Panera Bread

4848 Veterans Blvd, Metairie
(504) 293-4760

Recent Reviews

Suzanne Cerny

Good food,would like to see more lower sodium items

Vincent Jones Jr.

4/10. Very quick service, but the food wasn’t as great as I thought. I would recommend just a quick bite to eat and leave.

Hello There

Great service and good foodLove the app ordering convince

Marc Dahlman

Metairie, LA. Veterans Hwy.I doubt that I'll ever visit this store again. For a number of years I've occasionally visited the store to do some paperwork in the morning. Most employees are unfriendly. They are loud and boisterous behind the counter. Bathroom is always filthy and in disrepair. Seating torn. Product is good but I've had enough.

Dan Adams

Very good food. Nice and pleasant place to set down and eat and enjoy the company you're with.

Patrick van der Gulik

I always enjoyed Panera, but this time it seemed like they threw half the sugar jar into the pumpkin soup. This is not how pumpkin soup should taste. Also the dressing on the salad way too sweet.

Benju Karthu

Rude employees. Both the person who took order and served food. Will prefer another location. Food is good as usual just like all locations.

Rosemarie menil

Cashier doubled our order in the reciept paying 5o bucks and she kept missing out our order problem of key in and we waited too long some people murmuring whinning behind our back.yaiks what horroble experience

Terry Fielding

Consistently good food. Safe neighborhood. Honest cashier.

Ralf Santo

Worse experience ever at this place today with Manager Arian. I tried to explain to her what was going wrong with placing my order and she became belligerent and irate. Telling me that she could refuse me service. Totally unprofessional behavior. Corporate please view cameras if you can. 8/2/21 time 10am Ord # 175699

Jovan W.

I had when restaurants put your food on a bookshelf for anyone else to pick it up. I ordered my birthday pasty to pickup after I finish running errands. Only to get there and it's gone. Someone else took it. And the manager racist ass didn't even offer an apology. All she kept yelling was it's free, it's free. I don't give a damn if it was free or $10 I ordered it for a certain time and it should be there. Word of advice STOP PUTTING PEOPLE STUFF ON A BOOKSHELF AND LEAVE IT BEHIND THE COUNTER. We're in a pandemic other people don't need to be breathing on other people food.

Tony Gass

Rude employees! Please don't come here because they don't care. You can end up eating poorly prepared food that will mash you up.

Affordable Housing

Bad management very unprofessional. Manager refused to add sauces to an uber eats order. I have spent thousands at this panera location.


My food was amazing soup was hot and delicious the sandwich was soft and tasty

Danell Fogarty Barrett

Just visited Panera's for take out order. First time since pandemic. Restaurant very empty. We ordered, soups, baked macaroni and two sandwiches. Food was good but disappointed how the bread for the soup was thrown in the bag! Not in a container or bag! Not very sanitary!

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