James Hook & Co

440 Atlantic Ave, Boston
(617) 423-5501

Recent Reviews

Marcia A.

We lived this place, not only the food and service was beyond average but also the variety of seafood to go in the market all looked so good. Love the live lobsters.  We had the lobster roll, the bisque and the oysters all excellent.

Elizabeth K.

Came to Boston for a conference in 2018 and had to get a lobster roll. Wish i could've tried more, but had to try everything else too! Got the classic lobster roll and sprinkled some seasoning on top with the clam chowder. Service was pretty quick and plenty of outdoor seating

Ameen A.

My go to place in Boston to get live lobster. Incredible variety of sizes and they also have a ton of fresh wild caught pieces of fish

Maxmilian Ali

Horrible quality food, for your health and safety I would avoid this place at all costs, there are PLENTY of good SAFE seafood food options in the area.

A C.

Excellent small shack. Everything looks fresh off the boat. As we sat to eat in this small 5 table place fish was sold left and right. Just look at the pictures it looks like a seafood bakery ! Sooo good!  Look st the lobster roll plenty of lobster!

Pamela Orkney Glennon

Best seafood market, small seating area!

Blue A.

The last stop in Boston was a homerun.

This casually set up trailer converted into a restaurant is serving up exactly what I wanted: Lobster.

The staff was super nice. I ordered and my order was ready in about 10 minutes. They have plenty of seafood options, including love lobsters, or lobster by the lb. It's half restaurant half seafood shop.

It was chilly out, so I went with a cup of lobster bisque! Creamy with chunks of sweet lobster. This was perfect.

Lobster Mac and cheese - I'm almost positive they throw in a splash of their bisque into their mac and cheese. It was also delicious!

We devoured both of these in the car. They have a few spots to sit outside, if you decide to dine in.

Niki X.

My friend buys seafood here and recommended this place is so me and bf stopped by before returning home to NYC.

Overall it is Over priced and below average food. The clam chowder tasted like can soup and lobster bisque was watery and did not have even 1 piece of solid content in it (I.e lobster) lobster roll does not come with fries and it's tiny drowning in Mayo.

Also staff was very unfriendly. We tried to order clams and oysters (1-1.5 each) and the guy grumpy-ly bagged them and told me it would be 3 dollars a piece if they open them for me. At that point with the attitude I told him it's okay please put them back I don't want them anymore.
For similar price point do yourself a favor and go to yankee lobster across the bridge. Or just go to Luke's lobster for a better deal lol.

Bianca S.

Now, I understand James Hook to be a Boston seafood staple but the rep handling phone orders was tasteless. See below for convo:

Me: Hi, I'm calling to place an order.
Her: Can you just come in?
Me: No, id like to have items ready for pick-up.
Her: hurry up and make the order quick and how long until you arrive.
Me: between 25-30 mins
Her: yeah yeah sure that's what everyone says ... *hangs up*

I was skeptical upon arrival b/c i didn't know what to expect after being spoken to so rudely by phone rep. Luckily she was not behind the counter when I walked in and the front end staff was friendly!

I look forward to the food but I am ranking them 2 out of 5 because of my phone encounter with Ms. Rudeness! Not cool.

Junie H.

Finally came back after months of quarantine! Of course I have to satisfy my craving for the best bowl of Clam Chowder in Boston! It hits the spot each time. Super consistent! Ordering was easy and safe. They follow the state guidelines and keep staff and customers safe! They have out door and in door seating. We opted for the outdoor and were pleasantly impressed with the ambient. Nice heat lamps and comfortable seating. If you don't want to eat outdoor you can call ahead and order for pick up! We can't wait for another bowl soon!

Ralph Patterson

First time dining at James Hook and they did not disappoint. They steamed a 6+ lbs lobster and even helped me with the claws. Couldn't have asked for better service or meal. Will definitely be back soon.

Tony Q.

Really good spot for a decent price. Great location right across the seaport, nice outdoor seating area, parking, and a little bit of indoor seating which was really welcome since it was freezing the day we went. Ordered a large lobster roll mayo, clam chowder, and lobster bisque. The lobster roll had really nice chunks of both tail and claw meat, roll was nicely toasted and buttery, amazong. The clam chowda was the best I've ever had anywhere. The lobster bisque was just ok, no visible lobster and a bit flat on flavor. Only reason it loses a star here. But stick with the lobster roll and clam chowder and it cant be beat!

Gary S.

Newcomer to their lobster roll. It was delightful!
Also had the stuffed scallop which was great as well!

Tori Moody

Just hit town from Richmond, Va. We’re big fans of lobster rolls. Service was bad, felt like I was a bother. Plenty of meat on lobster roll; however, hubby compared to subway seafood and crab but with lobster. Lobster bisque had no meat in it. Very pricey for service and quality of food.

Eric Florencio

Third time here and it might be our last. Hadn’t been to James Hook in a while and wanted to grab some lobster rolls. I had the buttered roll and I remember it being a lot better than this time. Like the reviewer below the lobster was cold and rubbery. Unacceptable for what you’re spending. My partner had the traditional lobster salad, nothing to write home about either. Next time we’re heading to Row 34.

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