Luke's Lobster Back Bay

75 Exeter St, Boston
(857) 350-4626

Recent Reviews

Amanda Scalf

Best lobster roll in Boston by far. We tried so many and this was the one we couldn't stop getting over and over again.

William Mata

Delicious buttery lobster roll. The bread matched perfectly with the filling and the poppyseed cole slaw was a great side

Ag 523

Always a great lobster roll. One of my favorite places when I can afford it .

Raquel Lisboa

The clam chowder was ok. The lobster roll was very good. Try the blueberry lemonade.

Carole R.

Must go place if you love lobster roll like I do! location is absolutely great!! Especially with covid, the place is totally clean and Jason the manager was following all precautions and procedures.

Brian S.

This place is awesome! The service is a little slow but the attention to quality and presentation makes up for it. As an Arizona native I never knew what a good lobster roll tasted like until I took a trip to Boston. Luke's is easily the most delicious, pure, and simple seafood restaurants that I have ever been to. The ingredients are light and they really let you appreciate the natural flavor of the seafood.

M Cha

Even as a decades-long fan of Luke’s OG roll, I write to say that they’ve really struck gold with the warm truffle butter roll. Seriously, finger-licking good. If it weren’t for the food coma, I’d skip the sides and just wolf down two. Tried the spicy honey too, but doesn’t come close.

john crews

This Luke's location is absolutely great!! Especially with covid, the place is totally clean and Jason the manager was following all precautions and procedures. I felt safe while inside receiving my food. It appeared that Jason was multi-tasking effectively and was very attentive to all customers. Super friendly. I definitely recommend this place!!!!

Atara B

Wow! I had never had a lobster roll before. This was great! I had it delivered with Uber eats and The bread was buttery and warm still! The lobster comes cold, I zapped mine in the microwave for 15 seconds because I prefer warm. However, cold was still good (I tried one bite). I got a side of lemon butter and honey butter and poured it over the roll. Amazing!! It was filling and a a lot of meat. Definitely will be back.

Rebecca H.

This is where I take my friends when they visit Boston! They have great rolls for a reasonable price!! They also have an app you can use to acquire points and build up rewards. We all love a good discount! Definitely recommend Luke's when you're looking for a good lobstahh roll

A Non

Can't wait to eat here again next time I'm in Boston. DELICIOUS

Stephen C.

If you love lobster this is a must go place for you! Luke's has been one of my a favorite of mine for some time and any trip back to my former home of Boston will always mean a trip to Luke's.
Their lobster rolls are probably the best lobster roll I've ever had!! I also like to order the clam chowder which is always amazing and so creamy.
The restaurant is very clean and welcoming.  Exceptional staff and prices are what you'd expect here in Boston.

Erika G.

Perhaps I went in on a bad time for the staff but my visit left me with a "I don't know if I'll ever come back" thought. I was so excited to try this spot, the lobster rolls are truly AMAZING. I entered Luke's happy, I said "hi! Good afternoon" to the 2 gentlemen who where behind the counter, none of them answered. The man who took my order was very short and overall looked as if he was in a crappy mood. There was no welcoming feeling, no "hi" no "thank you" nothing. A straight "what are you going to order" & "your total is etc." Would I come back? Maybe, (the rolls are delicious) but if I do, I will order pick up and save myself the awkward service.

Marco P.

This place was top notch, very large lobster pieces on both the mac and rolls. The soup was very satisfying. The prices are high but given the location is about right.  The portions are small definitely for the price. Customer service was awesome, the restaurant was very well maintained and clean

Yazmeen Aikens

Sooooo before I left Boston to come back to Jersey, it was imperative for me to get me a lobster roll. They definitely did not disappoint. I was nervous about trying a cold lobster roll, however, the lemon butter sauce and warm roll creates a nice temperature. The lobster was delicious and fresh. And as a fellow seafood lover, I appreciate this. Also they have this cool crafty sodas which were also tasty, blueberry soda mmmmmmm.

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