307 Hanover St, Boston
(617) 742-0020

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Jorge Orderique

Not a bad Restaurant overall the experience was great the service was good and worth the wait I appreciate that they not only except cash but also card payments


It was a wonderful dinner. Food was amazing and I would go back there in a heartbeat! The mushroom appetizer was “wicked good” and the whole dinner was delicious. Highly recommend!

Sherry P

This used to be our very favorite North End Italian restaurant….In May we went there 3 times that week Tonight…extremely disappointed The meatballs were all breading..dry…tasteless ? The sausage was under cooked, & inedible ? The wait staff that used to be very attentive & friendly were distant… Quite a different experience overall since May ! What on earth happened to the Restaurant that we loved so much ? Sad to say we won’t go again this trip

A Asanchez

Some of the food was phenomenal (gnocchi, Gorgonzola rigatoni), some of it was not (pesto fusilli). The service left a lot to be desired. Would have gotten 4 stars if it weren’t for the service. Our server never checked on us once after he took our order. We had to flag him down and ask for literally everything from water refills to salt and pepper. Would maybe try again but hope for a different server.


ent based on the reviews, and they can be trusted. We all had a wonderful time here. The servers were professional (and had a bunch of tables to attend to) and friendly, the food was quite tasty, and the value was as good as it gets. We happened to have an incredibly gorgeous night and had an outdoor table, and seeing everyone out on a Saturday night also helped to have us all feeling maximum joy. The area was jumpin'! Dinner for four, including three drinks, two bottles of wine, four entrees and three salads was $260 before tip. (did I say great value?) If you can get here and can eat outdoors, you will love it.


If you want authentic Boston Italian food, this is your place. Great indoor/outdoor seating areas. Great wine/cocktail/Italian drink menu. Pasta is fantastic and large portions. Pizza also good. Right in the heart of Boston's North-end. Get there early as there can be quite a wait.


We had two meals in Little Italy (North End) and this was by far the best meal of the entire trip. We had garlic shrimp (with bread to get every last morsel) and Bronx Tale. We sat outside and people watched, had wine.. it was just the best. I would go back again and again.

Monya Phillips

OMG ANAZING!!The spaghetti w/clams was the best thing I've eaten in a long time.The Sunday macaroni was delicious.

Niharika G.

5 star Italian food! Have to say, wasn't disappointed! I know there are so many choices in little Italy, but if you're looking for quality food look no further. I loved our waiter: he was patient, as we had a group of 6 people and attended to everyone. His recommendations were solid as well. The food is so flavorful, portions are worth the price and you will have leftovers! The wine menu is pretty vast and has some solid choices! A good white wine I recommend that pairs well with the food: La Segreta Bianca (from Siciliy). Dishes I recommend: tono ciciliano and Risoto Caprese ( has such a fresh flavor with the mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil!)

Ellery S.

Amazingly tasty every time. Our favorite north end spot. All the fresh pastas are fantastic, just make sure you make a reservation way in advance for a weekend night. Favorite dishes are the Puttanesca, anything with their fusilli, and the mushroom pasta though it rotates on and off menu.

Eman F.

Make a reservation or fa getta bout will be waiting for a long time...we had one, and still had to wait a few min for our table to be ready. Once seated we had delicious warm bread and oil to eat....We ordered the calamari, and when I tell you it is like no other I have ever had, it really is! It has this lemon zest and spice combo that was to die for. We all ordered different pastas, and none of them disappointed at all, they were all so good. I am not sure about other Italian restaurants on the street, but you can not go wrong was fantastic...

Grace Y.

Haven't had Italian food in a while, so I was super excited when my friend told me she got us reservations at Carmelina's! Fried calamari 5/5 - I've never had calamari like this before, but no complaints from me! Normally I have them with a dip on the side, but instead they flavored the calamari with red bell peppers, capers, and some other spices, which I thought was really well done. Gnocchi 4/5 - The texture of the gnocchi was beautiful - soft and pillowy with just the right amount of give. The sauce itself, however, in my opinion was nothing particularly special. Fettucine Carmelina 4/5 - Similar to above, while it was good, it didn't feel particularly special, and I'm not sure I loved the pairing of the sauce with the shrimp. Tono Siciliano 5/5 - This order singlehandedly brings this place up to a 5 star for me. The sauce was super unique and was delicious, I couldn't get enough! The ahi tuna was good too, though I do think it wasn't the best pairing with this pasta in particular. Overall though I was a huge fan of this dish and would definitely recommend! Overall, the place feels super authentic and the venue, especially during lunchtime, is great; I love the streetside seating. If you want to sit inside, however, especially on a hot day, I would try and make a reservation beforehand.

Anan Y.

Very authentic, even our waiter is from Rome, Italy. We waited for 30 minutes to be seated outside on a Saturday afternoon but it was definitely worth the wait! The portion is big and excellently prepared. Food tastes very good and will come back again.

Vincent C.

Great experience here, I had the Fettuccine Carmelina which was amazing. Carmelina's is a bit pricey but that is to be expected considering how popular/hyped it is. Make sure to have a reservation before you visit as the restaurant is actually pretty small and it's always packed. Would definitely recommend and would love to come back afain!

Dorene C

Make reservations! Food was very generous and excellently prepared. Very good.

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