Panera Bread

4848 Veterans Blvd, Metairie
(504) 293-4760

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Having a bit of an upset stomach wanted something fairly plane, so got the chicken and wild rice and the chicken noodle soup. I can say both had good flavor - just what I needed. However, both were also sadly lacking in the chicken department. I’d recommend adding some more veggies and at double the chicken as well. This would make for a much better and hearty soup.

Marlitt Arnouville

I just had dental surgery and had the cheddar cheese broccoli soup and hubby had the spicy chicken sandwich, everything was delicious!

Carolyn McCue

Always good, especially the food. Fast and efficient service. A little busy between 11:30 and Ipm.

Gabriel M.

Absolutely terrible service. Do not waste your time coming to this establishment as they need a revamp and management, customer service, etiquette, common sense. They have multiple workers cleaning but not enough people working cooking, preparing, servicing clients. They open at 6:30 in the morning yet when I arrive at 8 AM they have nothing ready to make food, everyone is playing on their phones, and cracking jokes in the back of the store.

Kay Burke

Food was awful. Not prepared the way it was ordered. Counter clerks didn't know the time of day. No pastry items other than a few muffins. Bad Panera's experience. I'm giving it 2 stars but it's barely a one.

Rekitta Peters

I had a great experience at Panera Bread.

Michelle R.

Well, for a Panera Bread this one is bad. Usually Panera Bread can be counted on to be good. Not so here. The people were rude. They didn't want to do their jobs. I did get a yummy bagel, but the overall attitude of this Panera will not be on my return list C

Matt R-F

I received the best customer service ever. I received a gift card last Christmas and tried Panera for the first time. I made an order for delivery and didn't get my drink. I called to pick up my drink. Not only did the employee tell me I could come pick up my drink, but she immediately told me she would refund the drink. 5/5 will eat here again. My sandwich was delicious. My soup was ok. My salad was good. Smoothie I had to pick up and was melted at that point, but was still good.

Jainy L.

Typical Panera. Food is generally consistent. Never had any issues with this location and if I needed anything they always assisted us. Staffing has been sporadic which has impacted the in-person cashier service but in today's world that seems to be the norm. Overall good food and sitting area is usually clean.

Cherie Unsworth

The broccoli cheese soup is my absolute favorite. But if you order for pickup check your order before you leave, they left a couple of things out on this order but I checked it before I left and got what I ordered.

Eva V.

literally the sweetest staff i had such a good experience. i just went in to order some soup to go & the lady that took my order was so sweet & the people preparing the food were just having so much fun. it was nice. ima definitely come back and do homework here- chill atmosphere, lots of space

Suzanne Cerny

Good food,would like to see more lower sodium items

Vincent Jones Jr.

4/10. Very quick service, but the food wasn’t as great as I thought. I would recommend just a quick bite to eat and leave.

Hello There

Great service and good foodLove the app ordering convince

Marc Dahlman

Metairie, LA. Veterans Hwy.I doubt that I'll ever visit this store again. For a number of years I've occasionally visited the store to do some paperwork in the morning. Most employees are unfriendly. They are loud and boisterous behind the counter. Bathroom is always filthy and in disrepair. Seating torn. Product is good but I've had enough.

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