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4821 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie
(504) 885-7500

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Bret B.

New Orleans has some of the best bakeries in the USA. Joe Gs is tops for cookies, cakes and local specialties Doberge cake. Serving NOLA since 1949 this place has provided birthday, retirement, Super Bowl, LSU championship and king cakes for generations. I love sweets.... cookies, cakes, choco covered pretzels, and everything I have had here is 5 star. Value is very good. Skip desert at your fav NOLA restaurant and order out from Joe Gs. It is the real deal!

Erika R.

I only gave it two stars because the Doberge cake was so, so, so good!!! I wanted to love this place, but the customer service experience was horrible. I found this bakery online when planning my trip to NOLA for my birthday. The idea of having such a region-specific cake from one of the original bakeries was so enticing. The horrible experience Started with me trying to order online two weeks before my birthday. The date could not be selected. When calling in to notify them, they said they did not know why my date could not be chosen but would schedule it over the phone. I asked if they would still honor the online discount due to their website glitch, and she said no. Okay, moving along, we arrived to pick up my cake, and the African American lady behind the counter was having a bad day. There was no one in the store. As we were traveling (plane) with the cake, we wanted to cut it and divide it up to share with my husband, that was staying behind. We told her this. Asked if we could have another box, she said no. Asked if she had a cake cutter or knife for us to slice our cake, she said no. Asked if she had a plastic fork, she said no. Now, this is where I am getting irritated as she was trying to rush us out. I look around and see tables where people eat. I said, "you do not have one plastic fork or spoon here"? She looked angry, pulled a fork out from behind the counter, and handed it to me. At this point, my husband was annoyed, so we rushed out. This was NOT a cheap cake. Spent $50. I had to run to the corner store down the road to slice with a plastic fork before the airport. If I knew better, I would think she was prejudiced. Why else were we mistreated? I have a big event in NOLA in a few months that we will need to order a cake for 70 people. They LOST my business. With all the competition you have to choose from, your treatment of CUSTOMERS should be at the forefront. My suggestion to the managers of this establishment is to keep her away from a customer-facing role. Maybe keep her in the back baking or something else. She is not a good look from your brand based on her attitude. So sorry. The cake was amazing, though, too bad.

Bridgett B.

Needed a caramel doberge cake requested by our son-in-law for his birthday. Gambino's has been our go-to for doberge since 1981. I know everyone has had challenges since Covid with staffing and even getting some ingredients. But they made us a beautiful, delicious cake that he (and all of us) much enjoyed. The lady taking the order was very nice and helpful. The cake said exactly what we wanted and was decorated nicely.

Sharon S.

This review is based on delivery issues, not the product. I ordered a Doberge cake for my husband's birthday. I ordered on June 5 (Sunday) and paid for 2 day delivery. I was told the cake would ship via FedEx and arrive on the 8th. I needed it by the evening of the 9th. The info on the delivery was not even sent to FedEx until the 7th, and I was told it would arrive on the 9th. Then there was a FedEx delay and now I'm told it won't arrive till the 10th, when we will be out of town. When I called Gambino's I was told 2 day delivery actually means 2 to 5 days. But that is NOT what their website says. I understand part of this is due to FedEx, but if Gambino's had actually shipped the cake on the 6th, it wouldn't have been a problem. And if the website was honest about the delivery time, I would have made other plans.

Shelby Roy

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Gambinos! We hired them to do our wedding cake and grooms cake. And they both came out absolutely beautiful and delicious!! I still have people reaching out after the wedding asking who did our cakes because they were so amazing! I highly recommend them for ANY event!

Shilo Ann

You all were so easy to work with being out of state, thank you from the bottom of my wifey heart. Many compliments on the cake, one photographer even said, over all the weddings she’s worked, by far the best. I have enjoyed it this past few mornings reminiscing on my day

Shilo Pond

You all were so easy to work with being out of state, thank you from the bottom of my wifey heart. Many compliments on the cake, one photographer even said, over all the weddings she’s worked, by far the best.

