Ali Baba Restaurant Boston

145 E Berkeley St, Boston
(617) 482-0654

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Sinan Karatas

İskender ve karışık ızgara kesinlikle tavsiye ederim bol miktarda yapılan servis ve güleryüzlü bir karşılama sizleri bekliyor

Nefize T.

I am turkish so every time I crave turkish, this is the place I order from. Their kebabs are phenomenal. Try lahmacun which is sort of like thin turkish pizza and supposed to be eaten with veggies. The iskender kebab with yogurt and tomato sauce is also another one of my favorites. The mixed kebab comes with a ton of meat. The kunefe is to die for and if you havent tried this desert with warm cheese, this is a good place to try. I always order via ubereats and went in person a few times. Definitely not great ambience, but good for take out. Recommend for turkish food to all my friends.

Mary Z.

came here for dessert and got the kunefe. we waited a little bit since they make it fresh. OMG this was amazing. JUST GET IT!!! the crunchy crispy outside and stringy gooey cheese on the inside. Glazed in a delicious sugary sauce. And the pistachios on top was a fine texture. Can't wait to try other dishes for dinner/lunch next time!!

Rahul Swain

I never tend to try new cuisine.. But my friend suggestion helped me taste a new world.. Amazing food… Love the taste!! a must try… ??????

Mohamed Hafez

Was open late , fresh taste of Adnan kebab you won't find anywhere else.

Kat M.

I was looking forward to my trip to Boston because I knew I would find excellent Mediterranean food. I was correct. I routinely look for Mediterranean restaurants that serve a dipping platter, because that is my favorite, and Ali Baba does with its small appetizer plate. My friend and I decided to split our entire meal so we each got a hummus and a spicy vegetable dip on the small appetizer plate (you can choose 4 items). Let me tell you, get the spicy vegetable dip. It is AMAZING!! We also ordered a side of cacik and it did not disappoint. This is all served with fresh, warm homemade sesame bread. For our meal we split the mixed grill meat platter and I must tell you, it is enough to feed at least 4 people. It was incredibly delicious with wonderfully seasoned and tender meats. We ate like kings, enjoyed everything, and had so many leftovers. We had to try the baklava to end the meal and it was a perfect sweet and just the right size. Service at Ali Baba is also fantastic. You and your taste buds will be happy for visiting this restaurant and eating this divine food!

Shoaib Z.

Had great expectations after reading the reviews. I have had better Turkish food. Kunefe was over cooked and so was Lamb Adana Kabab. Place is small. Service was okay, it was not that busy

samir livadic

You must try this place if you are in area as its real Turkish food

Soma Fateh

We love this place. Every time we come to Boston we have to visit Ali Baba. Really fresh and tasty food plus lovely staff. You must try this place.

Peter T.

I have been coming here for the past couple of years now because I am temporarily working across the street. Although very pricey for a meal, especially as lunch, the food is very good. I have had all of their different types of meat entrees and enjoyed all of them. Their portions are a good size/amount. The ambiance is more like a takeout place...very small. I recommend ordering through the app ahead of time as it takes a little time to prepare. I am giving this review 4 stars, and not 5, because of the pricing and a couple of hiccups in the past. For the business, if there is an issue of any kind, please contact the customer right away, instead of waiting until they show up (hungry or hangry). Overall, I would recommend this place if you are in the mood for good Turkish/Middle Eastern food.

Tala A.

Avoid this place at all costs ! The food is expensive, the meat was soooo dry to the point where u cant chew it , its literally 2 day old meat thats been reheated, the bread is stale , and its sooo hot inside they wouldnt even turn the a/c on ! Waste of money , dont eat here unless u want to get sick from old meat

Alexandria R.

I am a sucker for good Turkish food, especially vegetarian. I got the red lentil soup and boy do I need this in my life. It was nice, thick like potatoe soup, and creamy from the butter. They give you a lemon which skyrockets your taste buds. My partner got chicken Adana wrap and was in love. It was warm, with crisp (not wimpy) vegetables inside, and your choice of sauce. A great on the go meal. Ofc, we had to get the Kunefe! There is only one person who works as server/cashier. So, be patient with how long the order takes. Especially the Kunefe.

