Great American Cookies and Marble Slab Creamery

3567 US-190E, Mandeville
(985) 778-2526

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Katrina S.

Beware this location is charging a random service fee charge without notice. I am assuming this *may* be a credit card fee, but I did not see any written notice of this documented anywhere. I have never been to a Marble Slab that did this before.It is law they must state additional charges like this very clearly, usually by their register, so that people can opt to pay cash (assuming that’s what this fee was even for! Since there was no written notice of what it was) or continue the transaction.I’ve sent in a report to the FTC with a copy of my receipt and a picture of the register with nothing displayed. With enough reports you can end up investigated, and fined. I recommend you rectify this promptly. It’s not legal.We won’t be back. We’ll try the other location next time and see if they’re doing the same thing.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

sean solomon

Great cookie/ice cream shop in Mandeville and a really great manager. Katie runs a super clean and inviting store with excellent customer service. Highly recommended!!! A++++. Thanks for a great cookie cake Katie!!!! We will be back!!!

Carolyn L.

I love their ice cream. My favorite is chocolate mixed with fresh strawberries. So creamy and delicious.

Zare H.

Whoever worked today behind the ice cream bar at 2pm is why I will not be coming back here. Ice cream is good, but asked 3 times to not mix the two flavors gotten. Stated "well were already here" and proceeded to smash them into one. After rudely being asked "what about it" to try a few flavors. First experience at marble slab, ice cream seems good, employees need a fix


The ice cream was good, you're paying premium for a product at this location. The staff wasn't the friendliest because we came in near the end of the night so we didn't get a lot of smiles, but it didn't affect the taste of the food.

Nathan Mumphrey (NAM Woodshop)

Just went to pick up my daughter's birthday cake.. Cake was completely made wrong they said they would remake it before 10:00 tonight... Go to pick up the remade cake just to find out it was the same cake but they added the simple design on the very bottom corner instead of the entire cake. Unfortunately it's too late to have another one made so they've decided to contact the owner the owner was only willing to give me 20% off of this huge mess up. Unfortunately I'm now stuck with a cake that we did not really want. I would highly recommend you go to the location in covington. They seem to have their stuff together there.


Highest price Icecream Ive ever seen. We got charged the wrong price cause 1 person scoops and another does the cash register Icecream was ok, nothing to boast about


Love this place!

Jonathan M.

Don't listen to the karen reviews, good service! You pay more but it's because it's better quality!

Beau T.

After a long day watching nfl football, my friend and I figured the perfect way to cap it off would be some ice cream. We arrived to Marble Slab at 814 PM only to walk up to the door and it being locked. The two workers were inside and mouthed "were closed". The store hours online say til 9PM as well as on the window of the store. I've been looking forward to trying this place since it opened. Now we will never enter this store in the future.

Graham Melancon

Very clean store, the girl who helped me was very polite and friendly and should be recommended for a raise for excellent customer service, love Marble Slab, the first location of Marble Slab was in Sunshine Plaza where the the nail salon is today, also love Great American Cookies as well, thumbs up to this place for opening a store again in Mandeville, I've missed Marble Slab being in Mandeville for a long time.

Marc G.

Ice cream is good, but not enough to justify the utterly exorbitant price. I'll stick with Baskin Robbins.

Mary B

We went here after lunch for ice cream sundaes. Wide variety of flavors. Very filling. Best eaten on an empty stomach or after a very small meal. It was expensive, about $8/sundae, but it was very much a treat.

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Great American Cookies and Marble Slab Creamery

3567 US-190E, Mandeville, LA 70471
(985) 778-2526