Jasmine S.

Im getting married soon so I've been doing plenty of cake tastings. Today I had a cake tasting at the Famous Joe Gambinos, now this bakery is well known and I've bought plenty of cakes from them before. But today for my cake tasting !!! I had to leave !! The cake was dry it wasn't moist , I'm like this isn't the same cake that I would normally get. I paid my 30$ and left !! It wasn't even worth it because I literally only nibbled. It was like cardboard. Im highly disappointed!! Even the staff who helped wasn't no help , she literally told me the flavors and walked away. No help at all

Gail Biernbaum

Ordered a week before Madi Gras for my daughter who lives in Georgia. She received today. This is what she got when she opened the box. Really????? It’s 3 weeks late and this is what she receives. I would like a refund please!

Chelsea Bussey

When I first walked in with my bf to get a cake there was a skinny older black woman and old white woman too busy conversing with themselves to help us pick a cake out. The old white woman was rude as hell with a flip attitude. One of the cake decorators came out to approach us right as I had made the decision to leave. She was younger and very friendly and helpful. Once she helped us figure out what he wanted, she decorated it for us. The cake was beautiful and tasted great.

Holli Willis

Love is in the air!!! And so is my love for Gambino’s Petit Fours!! I stopped to get some of my FAVORITE Petit Fours, and they had some fresh Valentine’s ones made!! They are so cute with red and white hearts and XOXOs! The Sliver flavor is sooooooooooo good!During Mardi Gras Season, they are also my favorite bakery to purchase King Cakes. The king cakes come with various filling choices such as Apple, strawberry, Pecan Pralines, Almond Wedding Cake, Fig, Cream Cheese, Chocolate Cream Cheese, and Bavarian. It’s impossible to let Mardi Gras roll around without picking up a Gambino’s King Cake!!Also, during Thanksgiving, they sell amazing pies!! My favorite is the Apple pie!! They also have Pecan, Sweet Potato, Dutch Apple, Blueberry, Lemon Meringue, Custard, Bourbon Pecan, Chocolate Cream, Cherry, Peach, Coconut Cream, and Pumpkin pies.The staff is always soo nice, and they work very fast. Even if there is a line, I’ve never waited longer than 5 mins because they usually have multiple people checking customers out.I highly recommend them; you won’t be disappointed! My family and friends love when I bring them there for sweets when they come to town. They are the perfect treats to enjoy with you during your New Orleans stay and to take some home with you!

Mary Margaret Amerson-Mullen

We booked Gambino’s for our wedding cake and it was a wonderful experience! Tammy was so very accommodating and patient with us - even reworking our original cake idea with us to fit our budget and needs. Despite us getting married peak Mardi Gras and Valentines season, they always had us as a priority. During COVID, they even arranged for a at-home cake taste to be sure we had everything we needed. It was THE most delicious cake I’ve ever had, and they worked wonderfully with our other vendors like Ashley Manor! We highly recommend Gambino’s for all your wedding bakery needs! Thank y’all again for making our day so very special. It truly was the icing on the cake!

Meredith D.

The most beautiful cake I have ever seen and it is actually the best cake I've ever eaten. Thank you Gambinos for the beautiful cake for my sister in laws Bridal Shower

Anne Stoltenow

I order a king cake every year, and this time I thought I’d try Gambino’s. I’ve never received a crushed cake that isn’t already frosted before. If I wanted to go through the trouble of making it myself, I would have made it myself and saved $50. It smells good, but I can’t eat it yet because I have to frost and sugar it still. So, I can’t comment on the flavor. I’m not expecting much due to the presentation.

Lynn Charles

Amazing cakes and pastries. Gambino's has been a part of my life for over 50 years! This last trip home I got a slice of my all time Gambino's favorite chocolate Doberge cake!

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