Priscilla L.

I really wanted to give this place a 5 star rating, but there were a few issues. I found the food was superb and tasted freshly prepared, the server was very hardworking and friendly, and the premises were very clean. I hope to come back soon. Came here for dinner on Sunday, June 27, 2021 before 8:30pm, and am writing this review the following day. I told the employee at the register that this was my first time at Ali Baba Restaurant, and wondered if I was supposed to order with her or sit down at one of the tables. She gave me a menu and indicated I should sit, which I did. Since the restaurant had many customers coming inside to pick up their orders or ordering for takeout, I did end up waiting around 15 minutes before the employee came to take my order. I felt bad for the employee as I could see she did a lot of work. There was one diner who kept changing his order and the server was very patient with him. I ordered 2 bottles of Poland Spring water and Lahmajun Turkish Pizza and the dessert Kunefe at around 8:42pm because I had read reviews that the dessert sometimes take 20+ minutes to make. I figured by the time I was done with my meal, that the Kunefe would be ready. Less than 10 minutes later, a kind-looking man (the chef?) brought out the Lahmajun. I asked him if I should get the water from the refrigerator that was in front of me. He didn't seem to understand and the waitress came over. I said that I was sorry to bother her, but should I get my own water. She brought over the water. Lahmajun: Delicious. Thin, perfectly baked crust. Tasted freshly made. 5/5. It wasn't enough for dinner, so I ordered something more. I placed an ordered for Iskender. The description: Slices of doner (gyro) mixed with tomato sauce, yogurt topped with buttered homemade bread served by itself. ($18.00) When I got the Iskender, I didn't see the homemade bread. I asked the server if bread came with the Iskender and she said the bread was under the doner, so I said thanks. However, I remained confused as the menu description said the buttered homemade bread would be topping the doner and served by itself. I couldn't finish the Iskender and asked the server for a box and bag to take home the leftovers. She brought me a box, but not a bag. I packed the leftovers into the box. The server came by and said the Kunefe would be out shortly. However, it did take 20 minutes from the time I finished my main course to get the Kunefe. The server said the Kunefe takes a while to make. I said I understand and that's why I ordered it at 8:40pm when I did the initial order and now it was past 9:30pm. The server said she could cancel the Kunefe, but that was the main reason I came to Ali Baba, so I said I would wait for it. Kunefe: Cheese, butter, kadayuf, syrup, and pistachio. (5/5). $7. Fantastic. Crunchy, flavorful, sweet, and texture heaven. One is probably enough for 2 or 3 people. I had to ask for a takeout box for the dessert, which I did along with a request for a bag. Server brought over a bag, but not a box for this no had to ask again for a box. So the bill came and despite the various service quirks, I gave her an $8 tip which is almost 23%, based on the pre-tax amount. Then I went home and was looking over the photos I took at the restaurant and noticed that Iskender is listed under Meat Dishes which are supposed to be "served with bulgur, salad and homemade bread". Maybe I'm reading the menu wrong? While I was looking over the menu photos, I noticed that the Poland Spring Water was listed as $1.25 on both the paper menu and the digital menu hanging in the restaurant, but I was charged $3 (for the 2). That's a 50 cents overcharge, but okay I understand prices probably increased and the business didn't get a chance to update all the prices. I'll let that overcharge slide. I am re-reading the menu. The "served by itself" at the end of the Iskender description perhaps refers to the Iskender is served by itself and not to the buttered homemade bread served by itself. Which means th

Tarannum Star

The food and service was good. But in this hot summer, they didn’t have their ac and left the door open. The dining area is also too small.


Just recently came back from there, the food was nice. Although the place was a bit cramped up when it got busy. But overall, it was great. The soup was Red Lentil Soup and the 2 plates of food was named Mix Grill (The photos of the food that I attached on this review) the menu.

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