17170 Airline Hwy, Prairieville
(225) 744-4343

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We dined in and got most of our food fast. When they brought it out to us we told them that we were missing 20 nuggets. After over 15 minutes of waiting we went up to the counter and told them again about the missing nuggets. We then waited another 10 minutes and finally got our nuggets. The lady we initially told didn’t look at us when we went back to tell them after 15 minutes.

Jason Patin

Horrible waited in lane 1 drive thru for twenty minutes. Nobody would take our order. They took five oders on lane 2. Gave excuse couldn't her us. This McDonald's is terrible.

john schober

My 1st time to this chain in many years. The thing that impressed me the most was the over the top, service. So cordial and polite. I think I could live there....

Meg Morris

Clean and friendly service. All the staff had on mask and gloves, which makes me happy.

Randy Bruno

The only thing I like is the fries,and they were cold. Really sad!

Shan Loo

Food itself was hot and fresh, but that's not why I'm leaving a review. I've worked fast food before and I know there's a time and place to work on maintenance related things.When we stopped by, it was around 6 PM. Someone was in the lobby and was drilling into a metal shelf. The sound was agonizing. (I have no idea why it was even being done in the lobby!) I had to run outside because it was so loud. I've dealt with ear pain and sensitivity for a little while now and that volume alone was enough to start pain pretty quick. My husband had to ask him to stop and explained why.Didn't seem like the man cared, although he did stop and didn't finish until we were able to eat our meal and leave. No apology, either, which would have been appreciated.


McDonald's on Airline Hwy in P'ville best service I've experienced in a long time from McDonald's. Fresh food! Good drinks! Keep up the good work!

Dawn Starnes

Normally pretty fast. This day, a longer line, moving slow. Once I got to the windows, the people were working fast, very nice, my order was ready, and correct. So all was great.

Florine Holmes

Order was correct. Wait in line a little lengthy. Food was fresh and hit.

JoAnn Johnson Enamorado

make sure add lettuce ? burger ? and cheese nothing on burger ??

Aaron Jandle

Consistently one of the best McDonald's in the tri-parish area.

Martha Robinson

My husband just left McDonald's with his order of a McRib, but when he opened the McRib box,after getting back to work, this is what his McRib looked like. Picture included. Now, if McDonald's didn't have any McRib buns, shouldn't the cashier have told him that they were out of McRib buns. This way, he could have went to another location. Choices are for the customers, if I order a McRib, give me a McRib. Not a Burger bun McRib, it's not the same. Just Order more McRib buns McDonald's. Stop making it up as you go! McDonald's management team, get it together. Question? When did the "Do-rag" became part of Management dress code! Picture included?

Jazzie Holt

This being the Prairieville store near dominos on airline highway. They're great with customer service, fast on getting food done, open late, food tastes fresh, and they're very willing to fix the issue with apologies and fresh food and not the attitude and nasty I've gotten at other stores. They're my go to store when I'm in the mood for McDonald's close to home.

Trent “TeCe” Carter

The young females that don't know how to read need to learn how to read.

Debbie Kirschke

Drive thru sucks. Never get order right. Ordered sweet tea. Got YUCK! Ordered the crispy deluxe chicken sandwich. Got the hot sauce one. Which is discussing abd I can snell it as soon as she handed bag. I said deluxe crispy chicken NOY THE SPICY ONE. FOR SURE GOT THE HOT ONE. WASTED 7 BUCKS FOR NOTHING. HAS HAPPENED 2X. NEVER AGAIN! GOT TIRED OF WAITING IN A LINE THAT IS RIDICULOUS SLOW. WHY 2 LANES WHEN U ONLY HAVE ONE PERSON DOING IT ALL. SO, LADT TRY PARKED AND WALKED IN. PLACE WAS EMPTY. ALL BUSY WITH DRIVE THUR STOODCTHERE GOOD 3 MINS B 4 SOMEONE NOTICED ME. FLOORS DIRTY. TOO MUCH PLAYING AROUND BEHIND COUNTER ON SOME WEB SITE LAUGHING. Having a good ole time. TIME. PLACE IS THE WORST McDonald ever been to.

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