. The pizza was always good, and the service fast.I got a bad pizza Monday for the first (and hopefully the last) time. I let them know, and the GM made good on it today and made me a good pie himself.He did say that they've had a hard time finding and keeping good employees over the last couple of years, which is an unfortunate reality for so many businesses since covid, hurricanes, etc.I never bothered to open the box and look at the pies in the past, because I never had an issue. I will just make sure in the future that I check the box before I walk out with my pie.

Jacob K.

"Your curbside order is ready text us when you get here" waited 15minutes in my car to get my food and the app says "order is ready" don't try to do curbside pickup they don't come out of the store. There's 4 employees sitting in the back of the store doing absolutely nothing talking to each other, then they hand my husband the two pizzas wings and cinnamon sticks and don't even say a word. Charged 3$ for marinara sauce and didn't even give us any. Needless to say the service here sucks.

Dennis Freeman

They always make the pizza right. Fast. And fresh.

Yumna Suida

Was waiting for my order and when it hadn’t arrived I decided to call and got told that the order was cancelled!!! Wasn’t notified of this. Really disappointed with the service at Pizza Hut… went to domino’s instead and let me tell you the service and pizza was way better

Tiffany Riggs

This was supposed to be a make up order from them but once again an hour later and still have not answered when automatically put on hold. I'm done with them.

Wendy Heffernan

We ordered delivery at 7.30 for pizza (we checked the closing time, 9pm) to receive a phone call saying they were closed. Highly disappointed ?.

Alexis Williams

This pizza made me sad.

Banks N Amanda Josh

Order time 6:25pm Order promised 6:56pm. Order arrived at 7:56pm. 1 pizza. Cold. Had been out for delivery for an hour. I was told that the pizza had been delivered but it had not been. The woman at the restaurant argued with me and was super rude. 10 mins later when I called back the driver finally pulled up. I’d rather eat at Wendy’s near by than ever do business with these people again.

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